Talisman Emperor Chapter 1778 – Danger

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As for as Chen Xi was concerned, the destruction of the Spirit Plate after Ye Feng’s death meant that news of this had definitely been sent back to the Eternal Ye Clan. In this way, it would definitely cause a great deal of trouble for them.

At such a moment, they could only make the best use of their time to head to the Imperial Region and enter Oracle Mountain. Because only in this way would they be able to avoid trouble finding them.

After all, no matter how confident Chen Xi was, his current strength was entirely insufficient to go against a formidable Eternal Clan that had existed for countless years.

Not to mention that along with the destruction of the marriage agreement and the subsequent deaths of Shaohao Yu, Imperial Monarch Kun Mu, and Imperial Monarch Xue Ying, the Shaohao Clan and Sovereign Sect had probably been alarmed, and they might have already dispatched their forces and took action.


Chen Xi didn’t delay any longer. He led Little Bao and Ye Yan along as he teleported through s.p.a.ce.

Spirit Sea Region. In the depths of a galaxy that was shaped like a funnel.

Ye Xiao’s gaunt figure sat cross-legged on a meteor, and he was silent and still.

He was a direct line descendant of the Imperial Region’s Ye Clan, an expert at the peak of the Universe Enlightened Ancestral G.o.d Realm, and he was standing on guard here for almost three years now.

He merely had a single objective — to wait for Ye Yan.

Because there was a secret pathway here that led to the Divine Arambha Garden!


Suddenly, a wave of shattering resounded. Ye Xiao was stunned, and then his expression suddenly turned gloomy while he withdrew a bronze lantern from his pocket.

The lantern was originally not lit, yet its wick silently started to burn at this moment, and its light effused out and formed a screen of light.

The screen of light flowed, and it revealed the scenes that had occurred in Violet Jade Region just now.

At the beginning, Ye Feng and Ye Yan were in confrontation, and even their conversation and expressions were clearly revealed.

When he watched up to here, Ye Xiao’s heart instantly sank. He was clearly aware that the destruction of the marriage agreement was probably related to Ye Yan.

Later on, the scene changed, and Ye Feng started to attack. However, he was obstructed by a ferocious golden monkey that held an iron rod.

Especially when he saw Ye Feng being easily defeated and annihilated by the monkey, Ye Xiao’s pupils constricted abruptly, and he felt extremely astounded.

A Gold-eyed Rhesus Monkey!How could such a ferocious Gold-eyed Rhesus Monkey exist in the world?

Tempestuous waves arose in Ye Xiao’s heart while he stared fixedly at the screen of light with the intention of getting to the bottom of the matter.

It wasn’t long before a tall figure appeared in the screen of light. The figure wore green clothes, had deep black eyes that seemed vast like the starry sky, and his bearing was simple, natural, and carried a calming force that struck directly at the heart.

Who’s this fellow? Ye Xiao frowned. He was just about to look carefully when that tall figure turned his head over inadvertently, and his gaze looked at the screen of light from afar.

Before Ye Xiao could recover from his shock.


The screen of light suddenly shattered into pieces, and all the scenes within it had dispersed and vanished towards the surroundings like a rain of light.

“Dammit! She actually colluded with outsiders to harm and kill her own clansmen. She simply deserves death! Her crimes are unforgiveable!” Ye Xiao’s expression was extremely gloomy while he held tightly onto the extinguished bronze lantern. He clenched so tightly that his knuckles turned slightly pale, and he was furious to the limit.

He took a deep breath before he stood up and muttered while gnas.h.i.+ng his teeth. “I must report this matter to those great figures of the clan and allow them to dispatch forces to hunt that b.i.t.c.h, Ye Yan, at full force!”

As he spoke, Ye Xiao withdrew a strange treasure that was shaped like a sharp awl, and then he actually stored the bronze lantern into it.


In the next moment, the strange awl shaped treasure transformed into a light blue ray of light that tore through s.p.a.ce and vanished.

This was a form of jade slip, and it was called the Riftless Awl. No matter where one resided, so long as one utilized this treasure, then it could traverse the boundless s.p.a.ce and arrive at the Ye Clan within 10 minutes of time!

The Imperial Region. The Ye Clan.

“I never expected that little girl would actually still remember the incident from all those years ago, and she even exercised forbearance for so many years. Such a mental state is truly admirable.” An extremely aged voice resounded from the clan’s Ancestral Hall that hadn’t been opened for a long time, and it carried a wisp of emotion.

The Ye Clan’s Patriarch, Ye Beihe, and all the elders of the clan that possessed monstrous authority were standing outside the Ancestral Hall right now with solemn expressions.

However, the expressions of many changed slightly when they heard this voice.

“Nandu, you were the cause of this matter all those years ago. Moreover, that child, Ye Feng, has already suffered misfortune and was murdered. I’ll leave the rest to you to deal with.” The aged voice resounded once more. This time, it seemed to be extremely indifferent and merciless. “It’s a matter of the clan’s reputation, so do as you see fit.”

A violet robed middle aged man in the group of people had a gloomy expression, and he cupped his hand and said, “Ancestor, please don’t worry.”

The violet robed middle aged man was Ye Nandu, Ye Feng’s father. At the same time, he was an elder of the Ye Clan and the younger brother of the current Patriarch, Ye Beihe.

Moreover, he himself was an Imperial Monarch, and he was called Imperial Monarch Nandu!

However, comparatively speaking, Ye Nandu had merely stepped foot into the Imperial Monarch Realm for less than 8,000 years, and his cultivation was merely at the 1st star of the Imperial Monarch Realm. He was much inferior when compared to his older brother, Ye Beihe.

But even then, he was an Imperial Monarch after all, and he possessed the might to overturn the world and obliterate the landscape. He could be considered to be one of the peak forces of the Ye Clan.

As far as Ye Beihe was concerned, Ye Nandu was more than enough to deal with this matter.

In next to no time, Ye Nandu received his orders and left.

“Beihe, what are your thoughts on this matter?” The aged voice resounded once more.

“The marriage agreement was probably not destroyed by Ye Yan, but I’m unable to confirm if it was that existence from the Arambha Temple that did it.” Ye Beihe pondered deeply for a moment before he spoke.

“It wasn’t her.” That aged voice rejected this answer, and it said with certainty. “If she didn’t agree to this marriage, then she wouldn’t vent her anger on that marriage agreement at all.”

“Then….” Ye Beihe was stunned, and he was slightly puzzled. “Who exactly did it then?”

“It doesn’t matter who it was. The important matter at hand is to notify the Sovereign Sect and Shaohao Clan about this. I believe that they’ll naturally send out forces to investigate everything.” The aged voice carried a wisp of feeling of experience that had seen through the matters of the world. “Once this matter is dealt with, I’ll personally head to the Divine Arambha Garden to pay a visit to the Temple Master and settle the matters of this marriage.”

Ye Beihe frowned. “You intend to do it yourself? Ancestor, aren’t you making a big deal out of nothing?”

“All of you don’t have the qualifications to meet the Temple Master.” The aged voice sighed, and then it asked Ye Beihe to leave. “Go on, get in touch with the Shaohao Clan and Sovereign Sect as soon as possible. Don’t allow misunderstandings to arise.”

Ye Beihe nodded, and then he immediately led all the great figures of the clan along as he left.

On this day, two pieces of news were sent out from the Ye Clan in the Imperial Region. One was sent to the Shaohao Clan while the other was sent to the Sovereign Sect, and it successively caused a mighty stir.

On the other hand, the scenes of confrontation between Chen Xi, Ye Yan, and Little Bao with Ye Feng was seen by both these powers.

“The marriage agreement has been destroyed while Yu’er has been killed. Even Imperial Monarch Kun Mu and Imperial Monarch Xue Ying have perished. This is simply a huge provocation towards our Shaohao Clan!”

“What’re all of you still standing there, dispatch people to investigate!”

“We must find out who did it. Bring them here dead or alive!”

On this day, waves of world shocking shouts resounded from the Shaohao Clan, and they were filled with boundless rage, causing the hearts of all the Shaohao clansmen to tremble without end.

On that very day, many experts had set out from the Shaohao Clan, and they whistled towards all directions.

The Sovereign Sect. Divine Priest Hall.

“The appearance of a traitor is undoubtedly a form of disrespect to our sect, and the traitor should naturally be annihilated. Notify the five Divine Spirit Generals and ask them to bring Ye Yan back and imprison her in the Bloodpool of Sin and d.a.m.nation!”


On this day, the five Divine Spirit Generals of the Sovereign Sect had set in unison.

Seven days later.

Chen Xi’s group traversed Violet Jade Region and teleported towards the distance along the boundless starry sky.

After Violet Jade Region was Lunar Pool Region

Chen Xi remembered that when he’d just arrived at Arambha Temple all those years ago, Senior White had once provided guidance to an Imperial Monarch called Kui Xiao, and he was from Lunar Pool Region.

At that time, that Imperial Monarch Kui Xiao had repeatedly invited Chen Xi and Senior White to be his guests at Lunar Pool Region, and he was extremely fervent. However, he was rejected by Chen Xi in the end, and it caused him to feel rather disappointed. Moreover, he’d said that if Chen Xi pa.s.sed by Lunar Pool Region, then Chen Xi had to pay a visit to him so that he could have the honor of extending his hospitality to Chen Xi and Senior White.

However, Chen Xi had no intention of paying a visit to Imperial Monarch Kui Xiao now.

All along the way, a trace of terror had arisen in his heart for no rhyme or reason. He was clearly aware that because of the marriage agreement’s destructions, the deaths of Shaohao Yu’s group of three, and even the death of Ye Feng had already imperceptibly caused a great deal of trouble.

This meant that their journey was bound to not be peaceful.

So, at this moment, Chen Xi’s only intention was to head to Oracle Mountain as soon as possible so as to avoid drawing even more trouble to himself.

“The renowned Specter Galaxy is right ahead, and we can only traverse it in order to arrive at the next region after Lunar Pool Region, Blood River Region.” Ye Yan explained in a light voice. She was very familiar with this path to the Imperial Region, and she’d taken it on countless occasions. So, it was impossible for Chen Xi to get lost in the vast starry sky with her leading the way.

“Specter Galaxy?” Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed as he sized up the area in the distance, and then he said, “Is there anything to pay attention to there?”

“That galaxy is covered in desolation and Specter Energy. Moreover, natural calamities occur frequently within it, causing it to be extremely dangerous. Only existences at the Daolord Realm dare to traverse it directly.” Ye Yan explained swiftly. “According to rumor, the Specter Galaxy was a paradise of cultivation a very long time ago, and the reason it became like this was because an extraordinary figure at the Daolord Realm suffered qi deviation while cultivating and perished there. After that Daolord’s corpse was destroyed, it transformed into boundless Specter Energy that covered the entire galaxy in the end, and it exists eternally without ever dispersing. In the end, it transformed into its current state.”

She paused for a moment and said with a smile, “However, there’s a safe path in the Specter Galaxy, and it’s sufficient for us to pa.s.s through safely.”

Chen Xi nodded and said, “Good.”

As they spoke, a few figures suddenly flickered into appearance from afar. Obviously, they’d flashed over from Specter Galaxy.

“What’s going on? When had that path been taken control of? They even wanted to check our ident.i.ties. They were simply rude to the extreme!” One of them spoke indignantly.

“Alright, that’s enough. Since they dared to take control of the path through Specter Galaxy, then the background of those people is absolutely not simple.” Someone else consoled.

“Hmph! So what if their background is extraordinary. They’ll definitely suffer calamity in the future for acting in such an overbearing manner!”

“Shut your mouth! Misfortune comes from the mouth!”

Those cultivators flew as they spoke in low voices via voice transmission, and they quickly brushed past Chen Xi’s group and vanished.

However, they didn’t know that even though they’d been speaking via voice transmission, Chen Xi had heard everything clearly via the Daoseal Mark.

“Wait a moment. The situation seems to be slightly bad.” Chen Xi suddenly stopped moving, and he gazed at Specter Galaxy that lay in the distance while a deep glow filled his eyes.

Talisman Emperor Chapter 1778 – Danger

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