Eternal God Emperor Chapter 1200 - Sir Mu Qian

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Chapter 1200: Sir Mu QianTranslator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

A red beam of electric light streaked through the sky. Countless dense electric currents solidified in the sky. The gra.s.sland between the mountains was turned to ash.

Even with Zhang Ruochen’s spiritual mindset, he still felt depressed at that moment. It felt like the sky was about to fall down.

His face was shockingly pale.

Crackle, crackle.

Thousands of beams of electricity converged. A tall and thin elder appeared between Saint Chen Yi and Chen Xi. The elder’s hair was all white and hung down to his knees. He was frail with jutting bones, but he wore a brilliant golden robe.

There were many eye-catching sun prints on his robe. Upon closer inspection, the sun prints were actually spinning. Each print seemed like a world.

This was Sir Mu Qian.

Saint Chen Yi and Chen Xi bowed once again and said in unison, “Greetings, Master.”

Sir Mu Qian looked very spirited. He held a crystal scepter and stared at Zhang Ruochen with hawkish eyes. “The Buddha’s sarira from eight hundred years ago is with you, correct?”

His voice was indifferent, but each word was like a hammer pounding into Zhang Ruochen. When he finished the sentence, Zhang Ruochen had already taken 19 steps back. Blood flowed from his lips.

Sir Mu Qian was a very strong Spiritual Power cultivator. To him, the thing that he wanted the most was the Buddha’s sarira. If he could have it, his Spiritual Power would improve vastly.

At his level, each improvement would cause extreme changes. His abilities would improve greatly too.

Zhang Ruochen’s expression was cold. He didn’t reveal any fear. “Indeed. The Buddha’s sarira is in my spatial ring, but I can destroy the ring with just a thought. Do you want to gamble on whether you’re faster than me?”

Sir Mu Qian furrowed his brows. He was confident that he could kill Zhang Ruochen before he destroyed the spatial ring, but he didn’t dare take the risk.

What if an accident happened?

It would be difficult to find a second Buddha’s sarira.

“Junior,” Sir Mu Qian said. “How about we negotiate?”

“Describe it,” Zhang Ruochen said.

“Give the Buddha’s sarira and the Empress to me and I will let you go. How about it?” Sir Mu Qian said powerfully.

Zhang Ruochen was convinced. “Do you think I’m an idiot?” he scoffed. “If I give you the sarira and Empress Huangtian, how can I still live?”

While speaking, Zhang Ruochen secretly activated his Holy Qi and moved it toward the scroll that Taishang Elder had given him. He prepared to activate it.

The Taishang Elder was the tenth emperor from back then. His scroll definitely wouldn’t be anything ordinary. It might help Zhang Ruochen escape.

Saint Chen Yi huffed coldly. “Blasphemy! Master is Sir Mu Qian, the Golden-robed Elder of the Immortal Temple. He will definitely keep his word. If he says that he’ll let you go, he will not go back on his word.”

The Immortal Temple was the highest center of power of the Immortal Vampires. It ruled over the ten major tribes under the name of G.o.d. It could even choose the candidates for the tribes’ heirs.

Of course, when the Blood Empress rose up 1,000 years ago, royal power strengthened. The Immortal Temple’s influence over the ten tribes reduced a lot. However, it was still very frightening. The Golden-robed Elder had the highest status.

Suddenly, Sir Mu Qian’s eyes looked to the west and his lips curled up. “Junior, you lost your last chance when you didn’t give in just now.”

Zhang Ruochen also sensed something. He looked to the west.

Huang Yanchen flew down on a saint sword. She was like a sword G.o.ddess.

“You shouldn’t have come.” Zhang Ruochen sighed.

Before Sir Mu Qian had arrived, Zhang Ruochen had already sent a message to Huang Yanchen, telling her not to come and to immediately retreat. However, Huang Yanchen had still followed over.

She looked to the other side. “Did you really think that I’d leave you and flee?”

Zhang Ruochen smiled wryly and didn’t reply.

Saint Chen Xi laughed. “Oh, it’s Huang Yanchen, Zhang Ruochen’s fiancée and one of the nine human Heirs. It seems like Zhang Ruochen will be forced to give in now.”

Just then, Saint Chen Xi reached forward. The wind of a whirlpool surged from his palms and trapped Huang Yanchen.

Saint Chen Xi sneered. “Zhang Ruochen, hurry and hand the sarira to my master’s hands right now.”

Zhang Ruochen’s eyes turned cold. “Are you threatening me? I advise you against it. Otherwise, you’ll die a tragic death.”

Smiling, Saint Chen Xi said with disdain, “Do you think I can’t crush your fiancée into a cloud of blood with just a finger?”

Hung Yanchen stood in the center of the whirlpool. Instead of panicking, she said confidently, “You think you can kill me?”


The Heir Stamp flew out. Releasing bombastic Emperor Qi, it transformed into a golden cloud and shattered the whirlpool.

After reaching the Saint Realm, Huang Yanchen could release even more power from the Heir Stamp. Even Saint Chen Xi with her 52nd level Spiritual Power couldn’t restrain her.

“I heard that the Heir Stamp is the strongest treasure that Empress Chi Yao created. Each one contains boundless might. Now that I see it, it is indeed extraordinary.”

Saint Chen Xi was a bit shocked. She didn’t think a mere lower-level Saint could escape from her restraints.

“The Heir Stamp can’t unleash its true power when held in the hands of you, junior. I should bring it back to the Immortal Temple and let it become the anchoring treasure.”

“You speak so proudly. Do you really think that it’s easy to steal the Heir Stamp?” Huang Yanchen scoffed. She didn’t fear Sir Mu Qian at all.

Sir Mu Qian was naturally upset. Usually, even the Immortal Vampire Saints would bow in respect when they saw him. Today, two juniors appeared in a row and dared to not respect or fear him.

“Is it not easy?”

Sir Qian Mu smiled. He also raised his withered fingers and formed a claw. He would make these two juniors beg for salvation.

Just then, an ancient voice sounded behind Zhang Ruochen and Huang Yanchen. “Of course not. At least, you have to get past me first.”

“Who is it?” Sir Qian Mu was slightly shocked. Someone had been hiding nearby and he hadn’t even noticed.

How could this happen?

Could the man really fool his spiritual sensory?

A Confucius elder with hair that was half-white and half-black walked out slowly. It was Chu Siyuan, sect leader of the Art Sect.

Seeing him, Zhang Ruochen let out a breath. It’s this old poor guy who loves to show off who’s come to Tiantai State.

Chu Siyuan was bent on justice and thought Zhang Ruochen was going down the wrong path, so he wanted to bring him back to the right way. This truly annoyed Zhang Ruochen. However, this guy’s abilities were immeasurable. He was definitely a top figure of the Confucius Way and may possibly defeat Sir Mu Qian.

Zhang Ruochen glanced at Huang Yanchen and saw that she wasn’t surprised at all. She seemed to know that Chu Siyuan had been nearby.

Sensing his eyes, Huang Yanchen batted her lashes and sent a message. “When I brought the Saint Lady’s blood-print saint decree to Yunzhong City, Sect Leader Chu happened to be visiting. He also learned about the Black Market’s headquarters and hurried over long ago. When you told me to leave, I immediately notified him and told him to come.”

“I see.” Zhang Ruochen nodded.

Chu Siyuan was prejudiced against Zhang Ruochen. Huffing, he said, “What did you think? If you aren’t going against the Immortal Vampires, I would’ve taught you a lesson first.”

In the Emperor Ming City, Zhang Ruochen had tricked Chu Siyuan. The man was still upset.

Zhang Ruochen shrugged and smiled. “Senior, let’s face the enemies first and then talk about the past, alright?”

Chu Siyuan turned to face Sir Mu Qian with disdain in his eyes. “Golden-robed Elder of the Immortal Temple, why are you messing with two kids? Do you have the abilities to fight against me?”

Sir Mu Qian already guessed Chu Siyuan’s ident.i.ty. Fear filled his eyes, but he scoffed. “Oh, it’s the Art Saint. You indeed have a strong aura.”

Chu Siyuan said calmly, “I looked at the stars last night and predicted that you would come to Tiantai State. I was going to send a disciple against you, but he went to take care of Prince Xia of the Huangtian Tribe instead. I was forced to come personally.”

Chu Siyuan frowned, thinking that Chu Siyuan was too He should just fight instead of wasting time talking. Plus, each sentence he said was complimenting himself and insulting the enemy. What if he lost later?

He would be so embarra.s.sed.

Sir Mu Qian was even more furious, thinking that Chu Siyuan was crazy and arrogant for looking down on him.

Chu Siyuan obviously couldn’t tell that everyone present was upset with him. He continued to drawl lazily. “I really didn’t want to attack personally, but there was no other way. To be honest, my disciples are all throughout the world. There are at least three who can fight against you. Unfortunately, two of them aren’t in Tiantai State.”

As he spoke, he even stuck up three fingers to show Sir Mu Qian. He seemed to be a big deal.

Eternal God Emperor Chapter 1200 - Sir Mu Qian

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