Eternal God Emperor Chapter 1070 - Space Transfer Formation

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Chapter 1070: s.p.a.ce Transfer Formation

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The deranged s.p.a.ce in the Chaotic Belt connected with regions of the Blue Dragon Void World, displaying b.l.o.o.d.y scenes to Zhang Ruochen.

It was imaginable that the fights in every places in the Blue Dragon Void World were not only for treasures, but for survival.

Savage beasts were stronger and suppressed human monks.

And it also showed the array of powerful forces and clans in Kunlun's Field.

Were it not for Empress Chi Yao, who had suppressed the beast kings in the Savage Barren Territory, humans wouldn't have a comfortable life to live in the Kunlun's Field.

"It's horrible. After the fight in the Blue Dragon Void World, how many living creatures could survive?"

The Elephant-swallowing Rabbit shrank its neck. Its teeth chattered, rat-rat.

"The living creatures who survived must be powerful figures. They will become lords."

Zhang Ruochen sighed and looked at the ground.

At the boundary of the Chaotic Belt, where the material s.p.a.ce exchanged with the void s.p.a.ce, purple saint jade was produced. It was bright and pretty.

It was the Spatial Saint Jade.

The Spatial Saint Jade was the main part to build a s.p.a.ce Transfer Formation, and the rarest one.

Zhang Ruochen came to the Chaotic Belt to find it.

The number of it was large. Some could be found on the surface.

"Collect all the Spatial Saint Jade."

The Elephant-swallowing Rabbit and the Monster Ape each took out a Spatial Ring, and kept throwing the purple Spatial Saint Jade into it.

Zhang Ruochen himself also picked up some bigger-sized Spatial Saint Jade from the bottom.

Within about 2 hours, they finished collecting all the Spatial Saint Jade around the Chaotic Belt. There were almost 1000 pieces of it.

The biggest one was about the size of an adult's body.

The smallest one was about the size of a walnut, pretty and clear like the purple crystal.

"I can arrange at least 3 s.p.a.ce Transfer Formations with them," Zhang Ruochen nodded with content.

As the Blue Dragon Void World collapsed, more Spatial Saint Jade would be produced. It wouldn't be too late for him to collect it by then.

The Elephant-swallowing Rabbit was still excited. It asked, "Lord Chen, too many treasures are buried here. Let's dig more and take them back to the Kunlun's Field. We are going to sell for a good price!"

"How can digging out treasures compare with robbing treasure from others?"

Zhang Ruochen touched his jaw with his fingers, putting on a weird smile.

The savage beasts must have collected great amounts of heavenly and earthly treasures. Once he could rob a beast king, he would get the reward more than he'd get by digging for half a year.

To keep a low profile, Zhang Ruochen sent the Elephant-swallowing Rabbit and the Monster Ape back to the Scroll World, and walked alone to the outer area of the blood red Gobi Desert.

He couldn't make it with his own strength, so he had to meet Sikong One and Sikong Two and the others first.

Avoiding the deranged s.p.a.ce, Zhang Ruochen flew for more than 1000 kilometers to reach the outer area of the blood red Gobi Desert.

"This is a dangerous place for other monks. But for me, this is a place where I can burst out more power."

Zhang Ruochen put on a thoughtful look, and stopped to find a secret place to arrange the s.p.a.ce Transfer Formation.

Leaving a s.p.a.ce Tranfer Formation would be good. Maybe it could help when coming to urgency.

Four kinds of saint jade and seven kinds of saint rock were needed to arrange it.

Luckily, Zhang Ruochen had prepared all the materials in advance.

Zhang Ruochen was cautious in arranging the s.p.a.ce Transfer Formation for the first time. He didn't start it immediately, but began to read the Time and s.p.a.ce Secret Guide over and over.

Zhang Ruochen had read the article of the s.p.a.ce Transfer Formation before, now he had to confirm the details.

After reading it several times, Zhang Ruochen began to practice.

The base of the s.p.a.ce Transfer Formation was saint jade, then the seven elemental saint rocks, each standing for the power of water, fire, wood, metal, soil, wind and light.

It took Zhang Ruochen a whole day, several corrections and his full spiritual power to arrange a basic s.p.a.ce Transfer Formation.

Zhang Ruochen wiped the sweat off his forehead. He found it hard to hide his delight, and laughed. "I made it!"

Under his feet, it was a round Formation made of purple saint jade, which was about 30 meters in diameter, with inscriptions crossed underneath the ground, giving out light purple light.

In the Middle Ages, Saint Monk Xumi once arranged a s.p.a.ce Transfer Formation in the Kunlun's Field. It could go beyond five realms and even to the outer areas.

Sadly, the catastrophe at the end of the Middle Ages had destroyed most of the s.p.a.ce Transfer Formations.

Even though some remained, they were either buried underneath the ground, or sealed in humanless relics.

It could be said that Zhang Ruochen's s.p.a.ce Transfer Formation meant a lot.

The range of a basic s.p.a.ce Transfer Formation was within 150,000 kilometers.

In other words, Zhang Ruochen could arrive immediately at any spot within 150,000 kilometers' range through this s.p.a.ce Transfer Formation.

Of course, the farther it went, the bigger its deviation would be.

For example, sending to 5,000 kilometers away, the deviation would be no more than 50 kilometers.

Sending to 50,000 kilometers away, the deviation would be no more than 500 kilometers.

Unless it was spot to spot transfer, deviation would always happen.

The so-called spot to spot transfer meant the transfer through one s.p.a.ce Transfer Formation to another one. Only in this way could the transfer be accurate.

"With the experience of this time, it won't cost me so much time arranging the next one."

Zhang Ruochen stood at the center of the s.p.a.ce Transfer Formation. He used his spiritual power to locate the spot and poured Holy Qi into the Formation.

The purple light in the Spatial Saint Jade in the Formation became brighter and brighter.


With a flash, Zhang Ruochen disappeared.

The light of the Formation died out.

About 10,000 kilometers away.


Spatial waves appeared in the sky of thousands of meters high. And Zhang Ruochen's body showed up. He fell down immediately.

Zhang Ruochen operated Holy Qi at once to condense a white cloud under his feet, slowing down his falling speed.

"I don't grasp the control of the s.p.a.ce Transfer Formation," Zhang Ruochen said, mocking himself.

This time, he had been transferred to the sky, thousands of meters high. If next time, he was sent to the bottom of thousands of meters deep or the nest of some beast king, it would be tragic.

Zhang Ruochen didn't know the deviation for he had only located a rough spot.

"If Sikong One, Sun Dadi and the others had met with Senior Sister Huang, I should be no more than 5,000 kilometers from them."

Zhang Ruochen released his spiritual power, which turned into light particles, to fly to all directions. He tried to locate Blackie's spot, but found three strong strands of savage beasts' Qi about 500 kilometers away.

The power wave shook Zhang Ruochen's spiritual power away.

They must be beast kings.

Why should there be three beast kings?

Zhang Ruochen wondered and suppressed his Qi. He ran fast on the ground to where the Qi came from.

Close to it, Zhang Ruochen could hear the noise of the battle and the roar of the savage beasts.

Zhang Ruochen found a higher place and looked to the horizon.

Three beast kings were seen leading thousands of savage beasts to enclose the human monks and launch a violent attack.

The savage beasts were mainly the Lion Camel Beasts and Snow Mountain Blue Eagles, led by two Lion Camel Beast Kings and the Blue Eagle Beast King.

Many Blue Eagle Beast King were seen on the ground. They were tall and full of strength. Their claws and teeth were sharp like blades.

Thousands of Snow Mountain Blue Eagles flew in the sky. Bone-piercing coldness was given out from them, making snowflakes in the surrounding hundreds of kilometers.

The amount of the human monks at the center was unclear. But Zhang Ruochen knew who they were.

It was the super-union of the human monks, including the Blood G.o.d Sect, the Shangguan Clan and the Cai Family, gathering all top figures.

The two sides were caught in a fierce fight. Thousands of corpses were seen on the ground, most of which were corpses of savage beasts.

"The three forces are heirs of the Middle Ages. They must have strong power and methods. As long as they don't run into the Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon and the Golden Armor Scorpion King, it wouldn't be hard for them get out of the Yingsha Base," said Zhang Ruochen.

Even if they got out, they were in a bleak situation.

The number of savage beasts were ten times as many as them, taking the absolute upper hand.

By then, Zhang Ruochen saw Wei Longxing.

Wei Longxing was in the Five-colored Saint Armor like Mars. He used his strong cultivation to suppress a Snow Mountain Blue Eagle.

He stood on its back and raised the Horned Ox Skull with both hands. He poured the endless Holy Qi in it.

The Horned Ox Skull expanded to hundreds of meters long. Carrying burning fire, it hit the Blue Eagle Beast King who flew in midair.


The Blue Eagle Beast King hit the Horned Ox Skull in a hurry. Several blue feathers fell from its body. It flew backwards.

"What a hateful person! You dared to a.s.sault me. You are asking me to kill you." The Blue Eagle Beast King made an angry roar.

Extraordinary Qi was given off from Wei Longxing. He took the Horned Ox Skull back and held it in his hands. He laughed heartily. "The strength of a beast king is nothing special."

The female talent of the Cai Family, Cai Yunji, was surprised. "The cultivation of Wei Longxing should be so strong that he could fight a beast king."

A student of the Blood G.o.d Sect was proud, and said, "Not only could Senior Wei fight a beast king, he did kill a beast king not long ago. The Horned Ox Skull was taken by Senior Wei by killing the Firegold Raven Beast King."

Another student of the Blood G.o.d Sect put on a respectful face. "Senior Wei is definitely a human hero. By now, he's the only one who has killed a beast king, made a win for humans and disgraced the brutal beast kings."

Wei Longxing hadn't been able to catch up with Zhang Ruochen. Naturally he returned to the camp of the Blood G.o.d Sect and claimed that he had killed the Firegold Raven Beast King to the members.

Therefore, many monks of the Blood G.o.d Sect believed that Wei Longxing had a stronger power than Hai Lingyin, and was the best of the Blood G.o.d Sect.

Numerous young students regarded him as an idol.

The unparalleled beauty, the Shangguan Twins, Shangguan Linglong and Shangguan Nihong looked to Wei Longxing after they heard people talking about him. They showed surprise in their eyes, an admiration for strong figures.

After all, killing a beast king could be called a tremendous achievement for humans.

Far away, Zhang Ruochen put on a murderous look.

Zhang Ruochen didn't care that Wei Longxing talked nonsense in front of other human monks. But Wei Longxing did try to kill him several times.

How could he let that go?

Last time, Zhang Ruochen had been extremely weak and had been nearly killed by him.

But now, Zhang Ruochen's cultivation had improved greatly. He had even refined a pair of saintly arms. Naturally, he didn't fear any challenge.

"Wei Longxing, you are going to die today!"

Zhang Ruochen shouted and stepped on a cloud of blood mist with his right foot. He rose up into the sky like a sh.e.l.l.

In just a second, he arrived above Wei Longxing and threw a palm. The roars of dragons and elephants were heard inside his arms.

Eternal God Emperor Chapter 1070 - Space Transfer Formation

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