Venerated Venomous Consort Chapter 3008

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Chapter 3008: Removing The Inner Demon (3)

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“In fact, you don't have to die. You only need to kill Fan Qians.h.i.+ in the next four hours and eat his heart. That way, you will be able to extend your life. Anyway, he is just your apprentice, and you have done enough for him. Moreover, you had saved his life before. It is reasonable for him to give up his life to you… Eat his heart, and you can live for another ten years! You can spend a decade with Di Fuyi. Don't you want to wear the wedding attire that he prepared for his lover? Don't you want to see him wearing his real groom's attire? As long as you do what I say, you can achieve these aspirations…”

 Perhaps the woman in white was truly contemplating those thoughts. It seemed that she was no longer trying to suppress it. The demon had found a way through to her and continued its ascent to her head.

 By then, the black smoke had already reached her chin!

 Gu Xijiu remained silent.

 Although the demon was now controlling most of the woman's movements, she somehow felt that the woman in white had a hidden attack up her sleeve.

 Sure enough, she noticed that the woman in white made a sudden move! Her finger swiftly went straight for her own chest!

 Gu Xijiu heard a loud screech as a pale white figure wrapped in black smoke was ripped out from the woman's body!

 The screams did not stop as the woman repeatedly cast more spells on herself to extract the demon. A yellow light seemed to cover the pale shadow from head to toe, preventing it from returning into Gu Xijiu's body.

 The pale figure was obviously her inner demon. Its face was still a little fuzzy, but its body was very similar to the woman in white.

 Needless to say, the inner demon had not seen this coming. It looked shocked! “You… You actually removed me from your body! How is that even possible?!”

 The woman in white was obviously in pain. Her face was terribly pale, and her white dress was completely stained with blood. She could not stand upright and was already swaying, but she kept her eyes on the inner demon the entire time. “I am the G.o.d of Creation. How can a little inner demon like you control me? I have long known your existence. I knew that once I am weak, you will definitely come out to cause me trouble. Thus, I have thought of how to settle you in advance, and I had already prepared a spell for you. However, this spell can only be triggered when you climb up to my head. So, I have been waiting for it to happen.”

 The inner demon remained silent.

 “But… I knew all your thoughts! How were you able to conceal it from me?” The inner demon could not understand.

 “I had practiced this many times when I was free. I am already very familiar with it, so I didn't even have to think about it. I was emptying my mind just now; didn't you notice it?”

 The demon was speechless. “… I never expect you to be so cruel…”

 “I am cruel to everyone, including myself.” The woman in white sounded calm, but her words were rather domineering. “Okay! You can rest in peace here until… Until the day you completely disappear.”

 Once the woman in white uttered that last sentence, she began to practice at once. Then, she opened a hole in the air, resembling a portal, and threw the demon covered in a yellow wizardry barrier into the hole!

 Gu Xijiu, who was forced to watch everything unfold from the side, remained silent.

 Her eyes seemed to follow the inner demon subconsciously, and once it went into the portal, her vision turned black.

 As her sight returned to her, she found herself still in the desert.

 Di Hao and Fan Qians.h.i.+ were now around her. Meanwhile, the woman in white seemed to have black smoke circling her as she stood in front of Gu Xijiu. She seemed proud as if she had achieved something. “Xijiu, how did you feel when you saw everything? You have watched the pain I suffered from the separation from you in your past life. I have been imprisoned in this desert for 100,000 years and suffered from the heat and cold. Can you imagine my luck today? Today, you've finally fallen into my hands!”

Venerated Venomous Consort Chapter 3008

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