Eternal God Emperor Chapter 1124 - Autumn Rain And Parasol Tree

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Chapter 1124: Autumn Rain And Parasol Tree

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The Clear Sky Bow and s.h.i.+ning Sun Arrow were too powerful. Not many people could dodge it even when shot in the open, let alone doing so without warning Crown Prince Qingtian.

It was logical that Zhang Ruochen would be killed.

"Zhang Ruochen!" Huang Yanchen's eyes widened. She immediately shot forward in a blue streak to catch Zhang Ruochen who was falling from the sky.


Just then, two beams of Blood Qi flew out of the ground, forming two Immortal Vampires. They were Princess Yanxin and Gui Wu, two powerful figures of the Qingtian Tribe. They attacked Zhang Ruochen suddenly from the left and right.

Murong Yue, Princess White Li, Sun Dadi, and Qing Mo were all attacked too. Amongst them, Murong Yue, Sun Dadi, and Princess White Li were heavily injured. Qing Mo and Huang Yanchen were slightly wounded too.

With the addition of the Vampires, the tide turned toward one side.

"No…how is this possible…no…" Mu Lingxi's eyes widened as if she'd been struck by lightning. She stared at the falling Zhang Ruochen; it felt like her heart was being ripped apart.

A pair of icy phoenix wings unfurled on her back. As if she'd lost her mind, she broke past Qi Feiyu and Lan Caisang. She flew toward Dragontop Mountain without caring about anything else.

Qi Feiyu activated Holy Qi to chase after her, but Ouyang Huan said, "You can't stop her! Let her go!" He was expressionless as he said that.

Le furrowed his brow. With a strange technique, he walked toward Dragontop Mountain. He seemed to be unsteady, but each step crossed a large distance.

He didn't believe that Zhang Ruochenw was dead. How could someone like Zhang Ruochen die so easily? Le had experienced such fatal circ.u.mstances many times but never died, let alone Zhang Ruochen who was more powerful than him.

Le hadn't attacked earlier because he was confident in Zhang Ruochen. He'd even suspected that Zhang Ruochen had a deeper reason for doing this. He couldn't really have gone crazy.

However, this current situation troubled Le. He had to hurry over to Dragontop Mountain.

A blood-red cloud flew over to Le. There were a dozen Immortal Vampires within the cloud. One of them that was in the Half-Saint Outer Rank barked, "Humans who dare to enter Dragontop Mountain shall die."

Le continued forward without speaking. Boundless murderous intent radiated from the cloud. It dipped down and the dozen of Vampires landed on the ground. Dozens of attacks shot toward Le.

Whoosh, whoosh.

He unsheathed his sword and light shone in all directions. The next moment, Le walked out of the b.l.o.o.d.y cloud. All that remained were dozens of Immortal Vampire corpses. They'd all been killed in one strike.

Le caught up to Mu Lingxi and stopped her. "Go back," he said stiffly.

Mu Lingxi's eyes were bloodshot and her heart was in mourning. She wouldn't listen to anything. She only wanted to hurry to Dragontop Mountain.

"If Zhang Ruochen is still alive, I'll bring him out alive. If he's dead, I'll bring his body out."

With that, Le stopped looking at Mu Lingxi. He started out for Dragontop Mountain, speeding up as he went. Rather than returning, Mu Lingxi continued for Dragontop Mountain too.

They were attacked again by Immortal Vampires. This time, there were three figures from the Outer Rank—three Pre-Saint Vampires.

One was 82nd on the Outer Rank. He had silver wings on his back. "We have already warned you and you still dare to break into Dragontop Mountain," he said coldly. "Do you wish to follow in the steps of Zhang Ruochen?"

Those who could be within the top 100 of the Outer Rank were all able to fight lower level Saints. They naturally were more confident and didn't fear Le or Mu Lingxi.

Without saying anything, Le unsheathed his sword and struck at the three Pre-Saints. It was only one strike, but one Vampire had already been killed. He lay in a puddle of blood, his body cut into nine pieces. Three strikes later, a second Vampire was killed too. He'd been halved.

The third Vampire was very strong. He and Le exchanged more than ten blows, but he still died in the end. His saint soul was shattered by Sword Qi.

After this battle, no one present dared to underestimate Le again. He and his sword were both fierce.

By then, the water below Dragontop Mountain had all retreated. It flowed to the distance, revealing the muddy land washed by the waves.

Le and Mu Lingxi reached the foot of Dragontop Mountain. They walked through the scattered corpses and quickly climbed up.

"I thought the humans would retreat immediately since the savage beasts and Immortal Vampires are here. I didn't think that another human would come. Interesting."

The Kun Prince's lip curled up. He rushed down from the air. Locking onto Le, who was climbing the mountain, he stabbed with his long spear.

Le was facing an unprecedented enemy. Waving his rusted sword, he went forcefully against the brilliant spear.


The crash between the sword and spear shook one's eardrums. Some Grade Six Beasts nearby started bleeding from all their openings.

Le's feet left the ground and he flew down the mountain. The Kun Prince's battle intent bubbled. Laughing loudly, he opened his huge red wings and flew low on the ground after Le.

Boom, boom.

The man and beast continued fighting. The ground kept cracking open, forming various shocking fissures. Each of the Kun Prince's attacks forced Le countless feet back, but he could always dissolve the force.

It was shocking for a nameless human swordsman to block such a frightening ancient monster. Many human cultivators started asking for his background. They were interested in him.

Just then, a sharp arrow's whir sounded from the middle of Dragontop Mountain. The s.h.i.+ning Sun Arrow shot down from the sky. In a streak of white light, it pierced Mu Lingxi. The force carried Mu Lingxi's body into the air.

Her robe was dyed red with blood. Her fragile body plummeted down like a blood-red paper b.u.t.terfly.

She'd been close to the top already and could almost see Zhang Ruochen, but it was a step too far. Her vitality was disappearing quickly, but her eyes were still trained on Dragontop Mountain. It was getting further and further away from her.


The s.h.i.+ning Sun Arrow cut a beautiful arc in the sky and landed in Crown Prince Qingtian's hands. As if he'd just done something normal, he was emotionless. Nocking the arrow on the bow, he targeted Le, who was fighting with the Kun Prince.

Just then, he saw a figure walk out of the void in the corner of his vision. The young man wore a clean yellow robe. He seemed to be in his early twenties.

He strolled in the air and reached out. He grabbed Mu Lingxi's wrist and pulled her up lightly. By the time Mu Lingxi was within 100 feet of him, she seemed to be floating in water.

Crown Prince Qingtian could sense that this yellow-robed man was dangerous. Eyes narrowing, he immediately changed his target and aimed at him. "Who are you?"

The man ignored him. He reached out a slender and pale hand, placing it on Mu Lingxi gracefully. Faint yellow Qi flowed out of his palm. It formed many leaves that flew into Mu Lingxi. The wound caused by the s.h.i.+ning Sun Arrow healed visibly.

Everyone present was shocked. They stared at the yellow-robed man incredulously.

According to legends, anyone shot by the s.h.i.+ning Sun Arrow would die very quickly. That was why everyone thought Zhang Ruochen would die without a doubt after getting shot.

The scene before their eyes was very strange. Mu Lingxi had obviously been shot, but she was now full of vitality. She seemed even stronger than before.

The cause was obviously this yellow-robed man.

Crown Prince Qingtian's eyes gleamed coldly. Guiding all his strength into his arms, he drew the Clear Sky Bow again. The bow shone even more brilliantly.


The s.h.i.+ning Sun Arrow streaked forward, resulting in a string of explosions and a long trail hundreds of feet long. It shot toward the yellow-robed man.

The man was still calm and composed. One hand hovering above Mu Lingxi, he stared attentively at her. His other hand raised slowly and caught the s.h.i.+ning Sun Arrow.

"Actually…caught it…"

A ma.s.s of gasps sounded in the sky. The Rosefinch Fairy, Heavenly King Bi'an, Master Lidi and Xue Wuye all lost their composure. They stared at the yellow-robed man in amazement.

He loosened his fingers and tossed the s.h.i.+ning Sun Arrow away. "You have only saintified 132 apertures," he said calmly. "If you could upgrade 142 apertures, it wouldn't be so easy for me to catch that arrow."

With 144 saintly apertures, one's body would become a saint. One hundred forty-two saint apertures was only a bit away from a saint body. The body would be unimaginably strong.

"Who are you?" Crown Prince Qingtian felt a chill running down his spine. He stared at the man in terror.

"Qiu Yu," the man said.

His name meant "autumn rain" and these two names stirred up excitement in everyone present.

"He's number one on the Half-Saint Rank. I thought that the Saint Lady had just wrote those two words there. I didn't think he really existed."

Master Lidi, the Sky-Swallowing Demonic Dragon, Xue Wuye, and Rosefinch Fairy were all top figures on the Half-Saint Rank. If anyone else claimed that he was number one on the Half-Saint Rank, they probably wouldn't accept it.

After seeing Qiu Yu's abilities, no one dared to not accept it.

"Don't misunderstand," the man said. "I'm not a human. I'm only a parasol tree planted in the southern region."

Eternal God Emperor Chapter 1124 - Autumn Rain And Parasol Tree

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