Eternal God Emperor Chapter 1201 - Kill!

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Chapter 1201: Kill!

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

“You’re suicidal.”

Sir Mu Qian was shaking because of his indignation. He raised his crystal scepter, and all of a sudden, hundreds of lightning bolts flew out, forming a lightning fall.

It was apparent that Sir Mu Qian had great achievements on mind power, easily surpa.s.sing Tianluo Saint.

There was spiritual Qi everywhere in this sky and land. They all turned into lightning as if the air had been all sucked away.

“So, so powerful…”

Zhang Ruochen had already sanctified his mind power, yet he still felt that his consciousness was crumbling. He had an enormous headache as if his skull was going to crack.

Chu Siyuan shook his rope. He still looked chill, stepping on the lightning and walking toward Sir Mu Qian.

As he walked down, he crushed the mind power field of Sir Mu Qian. Zhang Ruochen and Huang Yanchen felt that the pressure on them had gone.

Chu Siyuan stared at the front.


A blue picture was formed in front of him, and it was quickly unfolded, showing the engravings of mountains and rivers. A wild world showed up.

Lightning fell and the picture clashed, and they both disintegrated.

All the destruction Qi was dissolved.

Sir Mu Qian realized that Chu Siyuan was a power to be reckoned with. He was not just being smug.


Chu Siyuan moved his fingers, and the scroll pressed toward Sir Mu Qian.

Even Zhang Ruochen, Huang Yanchen, Chen Yi Saint and Chen Xi Saint felt like being pressed by a mountain, not to mention Sir Mu Qian, who was standing at the center of the scroll.

“Leave now.”

The four of them quickly retreated and rushed to afar.

In the next moment, an earth-shattering sound exploded behind them.

The ground started to sink, and the air was popping. They were trapped in a chaotic world, and the irresistible power was almost about to tear them into pieces.

Zhang Ruochen grabbed Huangtian Crown Princess with one hand and Huang Yanchen with the other, running out by performing great spatial move.

They only slowed down after they were hundreds of miles away.

Gradually, they stopped and looked to the back.

Chi Chi.

The sky and land behind them had caved in completely. Thick dust blasted, and there were lightning bolts shuttling in the air. Even saints would be killed in that area.

“That Elder Chu is so powerful! Is his mind power at the level of saint king now?” Zhang Ruochen deeply inhaled and exhaled.

“Master Chu’s mind power is unfathomable. You don’t need to worry about him.”

Huang Yanchen then stared at Huangtian Crown Princess and said, “Let’s just kill her first.”

A trace of s.h.i.+ning sword light showed up in Huang Yanchen’s hand, and the sword hit the head of Huangtian Crown Princess.

Huangtian Crown Princess looked weird. She reached out her fingers and caught the saint sword.

And then, two traces of blood Qi gushed out of her fingers and wound around the saint sword.


At the next moment, Huangtian Crown Princess grabbed the saint sword from Huang Yanchen’s hand and slashed toward Huang Yanchen.

Everything she did was done in an instant.

Zhang Ruochen and Huang Yanchen didn’t expect Huangtian Crown Princess to be this impressive, as she was way stronger than Huang Yanchen.

“I know now!”

Zhang Ruochen recalled that Tianluo Saint gave Huangtian Crown Princess a pill, which he thought was just a healing pill.

It seemed that the pill was for more than just recovery.

Otherwise, Huangtian Crown Princess’s power wouldn’t have surged like this.

Huangtian Crown Princess was very quick, but Zhang Ruochen was quicker. He wielded Abyss Ancient Sword and warded off her saint sword.

Huangtian Crown Princess retreated more than one hundred feet, and her saint sword was s.h.i.+vering. She looked surprised and said, “No wonder you’ve sanctified your body. I’ve taken an emperor blood pill, after which I can stay ten times stronger than I actually am in two hours, yet you can still overpower me.”

“It’s an emperor blood pill.”

Before he finished, Zhang Ruochen performed human sword and merged himself with the sword, racing forward like a black light shuttle.

Huangtian Crown Princess knew that Zhang Ruochen was high-achieving in sword way, so she tried her best to resist it.

Peng Peng.

The two of them were rapid, and they fought across hundreds of miles, crus.h.i.+ng six mountains. Some of the mountains were cut into halves, forming a long valley.

The fight between two saints was always earth-shattering. Normal half saints would be killed if they got close.

Pu Chi.

Huangtian Crown Princess failed to resist the sword techniques of Zhang Ruochen. She was wounded everywhere, face, neck, and arm, and there was a b.l.o.o.d.y hole in her belly.

Zhang Ruochen wasn’t injured at all. He looked clean and tidy, and the forces coming from him became fiercer.

Huangtian Crown Princess was scared by Zhang Ruochen. She stopped fighting him and kept retreating.

“Sword Six.”

Zhang Ruochen held Abyss Ancient Sword in his hand and drew a sword circle.

Sword Six represented ups, downs and four corners.

That sword technique included all the six directions, which could locate his opposition.


Zhang Ruochen wielded his sword, and the sword circle which was originally ten square feet large became a spot.

The pupils of Huangtian Crown Princess contracted rapidly. When she could see the sword of Zhang Ruochen, the tip of Abyss Ancient Sword stabbed toward her eyebrows.


Chen Yi Saint and Chen Xi Saint used their mind power, covering themselves with a wind dragon and a fire dragon, respectively. They rushed toward Zhang Ruochen, trying to stop him.

Zhang Ruochen looked solemn and said, “You’re too late!”

Abyss Ancient Sword pierced through Huangtian Crown Princess’s head.

And then, Zhang Ruochen twisted his wrist, forming a spinning destruction Qi.

Peng! Huangtian Crown Princess’s head exploded, and she became a headless corpse.

Meanwhile, the last strike by Huangtian Crown Princess pierced through the defense of Zhang Ruochen, which hit his left shoulder and numbed half his body. He retreated dozens of steps, kneeling on the ground.

The left shoulder of Zhang Ruochen was torn apart, and blood dripped on the ground.

Fortunately, my body const.i.tution is st.u.r.dy enough, otherwise I couldn’t have resisted that strike, Zhang Ruochen thought.

Even an upper-cla.s.s saint might be killed if he or she tried to kill Huangtian Crown Princess.

When Chen Yi Saint and Chen Xi Saint arrived, Huangtian Crown Princess’s body had already fallen on the ground, and her life force was gone completely.

“Zhang Ruochen, you’ve made a grave mistake!” Chen Yi Saint yelled in anger, his face twitching.

Zhang Ruochen was calm. He said, “Really? I only killed a crown princess. I killed the crown prince of Qingtian Tribe in Blue Dragon Void World before. Immortal vampires didn’t do anything to me.”

“That’s because immortal vampires haven’t decided to attack you yet. When the death of the Crown Princess is known, you’ll be the mortal enemy of the immortal vampires,” Chen Yi Saint said.

Chen Xi Saint walked to the corpse of Huangtian Crown Prince reluctantly, hoping that she could revive her.

“Carnivorous Holy Flower.”

Branches emerged from the back of Zhang Ruochen, reaching the corpse of Huangtian Crown Princess before Chen Xi Saint did.

The branches pierced through the body, starting to absorb the blood and essences in the corpse.

Chen Xi Saint failed to get the body. She got angrier, and said, “Let’s suppress Zhang Ruochen and Huang Yanchen together. We can only make up for our carelessness by bringing their blood back.”

The death of Huangtian Crown Princess was a huge thing to Huangtian Tribe. If they couldn’t catch the killer, Chen Yi Saint and Chen Xi Saint would face a horrible consequence after they went back.

“Light of stars and fires.”

Chen Yi Saint raised his scepter and infused it with his mind power, forming a gleaming fiery light ball, giving out ferocious power.

“G.o.d of Wind and Rain.”

Chen Xi Saint pinched a print with her hand, and it started to rain, with wind blowing in the area three hundred square miles around him. The wind condensed into a translucent giant that was thirty feet tall. It wielded the sword toward Zhang Ruochen.

The mind power of Chen Yi Saint and Chen Xi Saint had reached level fifty-two, far greater than that of Tianluo Saint. Once they fully utilized their power, they were much stronger than Zhang Ruochen and Huang Yanchen.

Certainly, there were stronger ones and weaker ones at the same level.

Chen Yi Saint was stronger as his mind power had reached pinnacle level-fifty-two, and his power could rival that of saints at Xuanhuang Realm.

Huang Yanchen took out her heir stamp, holding it in her hand, and said, “Help me, brother Chen.”

Zhang Ruochen had already taken out two saint-level Blood Repression Runes, but he put them away seeing how confident Huang Yanchen was.

Zhang Ruochen walked to Huang Yanchen and pushed forward.

He infused his holy Qi into the heir stamp.

Zhang Ruochen walked to Huang Yanchen and pushed his hands forward.

Holy Qi gushed out of their palms, infusing the heir stamp.

Huang Yanchen once said that an heir could only wield the true power of the heir stamp after reaching the state of saint.

He was curious how powerful the heir stamp, the most powerful weapon made by Chi Yao, was.

Hong Long.

The heir stamp spun rapidly and got larger and larger. Golden light gushed out, turning into golden clouds and spreading.

In an instant, the power from the golden clouds crushed that translucent giant which was more than thirty feet tall.

Chen Xi Saint wasn’t able to resist the power of the heir stamp. Peng! His body exploded, turning into a cl.u.s.ter of b.l.o.o.d.y mist.

“How is it possible…”

Chen Yi Saint couldn’t be more terrified. He wielded the fiery light ball above the scepter, and then, he mobilized the mind power he had and formed a fiery dragon. He stood inside the fiery dragon, trying to run away.

The power coming from the heir stamp was like that of the empress, which was irresistible.

He could only run.

Eternal God Emperor Chapter 1201 - Kill!

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