The World Online Chapter 679

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Chapter 679-Clouds over the Alliance

Translator: ryangohsf
Editor: Nora

The moment he returned, Ouyang Shuo caught the attention of the entire China region.

The Nanjiang Governor-General House was similarly bus. Half a year had pa.s.sed, and Ouyang Shuo had finally returned! There was the sister he doted on and his newly wed wife.

Only with loved ones could a place be called home.


Bing'er ran over, hugging Ouyang Shuo. The glow in her eyes was filled with the vitality of youth. In just half a year, this young girl had started to look more mature and demurer.

Ouyang Shuo sighed. The past of her jumping like a monkey into his arms had pa.s.sed.

He wanted to pat her head, but his right hand suddenly stopped in the air, landing on her shoulders instead, "After not seeing you for half a year, you are around my shoulder height already."

"Really?" She walked closer; her voice crisp. She raised her right hand over her head and measured it with Ouyang Shuo's shoulder. She was just a few centimeters off.

"Missing by just a little."

Her voice lacked any regret; she wrapped her hands around him and tightly hugged him.

"Brother, Bing'er misses you," she muttered.

Ouyang Shuo was stunned; his eyes trembled, and his right hand naturally rubbed her head.

Time seemed to have stopped at this moment.

The relations.h.i.+p between the two was pure and precious, like wine, becoming better with age.

"Brother, did you bring me any gifts?"

The young girl raised her head, the corner of her eye showing a hint of cunningness.

Ouyang Shuo smiled, taking out an exquisite European style box; this was what he had specially prepared for her. Apart from a pair of communication conches, there was also an underwater breathing device, a blue magnetic ohlite, and a red gem the size of a pigeon egg.

"So beautiful!" Bing'er opened the box and was instantly attracted by the magnetic ohlite. The pure blue was mysterious and grand. She looked extremely excited, "Brother, help me wear it."

She was a smart one, noticing that the blue magnetic ohlite was the same type of gem as the one around Ouyang Shuo's neck.


This magnetic ohlite was one that Ouyang Shuo had specially asked from Kalia; it was an elite blue magnetic ohlite that helped cultivation.

Even the chain tied to the stone was made by a special gra.s.s in Atlantis, soaked in a mysterious blend for 49 days; it helped to calm one down.

It seemed like Bing'er would use it for the Wugou Heart Sutra. Even for someone who did not cultivate, wearing this item would help nourish their looks.

To women, this was undoubtedly a treasure.

Hence, Ouyang Shuo prepared one for Song Jia, Sun Xiaoyue, Mulan Yue, Cui Yingyu, and Qing'er. As a result, he owned Kalia a huge favor.

After all, the blue magnetic ohlites were rare items.

In his last life, the magnetic ohlite produced by Atlantis were sold at sky high prices. A top grade blue magnetic ohlite was sold for 500 thousand gold.

"Brother, what is the conch for?"

"This one is a fun item, it's like a telephone." Ouyang Shuo explained.

"Wow, so magical!"

Each item was astonis.h.i.+ng to this little girl.

She was really pleased with the gifts that Ouyang Shuo had prepared for her.

While the two of them spoke, Song Jia stood at a side, watching quietly as a smile broke out on her face.

Bing'er was a smart girl, closing the box and laughing, "Brother I'll leave now, spend time with Sister-in-law!" As she spoke, she even specially took a look at Song Jia.

Ouyang Shuo shook his head, such a mischievous child.

"Madam, this is for you!"

Ouyang Shuo took out a similarly designed wooden box; however, it was a little bigger.

"I won't accept normal gifts."

Song Jia purposely said as she opened the box.

Instantly, the light from a gem shone brightly.

The most eye-catching item was not the blue magnetic ohlite but a 150-carat pear-shaped white diamond.

The entire diamond was perfect without flaws, totally eye-catching.

If one understood diamonds, they would know that this was exactly the same as the De Beers Millennium Star only 50 carats smaller.


No matter how many items Song Jia had been exposed to, she could not help but cover her mouth with her hand when she saw such a rare diamond. Her eyes were filled with delight and awe.

Such a look was rarely seen from her.

As expected, women generally lacked resistance to diamonds.

Ouyang Shuo smiled, personally helping her wear the diamond necklace, "As expected, only you are worthy of this diamond."

For this diamond alone, Ouyang Shuo had spent 100 thousand gold. One must know that in game, diamonds were just decorative sand and had no use.

Of course, the meanings of diamonds went past merely stats.

Song Jia could not take it anymore, hugging Ouyang Shuo and kissing him right away.

Just at this moment, someone reported, "Ying Yuchang Infanta and Qing Yangchang Infanta have arrived."

"Greetings brother!"

"Sit down; let's talk." Ouyang Shuo smiled and took out his gifts for them.

Each gift was one that Ouyang Shuo had spent a lot of effort on, and they were all different. For Yingyu it was a huge blue gem; for Qing'er, it was an emerald.

Apart from that, there were other small things.

Of course, Qing'er' gift was the most unique; it was a huge wooden box filled with dragon leather.

Brother and sister speaking; naturally, it was joyous.

During the night meal, Ouyang Shuo rejected the suggestion to have a giant feast and just had a small family dinner at the back courtyard.

As for administrative matters, he would naturally address them afterward.

8th month, 21st day, Wuji Palace.

The morning sunlight shone into the sleeping palace through the thin windows.

Ouyang Shuo kissed his wife, whose face turned instantly red. He donned his clothes and got up. From the start of the game till now, he had never slept in and was already used to it.

As for Song Jia, she was disturbed by Ouyang Shuo a lot last night, so she was still in deep slumber.

Ever since the dragon island, after being washed by the dragon vein, Ouyang Shuo found that he had become rather intense.

The rumors of dragons being crazy about s.e.x was not just random words.

During the voyage, he had no choice and could only bear with it.

When he returned, Ouyang Shuo could not control it and went on and on. At the later parts of the night, Song Jia could not take it anymore and begged for him to stop.

Only then did it end.

Leaving the sleeping palace, Ouyang Shuo arrived at the reading room.

On his desk was a huge stack of memorials. Needless to say, they were all placed there by Bai Nanpu. Before he returned, these matters were all dealt with by the four directors.

Ouyang Shuo was not in the mood to read them and directly summoned Black Snake.

"Speak, what changes happened in the China region in this half a year?" Ouyang Shuo asked.

Black Snake nodded; he clearly and concisely explained the matters one by one; he had prepared for this.

In truth, not only Black Snake was prepared. All the officials in the Nanjiang Governor-General house basically did not sleep and were rus.h.i.+ng to collate information and data.

The return of the Lord meant that they would definitely be summoned.

The Black Snake Guards were in charge of intel within the country, especially in regards to players. Naturally, they were the first that Ouyang Shuo called upon. The territory construction should not have much changes. If there were changes, it would be with the other Lords in China.

As expected, his thoughts were on the spot.

The first news that the Black Snake Guards reported related to Yizhou Island. When Ouyang Shuo was building Friends.h.i.+p City in Somalia, Xunlong Dianxue and Xiong Ba fought over the island and Xunlong Dianxue was at an advantage.

However, the end result would make one drop their spectacles.

After destroying the King City Navy, Xunlong Dianxue grew too careless and did not set up any defenses. In the end, they were ambushed by the King City Army that sneaked onto the island, and nearly the whole navy fell.

Only 10 thousand of them were left out of 40 thousand.

After this one battle, Xunlong City was left in a shaky state. They not only lost Yizhou island, losing something that was right there in their hands, even in Minnan Province, Xunlong City was struggling to hold on.

The current Minnan Province was in a chaotic state.

During which, Xunlong Dianxue had personally rushed over to Shanhai City to seek help but Song Jia had rejected it. At that time, his face was truly ugly.

Black Snake took a look at the Lord and said carefully, "Based on the intel from our spies, Xunlong Dianxue has been grumbling about the Lord."

When Ouyang Shuo heard these words, a sharp light flashed across his eyes, sharpness incredibly suppressing.

"Continue!" Ouyang Shuo was speechless.

Ouyang Shuo believed that since Black Snake reported it, he definitely had some actual intel. This also meant that within the Shanhai Alliance, cracks had finally started to appear.

People would change.

In the last life, Xunlong Dianxue could be considered a semi-successful lord, how was he as famous as now?

Some people would grow arrogant if they stood at the peak for too long. Xunlong Dianxue forgot who had pushed him step by step up that peak.

Maybe he felt in his heart that his position was all from his own hard work.

"Not long ago, the Black Snake Guards received intel that Xunlong Dianxue was contacting a mysterious power. As for the specifics, it was top secret, so we can't confirm it." Black Snake threw out another bomb.

Ouyang Shuo's eyes focused, "Is it the Yanhuang Alliance?"

"We won't exclude that possibility, but we can't be sure either." Black Snake was really careful with his words, "There is the possibility that it's a 3rd party."


Ouyang Shuo took in a deep breath, uttering expressionlessly, "Investigate, investigate it."

"Yes, my Lord!"

"Remember, when investigating, you must not alert him." Ouyang Shuo instructed, "As for those grumbling, we can bear it. We mustn't be biased because of this."


The World Online Chapter 679

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