• Sundering Nature
  • Sundering Nature

  • Author(s) : Teacher Clear River - 清河老师
  • Genres : Fantasy - Mystery - Sci-Fi
  • Status : ongoing
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  • Sundering Nature Summary:

    To be is to have a soul. The soul begets a will. Wills acc.u.mulate into mysterious psychic forces, weaving secret domains within the fabric of reality. Li Yiming, a gentle and kind-hearted person, was embroiled in this secret facade of reality against his will. Was it a coincidence, or was it preordained by fate? Dao techniques, artifacts, fantastic beasts, supernatural abilities&h.e.l.lip; Within these secret domains governed by Heavenly Laws, his true ident.i.ty incites great suspicion from all. A plan concocted for millennia — will he be the one to derail Heaven’s laws, or the one to sunder Nature’s fetters?

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