King of Gods Chapter 989 Clash Between Little Worlds

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Chapter 989 - Clash Between Little Worlds

A forceful and wicked aura could be felt from the pitch-black cave in the dark mountain.

Zhao Feng and Xin Wuheng stood on the two sides of the cave. The elite swordsmen behind them soon caught up.

"Xin Wuheng, your Little World…" Zhao Feng wanted to find out about Xin Wuheng. Xin Wuheng was just an Emperor, and yet he was able to master the five elements to such a level and merge them all into his Little World.

"Your foundation after re-cultivating is also not simple," Xin Wuheng replied respectfully and didn't mention anything about his Little World.

Zhao Feng didn't force him. It was like the secret of his G.o.d's Spiritual Eye; he obviously didn't want to tell anyone either.


The two leapt into the cave at almost the same time.

"Who is it? Who dares to enter my territory!?" An enraged roar shook their ears and almost made them go deaf.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The figure of a large black dragon descended, and it radiated a limitlessly evil and fierce power.

"Hmph, the dumb king sent you two ants here, right?" The giant Black Iron Dragon circled in the air above Xin Wuheng and Zhao Feng and suppressed them with its physical force and wicked aura.

At the same time, skeleton guards continuously crawled out from the walls. These skeleton guards were slightly stronger than the ones on the paths earlier. A faint golden ripple of light spread from Zhao Feng's left eye, and he was able to see the so-called "princess" in the depths of the cave.

"Destroy them!" the Black Iron Dragon roared, and countless skeleton guards started to attack.

"Go!" Zhao Feng and Xin Wuheng led their elites and charged forward as well.


Zhao Feng spread his Scarlet Wings of Lightning and charged toward the Black Iron Dragon.


Zhao Feng clashed against the Black Iron Dragon's claws.

"Strong physical strength and a wicked aura," Zhao Feng murmured gently. The strength of this Black Iron Dragon was slightly weaker than Sacred Lord Black Demon.

At this moment, Xin Wuheng also leapt into the air and thrust out two ice-cold palms toward the Black Iron Dragon's wings.

"The king has sent you here to die!" the Black Iron Dragon roared in anger as it flapped its wings, and a powerful evil force pushed Xin Wuheng's palms aside.

At the same instant, the wicked aura within the cave started to gather toward the Black Iron Dragon.

"Xin Wuheng, take out your true skills. If we can't finish this thing off, how will we be able to save anyone?" Zhao Feng gave a faint smile.

The Black Iron Dragon wasn't too difficult to defeat, but his true opponent was Xin Wuheng, and Zhao Feng couldn't be careless.

"Okay." Xin Wuheng nodded and made a strange pose in the air as an invisible Intent started to spread.


Zhao Feng also circulated his Blood Devil Sun bloodline, and the explosive power of fire and lightning almost destroyed all the wicked aura within the cave.


They both charged at the Black Iron Dragon at the same time, and countless explosions sounded throughout the cave.

All of Xin Wuheng's actions contained limitless Intent, and they seemed to borrow the power of this dimension's laws. His attacks were able to reach their full strength.

Zhao Feng's Sacred Lightning Dominating Fist also contained a mystic and powerful Intent, but Zhao Feng hadn't comprehended it enough.

At the same time, Zhao Feng activated his left eye and copied Xin Wuheng's Intent into the dimension of his left eye for later a.n.a.lysis.

"Scorching Fire and Ice!" Xin Wuheng waved both his arms, and a unique whirlpool of ice and fire landed on the Black Iron Dragon's head.

"Sacred Lightning Dominating Fist!" Zhao Feng used his technique from the Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body with the addition of his Blood Devil Sun bloodline. Several blazing trails of fire and lightning shot out.


Under the combined strength of Zhao Feng and Xin Wuheng, the Black Iron Dragon couldn't fight back at all.


The Black Iron Dragon's body fell.


After defeating the Black Iron Dragon, Xin Wuheng glanced toward where the princess originally was in the cave, but he found that she had disappeared.

"She's there!" Xin Wuheng's voice sounded.

At this moment, the princess was with a gray cat. Beneath the princess's feet was a dark golden flying sword that carried her and sped toward the exit of the cave.

"Zhao Feng!" Xin Wuheng's expression changed to surprise. From the very start, Zhao Feng had sent his spiritual pet to save the princess. Furthermore, while they were fighting the dragon, Zhao Feng purposely created a huge disturbance with his True Yuan in order to hide the little thieving cat's actions.


The wings behind Zhao Feng released a brilliant glow of light, and his speed reached a limit as he turned into a bolt of lightning and flashed away.

"You want to leave?" Xin Wuheng immediately chased after him, and a green flow of water appeared beneath his feet.


Xin Wuheng flew above the water as if he was flowing along with the tide. However, this wasn't a speed technique, it was just another usage of Xin Wuheng's mastery of Water. In terms of speed, he was still slower than Zhao Feng.


Zhao Feng soon caught up to the little thieving cat and princess after exiting the cave. Without saying anything else, he picked up the princess and flew at full speed. The dark golden flying sword also started to twist and turn until it became a necklace and wrapped itself around the little thieving cat's neck.

However, what Zhao Feng worried about still happened.

"Who are you? What are you doing!? Let go of me!" the princess roared in anger and struggled in Zhao Feng's arms.

As expected, the characters still disliked him.

"Rise!" Xin Wuheng, who was still chasing from behind, exclaimed.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A row of thick wooden vines suddenly appeared beneath Zhao Feng and started to wrap toward him.

"Little thieving cat, I'll give her to you."

Zhao Feng circulated his Sacred Lightning Body and pushed aside some of the wooden vines as he threw the princess. The little thieving cat's figure instantly appeared below the princess, and the necklace turned into a dark golden flying sword once more and flew off with the princess.

"Zhao Feng, let me see the power of your Little World," Xin Wuheng's voice sounded from behind.

Zhao Feng instantly felt a condensed Intent crush over. He knew that Xin Wuheng had unleashed his Little World.


The power of a desolate thunderstorm slowly merged into the air behind Zhao Feng's back. Everything within a hundred yards became a dark dimension. Even some of the ancient dimension's laws were controlled by Zhao Feng.


Xin Wuheng instantly slowed down, but he was unaffected. Zhao Feng could feel that Xin Wuheng's five-elemental Little World was extremely resilient against the laws of his own Little World.


Zhao Feng's Scarlet Wings of Lightning flashed with fire and lightning as his speed reached the maximum. Zhao Feng charged directly at Xin Wuheng and threw out a punch as limitless fire and lightning exploded into a burst of light. The power of Wind Lightning within his Little World was also added to Zhao Feng's punch.

Zhao Feng's speed and explosiveness both increased while he was in his Little World.

"Freeze." Xin Wuheng gently said one word. The profound Intent within his five-elemental Little World instantly started to fade and circulate in a unique manner.


Zhao Feng and Xin Wuheng clashed. Xin Wuheng's five-elemental Little World started to spin after a round of shaking. A five-colored light appeared on the surface of his Little World as it quickly redirected the power of Zhao Feng's punch.

Hu~ Shua! Shua!

Xin Wuheng circulated his five-elemental Little World to the maximum, and the power of Zhao Feng's punch was slowly weakened.


A small crack appeared in Xin Wuheng's five-elemental Little World. At the same time, a strong counterattack was unleashed from the side.


Although Zhao Feng sensed it, he was still half a step late. One of his Scarlet Wings of Lightning was instantly destroyed.

Zhao Feng faltered for a moment. He didn't expect Xin Wuheng's Little World to be able to block one of his full-power attacks.

"Brother Zhao's Little World is not simple as well."

The Little World around Xin Wuheng disappeared. He had always been confident in his Little World, but Zhao Feng's Little World wasn't normal either. It could actually merge into this ancient dimension and control part of its laws. This was something that even Xin Wuheng couldn't do. He had never been at a disadvantage in a clash of Little Worlds.

"I've never been able to injure Brother Xin." Zhao Feng revealed a smile.

"Victor, Zhao Feng."

At this moment, a mechanical voice sounded in their minds.

"But I lost this time." Xin Wuheng smiled as well, and his figure started to fade from this dimension.


Zhao Feng returned to the official and collected his reward.

The clash between Zhao Feng and Xin Wuheng obviously caught the attention of the princes and many forces of the outside world. Honestly, the two were on par with one another, but Zhao Feng won because he had the help of his spiritual pet.

Zhao Feng's and Xin Wuheng's names spread among the forces of the lord dynasty once again.


Zhao Feng returned to the maze palace.

"From the looks of it, I need to end battles quicker now."

Zhao Feng's expression returned to normal. He had wasted a lot of time sparring with Xin Wuheng, but luckily, he still won in the end.


A mysterious and profound ripple of golden light spread through Zhao Feng's left eye. With just one scan of his eye, he locked onto a member of the Thirteenth Prince's team.

This member seemed to receive a warning from the Thirteenth Prince and started running away from Zhao Feng, but could he truly run away? Zhao Feng's Scarlet Wings of Lightning fluttered quickly as he sped through the maze palace.

As the maze palace continued to move, many princes started to become tired and make mistakes. Two people had already lost ten matches and left the moving maze palace.

Zhao Feng was still the person with the most victories. He had sixteen wins and zero losses. Second place was Sacred Lord Ten Thousand Lightning, who had ten wins.

The Thirteenth Prince had given up on targeting Zhao Feng. The victors of the third stage were decided by the total number of wins.

The number of wins that the Ninth Prince's team had was just below that of the Fourth and Thirteenth Princes.

One had to remember that the Ninth Prince only had four of his team members partic.i.p.ating in the game, and Su Qingling only had one win. This result made others incredulous.

While they were sighing in surprise, Zhao Feng obtained his seventeenth continuous victory."

"Sacred Lord Black Demon, go left, then turn right…." The Thirteenth Prince had almost completely given up on all his members in the maze palace apart from the two Sacred Lords.

Since he had a lot of draconic providence, the Thirteenth Prince wasn't scared of not having enough for the final stage. Right now, he just needed to make sure the Ninth Prince didn't end up with more wins than him, otherwise he wouldn't even make it to the next stage.

The Eighth Prince already knew that he wouldn't be able to win this stage, but he still directed his team members through the maze palace and gave the occasional glance toward Zhao Feng.

The Ninth Prince was the most excited out of the four princes. His pseudo Crown Prince Seal had recovered to a bright light, and Old Ying's win rate was very good under his directions.

"I choose to leave," a beast tamer from the Fourth Prince's team said. He just lost his tenth battle, but he had also won five. This result wasn't very bad.

"There are two hours left till the end of the third stage," the transparent elder's voice sounded in the sky.

King of Gods Chapter 989 Clash Between Little Worlds

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