Eternal God Emperor Chapter 1015 - Patriarch Painter Saint?

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Chapter 1015: Patriarch Painter Saint?

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Most of the Monks present had n.o.ble statuses or very powerful cultivations. They didn't understand why Chi Yutang with this status would personally come kill an elder.

This action was very strange and abnormal.

Of course, some people also noticed something amiss.

This elder with half white and half black hair didn't have any Holy Qi or Spiritual Energy waves and was just like a normal person. However, his Blood Qi was very strong. He was filled with vitality and wasn't at all like an old man close to dying.

It was very possible that Chi Yutang had noticed this and thus decided to test him personally.

Plus, if the elder with white and black hair was just a regular man, Chi Yutang killing him would just be like killing an ant. It wasn't a big deal at all.

Just then, a figure flashed between Chi Yutang and Chu Siyuan. The man's hand shot out like lightning and he pointed forward. A thick bolt of purple lightning snaked out.


Chi Yutang took 17 steps back in total. Dense electricity continued to flow through his arm, crackling.

The man standing between Chi Yutang and Chu Siyuan had a golden mask on. It was Zhang Ruochen.

He collected his Spiritual Power and the electricity at his fingertips vanished too. "The royal Crown Prince is so aggressive and lawless, killing the innocent" he said mockingly. "Is this the world that the Empress rules over? I've learned something new today."

The other banquet-goers all exchanged awkward glances. They found this incredible.

"That young man could actually stop Chi Yutang, one of the four princes of the Lingxiao Heavenly King Mansion. Even if Chi Yutang didn't use all his power, this is still unbelievable."

"He used Spiritual Power and could control lightning. That attack is comparable to a 47th level Spiritual Half-Saint's full power attack. He might not even have used all his power."

Zhang Ruochen was wearing the Gold Phantom Mask, but everyone could still see that he wasn't that old.

Inside the carriage led by the golden-winged condors, Wan Huayu stared at Zhang Ruochen with her pretty eyes. Her small lips curled up into a smile.

He's so young but already has such strong Spiritual Power. This man must not be a nameless figure. I'm afraid Chi Yutang has caused some trouble.

Wan Huayu didn't step out to stop Chi Yutang and Zhang Ruochen's conflict. She was happy to watch the show. At the same time, she was curious as to who this man with the golden mask was.

Chi Yutang's expression turned cold. "Today, the Saint Leader of the Cai Family will announce the status of the Vampire Secrets. The Immortal Vampires will definitely try to infiltrate the Cai mansion to spy for news."

"I noticed something wrong with you two long ago, which is why I came to test you. As expected, you two aren't average men. Take off your disguise right this moment and show your true face!"

An uproar instantly spread amongst the Monks present. They stared at Zhang Ruochen and Chu Siyuan with more animosity.

Humans and the Vampires were forever standing at opposite sides. They couldn't coexist. If Zhang Ruochen and Chu Siyuan were truly Vampires, they would be killed by thousands today.

"The Saint Leader of the Cai Family will announce the status of the Vampire Secrets?"

Zhang Ruochen looked over at Chu Siyuan to ask what was going on.

However, Chu Siyuan was also staring at Zhang Ruochen. Angrily, he said telepathically, "Zhang Ruochen, didn't you say to be low-key? Why did you show your cultivation but stop me from revealing my ident.i.ty?"

Thinking about how he'd thrown a tantrum earlier, Chu Siyuan's old face reddened. He felt like his reputation from these centuries was completely destroyed now.

Now, he finally realized that he might have been tricked by Zhang Ruochen.

This guy must be taking revenge. He probably stood in the back, laughing at me.

Zhang Ruochen didn't dare to smile. "Senior Chu is a sect leader," he said seriously. "You have a lofty status and naturally must be more low-key. It's different for me though. I am in my prime and couldn't control myself when I saw someone disrespecting you. That's why I did that impulsive thing."

Zhang Ruochen didn't want Chu Siyuan to keep getting worked up over this, so he immediately asked, "What's with the Vampire Secrets?"

Eight hundred years ago, an ancestor of the Cai Family had been a library official in the Sacred Central Empire. He'd indeed partic.i.p.ated in the compilation of the Vampire Secrets.

However, why was the Cai Family announcing the results of the Vampire Secrets instead of the Shangguan Family?

After all, Shangguan Que had been the most important figure in writing the book. When the Saint Lady had gone to visit him, she didn't even meet him or receive any specific answers about the Vampire Secrets.

She'd only received a piece of paper and almost lost her life over this.

"What's so strange about this?" Chu Siyuan asked telepathically. "Back when the Sacred Central Empire still existed, the patriarch of the Cai Family had been an official of the Fengyuan Archives. He'd personally partic.i.p.ated in the writing of the Vampire Secrets. Isn't it normal for the descendants of the Cai Family to know about it?"

It was clear that Chu Siyuan had learned about this long ago.

Zhang Ruochen's eyes hardened. "From what I know, the main writer was Shangguan Que. How come he's not the one announcing it?"

"Saint King Que hasn't appeared in many years. It's unknown if he's still alive." Chu Siyuan's eyes turned strange. "Last time, that pride of the Nalan Family visited the Shangguan Family…didn't she almost die? I suspect that the Immortal Vampires have already infiltrated the Shangguan Family. Saint King Que might have died years ago."

Zhang Ruochen and Chu Siyuan communicated telepathically for a long time without caring about Chi Yutang.

"Never has anyone ignored me like this," Chi Yutang said in a low voice. "You two are too presumptuous."

Zhang Ruochen glanced at Chi Yutang. "No one is ignoring you. It's just that…we think you're too stupid."

Chi Yutang's eyes narrowed. Forming claws with his hands, two b.a.l.l.s of Holy Qi spewed out of his palms. "I used less than one percent of my power just now. Now, I will use ten percent. Let's see if you dare to speak arrogantly now."

Zhang Ruochen was still calm. "If you aren't convinced, then saying you're stupid is overestimating you. What kind of pig brain do you have to suspect that we're Immortal Vampires?"

"The Cai Family announced countless days ago that they'd announce the results of the Vampire Secrets today. If you're an Immortal Vampire, would you be stupid enough to infiltrate the Cai Family only today?"

"The Cai Family is an ancient family with a huge business. Even the slaves, maids, and guards are countless. If I'm an Immortal Vampire, I can just capture a guard, suck his blood dry, turn into him, and easily slip into the Cai Family, can't I?"

The way Zhang Ruochen berated Chi Yutang shocked everyone present.

What kind of person was Chi Yutang? He was one of the four princes of the Lingxiao Heavenly King Mansion. He was Chi Wansui's older brother. How could someone dare to call him stupid with a pig brain?

Chu Siyuan was a cultured Confucius cultivator. He felt like Zhang Ruochen had gone too far, but he still felt satisfied.

Chi Yutang's face went from red to white. The capillaries in his eyes turned visible as the murderous Qi around him grew stronger. Anyone could see that he was close to exploding. He would use some harsh method to turn both the old man and young man into ash.

"What? You want to kill someone?" Zhang Ruochen looked at Cai Mingliang with some anger. "The Cai Family is an ancient family. Your ancestors have given birth to an emperor before. How can you be so lowly? Someone wants to shed blood before your house on such a celebratory day. You're not going to do anything about it?"

Cai Mingliang was both embarra.s.sed and furious. Of course, he didn't dare to really offend Chi Yutang. After all, Chi Yutang represented the Lingxiao Heavenly King Mansion. He represented the royal family.

"These two aren't here just to cause trouble, right?" a young man from a saint clan's carriage called out. "They're just blocking the entrance. If this continues, the Cai Family should just cancel the banquet!"

"They're offending Chi Yutang and the Cai Family at once. Who even are they?"

If Zhang Ruochen hadn't shown that he was a Spiritual Half-Saint, the other banquet-goers would really think that they were just here for free food.

It was different now.

After all, a Spiritual Half-Saint was a top figure no matter where they went. Even an ancient family would try to bribe them with great treatment. How could they come for free food?

Right then, a figure with a huge aura flew out of the Cai mansion. He landed outside the door and glared at Cai Mingliang, uttering, "Cai Mingliang, what's going on? How can you bar this guest outside the door?"

This man was Cai Jin and was an upper figure of the Cai Family as a Ninth Level Half-Saint. He was in charge of everything that happened in the Cai mansion.

Seeing Cai Jin, Cai Mingliang was slightly relieved. "Main Manager, there are two guys who want to get free food and entered a conflict with Crown Prince Chi."

Cai Jin looked at Chi Yutang with a pleasant smile and bowed. "It is my utmost honor to welcome Crown Prince Chi into the Cai Saint Mansion."

Chi Yutang glared in Zhang Ruochen and Chu Siyuan's direction with a hateful expression. He collected his Holy Qi and bowed to Cai Jin. "You came just in time. It is indeed a bit inappropriate for me to do these things in the Cai Family. What happens next will be up to you!"

"They're just two lowly thieves. I will not punish them…lightly…" Cai Jin looked over with a smile, but when he saw Chu Siyuan, his heart skipped a beat and he froze.

Was that…the Patriarch Painter Saint?

Cai Jin hadn't entered the Saint Realm yet, but as the Main Manager of an ancient family, his status wouldn't be below that of a Saint's. He'd naturally met the Painting Sect's leader before.

Thus, he recognized Chu Siyuan immediately.

The renowned Painter Saint, one of the top four names of the Confucius Way, had been mistaken for a thief and stopped outside the Cai Saint Mansion?

Eternal God Emperor Chapter 1015 - Patriarch Painter Saint?

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