Eternal God Emperor Chapter 1110 - Arrive At Blue Dragon Dynasty

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Chapter 1110: Arrive at Blue Dragon Dynasty

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The blood-red Gobi looked more beautiful under suns.h.i.+ne. Each stone was s.h.i.+ning like a blood agate.

However, everything was crumbling.

Hua La.

The s.p.a.ce crack kept being enlarged deep in the Gobi desert, and it kept spreading out, forming one chaos zone after another. The continents kept collapsing toward the hollow s.p.a.ce.

Zhang Ruochen, Huang Yanchen, Qing Mo, White Li Princess and Sikong Two were all standing around the Gobi desert, looking at what was happening, exclaiming.

"The s.p.a.ce structure is collapsing. After a while, the entire Ingmar Desert will be in ruins and chaos," Huang Yanchen said.

The s.p.a.ce kept collapsing, and more s.p.a.ce saint jades showed up. Zhang Ruochen collected them all, storing them in his Spatial Ring.

Hong Long Long.

Dust ascended in the northwestern direction.

A group of forceful savage beasts rushed out of the blood-red dust, and their forces were tainted with blood.

There were more than ten Mud Deer Savage beasts, and all of them were level-six upper-cla.s.s savage beasts. Their defense power was at the same level as level-seven human half saints. Those with the best attacking power were as good as level-eight human half saints. Those who were the fastest were as fast as level-nine half saints.

Blackie, Sun Dadi, Sikong One and Zhao s.h.i.+qi all rode their Mud Deer Savage Beasts and rushed in that direction.

Sun Dadi started to roar in the distance, "Great gain! This is definitely a great gain! Mud Deer Beast race has collected lots of valuables, saintly springs, saintly stones, saintly jade, four saintly herbs and two saintly trees."

Blackie sat on the back of Mud Deer Beast King, throwing Universe Spiritual Map to Zhang Ruochen. It said, "I've planted saintly herbs and saintly trees in the divine medicine garden.

Zhang Ruochen's original plan was to go to Blue Dragon Dynasty.

However, Blackie knew about the treasure land of Mud Deer Beast race from Mud Deer Beast King.

Sun Dadi, Sikong One and Zhao s.h.i.+qi were all excited. They felt that they must do something big before they left. They tried to take all the valuables Mud Deer Beast race had collected.

That was a collection of valuables by a beast race, which was more than the wealth of a saint clan.

Hence they followed Blackie and Mud Deer Beast King to rob the treasure land of Mud Deer Beast race completely. All their spatial rings and spatial bracelets were filled.

Besides, Blackie and Zhao s.h.i.+qi also used their beast tamper skills to control all the upper-cla.s.s level-six savage beasts and to turn them into beast pets.

Blackie was the reason why they could succeed.

If it wasn't for Blackie who used an ancient beast tamper inscription to control Mud Deer Beast King, they wouldn't have found the treasure land of Mud Deer Beast King.

Zhang Ruochen took the Universe Spiritual Map and injected it with a trace of his mind power. He saw four saintly herbs and two saintly trees planted in the divine medicine garden.

It was almost impossible to find a saintly herb, even in Kunlun's Field. Some of the saint clans without solid foundation only had one to two saintly herbs.

However, lots of saintly herbs and saintly trees were born in Blue Dragon Void World. One saintly herb or one saintly tree was enough to greatly improve someone's cultivation.

For both saintly herbs and saintly trees, the older they were, the stronger the effects were.

Which was why Blackie planted saintly herbs and saintly trees in the divine medicine garden to nurture them. In the future they could pick some leaves and refine them into divine medicine pills, which would be more effective.

Zhang Ruochen didn't care about the valuables other than saintly herbs and saintly trees, as those were the valuables they obtained with their own power.

"Let's head to Blue Dragon Dynasty now."

Zhang Ruochen led everyone into s.p.a.ce Transfer Formation.

More than ten mud deer beasts shrank their bodies, standing around the edge of s.p.a.ce Transfer Formation.

Zhang Ruochen was standing at the center of the transfer formation, locating the direction of Blue Dragon Dynasty. s.p.a.ce Transfer Formation slowly transferred them, giving out brighter purple light.


The light shook.

Everyone, including those savage beasts, disappeared.

After a short while, the s.p.a.ce crack spread in the deep area of the blood-red Gobi, making ear-piercing cracking sounds, tearing the s.p.a.ce transfer formation into pieces, and they were annihilated with the continents around it.

Around three hundred thousand miles away, there was a green lake, and there weren't even ripples on the water. A group of white herons were flying on top of the lake, travelling within the mist. It looked like a beautiful painting.

Unlike the Ingmar Desert, this place was spectacular.


A circle of energy ripples spread above the lake, terrifying the white herons. They lost their abilities to fly temporarily, and they all fell into the lake, making a thumping noise.

Zhang Ruochen, Huang Yanchen and others all showed up at the center of the energy ripples. They flew to the ground and gathered around the edge of the lake.

Sun Dadi was still amazed by what had just happened. He said, "s.p.a.ce Transfer Formation is magical. We're now in some oasis tens of thousands of miles away from Ingmar Desert, right?"

"We're three hundred thousand miles away, according to my positioning. We're already in the territory of Blue Dragon Dynasty," Zhang Ruochen said.

Everyone was thrilled.

Someone could transport them hundreds of thousands of miles away using a formation. This was totally a mythical skill.

"There is a war going on in a human city seven hundred miles away," Zhao s.h.i.+qi said.

Zhao s.h.i.+qi's mind power was already at level forty-nine. He was a half saint with top-tier mind power.

Just now, he had spread his mind power and inspected fierce Holy Qi ripples, and he saw the war seven hundred miles away. He saw many creatures fighting each other, and the entire city was overwhelmed by the war.

"Let's go and have a look."

Zhang Ruochen jumped up on the back of Mud Deer Beast King and rushed forward riding the beast king.

The body of Mud Deer Beast King gradually became larger, and in the end, it became a gigantic beast hundreds of feet long, giving out holy blue light like an ancient divine beast. It could easily step across mountains and rivers.

Huang Yanchen, Qing Mo, White Li Princess, Sikong One, Sikong Two, Zhao s.h.i.+qi, Sun Dadi and Blackie all jumped up on their own mud deer beasts and followed him.

It was an ancient city. It was grand and magnificent, and the city wall itself was spectacular. It was like a giant stone beast lying between two mountains.

Many evil spirits from the outer realm entered Blue Dragon Void World, which led to countless slaughterings. The aboriginal people all flooded the city to seek refuge, which greatly increased the population of the city to five million.

When Zhang Ruochen arrived, the city had already been conquered.

There were bodies everywhere outside the city, and the blood had been shed like a river. It was a tragic war, as many commoners who didn't practice martial arts were also slaughtered.

Most of those who got killed were aboriginal people in the Blue Dragon Void World.

Apparently, creatures from Kunlun's Field slaughtered all these people, but they were not sure which power was responsible for this.


Sikong One and Sikong Two jumped off the mud deer beast, standing under a mountain of bodies, closing their eyes and mumbling scriptures for incarnation.

"How tragic!"

Sun Dadi looked solemn, and he felt heavy in his heart.

The slaughter here was more miserable than that in Yingsha City, as there were bodies of children and women, which made people sorrowful.

White Li Princess and Qing Mo walked to the body of a girl, looking at her, and they couldn't help tearing up.

Only Huang Yanchen looked apathetic as there didn't seem to be any emotions on her face.

She said, "This is the law of nature, and it couldn't be more normal. If Kunlun's Field is invaded in the future, we will also be slaughtered, and n.o.body will pity us."

"Why are you more indifferent than Zhang Ruochen?" White Li Princess said furiously.

Huang Yanchen didn't want to argue with her. She said, "The entire Blue Dragon Void World will be destroyed in the near future, and they'll still die after that. If you want to survive, stop being so empathetic. Don't let unnecessary sympathy blind you."

Huang Yanchen got into the ancient city, riding the mud deer beast.

The ancient city had just been conquered. There were still sounds of killing, fighting, crying and agony. All the different sounds were mixed together, composing a sad musical piece.

White Li put her hands on her waist, grinding her teeth, and said, "Zhang Ruochen, your fiancée couldn't be more selfish. I think you'd better divorce her as soon as possible."

Zhang Ruochen didn't respond to what White Li Princess said. He was still sitting on the back of the mud deer beast, looking into the distance at the dark green clouds above the ancient city.

They were ghostly clouds with thick wicked forces.

"It's the ancient ghost cultivation race and ancient necromancer race."

Zhang Ruochen sensed some familiar forces in the city, such as the princess of the ghost cultivation race, Feng Yinchan, and the descendent of the ancient necromancer race, Yin Xuanji.

It wasn't outsiders like Zhang Ruochen who collected the most valuables. Instead, it was the aboriginal people in Blue Dragon Void World.

There was countless wealth and resources in just one city.

It took the ancient ghost cultivation race and ancient necromancer race more than half a month and lots of energy to break the guarding formation of the city.

At this moment, they were slaughtering the people in the city and robbing them of their valuables.

Zhang Ruochen took out his Abyss Ancient Sword, and a ma.s.sive sword intent spread out. He said, "Stop weeping, everyone. Let's go to the city and force them to give us all the valuables. It's dirty wealth anyhow, so better we take it than leave it to the ancient ghost cultivation race and ancient necromancer race."

Sun Dadi, Sikong One, Sikong Two and Zhao s.h.i.+qi were all dazed. They wondered when Zhang Ruochen had become such a robber.

"He wants to fight fire with fire." Blackie squinted his eyes and smiled.

White Li Princess stamped her foot and sneered, "Every man is for himself. No one is good."

From her perspective, aboriginal human beings were already in agony, so Zhang Ruochen should help them defeat the ancient ghost cultivation race and ancient necromancer race and return all the valuables to the aboriginal people. That was what real heroes did.

What Zhang Ruochen did disappointed her deeply, as he behaved like a gangster.

Eternal God Emperor Chapter 1110 - Arrive At Blue Dragon Dynasty

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