• Red Storm
  • Red Storm

  • Author(s) : Cyungchan Noh
  • Genres : Action - Adventure - Comedy - Fantasy - Harem - Martial Arts - Romance - Supernatural
  • Status : Ongoing
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  • Read Latest Chapter : Red Storm Chapter 231
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  • Red Storm Summary:

    Red Storm follows the life and adventures of Yulian Provoke, the Young Glow (Glow is a t.i.tle similar to Chieftan) of the Pareia Tribe, who dreams of becoming the strongest warrior of the Red Desert. The early parts of the story focus on Yulian meeting Noya, a powerful man from a different dimension, who later becomes his master and teaches him a unique martial art. As the story progresses, the manhwa tells of Yulian’s goal of creating a team of warriors strong enough to solve any problem called “Red Storm”.

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