Eternal God Emperor Chapter 1202 - Prototype World

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Chapter 1202: Prototype World

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

The fire dragon was more than 200 meters long. Though made out of flames, it had obvious horns, scales, and talons. It looked like a real dragon flying in the air.

Saint Chen Yi held the scepter and stood within the fire. They pa.s.sed through the golden clouds and escaped.

“Such a powerful Heir Stamp. Just what kind of power is it?”

A level 52 Spiritual Power Saint was actually killed in an instant.

Thinking back to how Saint Chen Xi had been killed, Chen Yi was terrified and his body shook involuntarily.

The fire dragon flew quickly and reached hundreds of miles away. Saint Chen Yi let out a relieved breath. With his cultivation, he was confident in dodging the Heir Stamp from 100 miles away, no matter how strong it was.

Suddenly, he discovered with a shock that the Heir Stamp’s golden clouds actually covered the sky above his head. Not only that, a blue river crossed the sky. It was hundreds of miles long. Blue Qi surged in the river and fell down.

“Oh, no.”

Saint Chen Yi panicked and raised his scepter with both hands. Layers of fiery rings rushed out of his feet. They pa.s.sed his legs, waist, chest, arms, and the 36 layers finally converged at the scepter.

“Burning Sky Spell!” he thundered, releasing his strongest spell.


An explosion sounded above the scepter. Sizzling, a ring of red fire burst out with the scepter as the center. The entire sky was instantly shrouded in fire. It seemed to turn into a furnace world. All the vegetation within hundreds of miles was instantly turned to dust.

Zhang Ruochen and Huang Yanchen controlled the Heir Stamp with all their might. The stamp grew even bigger. It floated in the clouds like a jade city.

The Heir Stamp trembled violently. Then the blue river in the sky grew even stronger. It pa.s.sed through the flames and hit Saint Chen Yi.

“How can you be so powerful… I…cannot accept…”

He cried out tragically. The next moment, his physical body and scepter exploded at the same time and turned to dust.

Yet another Spiritual Power Saint had died.

The blue river quickly shrank back into the Heir Stamp, transforming into a blue thread of light.

Huang Yanchen collected the Heir Stamp. It was only the size of a jade bowl, hovering above her pale and slender palm.

Even Zhang Ruochen was surprised by the Heir Stamp’s power. After all, Huang Yanchen was only a lower Saint in martial arts and Zhang Ruochen was only a second trial Pre-Saint. Yet they were able to use the Heir Stamp to easily kill two 52nd-level Spiritual Power Saints.

The two Saints had wanted to escape but couldn’t.

Zhang Ruochen stared at Huang Yanchen’s Heir Stamp. He saw eight blue threads inside.

Earlier, they’d only activated one to create the blue celestial river. It unleashed extremely terrifying might. What would it be like if they activated all eight threads at the same time?

Of course, with their cultivations, it was difficult to activate just one. It was hard to control the power. It wouldn’t be easy to activate all eight simultaneously.

Zhang Ruochen also took out an Heir Stamp and held it. This was from Ouyang Huan of the Demonic Sect!

There were also eight threads in the stamp.

Zhang Ruochen hadn’t researched it after getting it. Now, he split a beam of Spiritual Power and went into it.

The Heir Stamp contained a boundless world. He couldn’t find the end at all.

There were eight rolling blue celestial rivers in the world, carrying unmatchable emperor-like strength. Zhang Ruochen’s Spiritual Power approached it. The power from the rivers instantly swallowed his Spiritual Power.

Zhang Ruochen let out a long breath. He opened his eyes again and muttered to himself, “Is the Heir Stamp just a prototype world? No, this world…”

“…Is empty,” Huang Yanchen said.

Zhang Ruochen looked over quizzically.

“You’re right,” Huang Yanchen said. “The Heir Stamp is a prototype world, but it’s still empty right now. An Heir can only start adding Rules of Saintly Way after reaching the Saint Realm to perfect the world. Finally, it will evolve into a true world.”

“No wonder Chi Yao says that the nine Heir Stamps are the strongest weapons. She’s created nine worlds.” Zhang Ruochen thought carefully and then asked, “What are the eight threads of light in the Heir Stamp?”

Huang Yanchen pursed her lips. “Those…are the Empress’ hair.”

“How is that possible?”

Zhang Ruochen furrowed his brows. “I can feel that the lights are like celestial rivers. They contain horrible destructive power. How can they only be strands of hair?”

“In truth, they’re only eight strands of hair,” Huang Yanchen said. “The Empress’ cultivation is probably close to a G.o.d’s. She may be like the Thousand-bone Empress too. Even though she’s not a G.o.d, she has the abilities to kill a G.o.d.

“Even a strand of her hair contains boundless Rules of Saintly Way and emperor-like power. It can kill a Saint like killing an ant. Earlier, we only unleashed a portion of the strand’s power. If we really summoned its true form, Saint Chen Yi and Chen Xi would have been turned to dust.”

It was only a strand of hair, but it was like a celestial river. With Zhang Ruochen’s current abilities, he wouldn’t be able to withstand that power at all.

Huang Yanchen continued. “The Saint Lady once predicted that if the power of a strand of the Empress’ hair is fully released, even a Saint King wouldn’t be able to take it.”

Zhang Ruochen held his breath. He couldn’t imagine that kind of power.

The difference was too big!

Even though his physical body was now a Saint, he was still thousands of miles away from Chi Yao. How much longer did he need to cultivate in order to reach her level and be able to face her?

Zhang Ruochen looked at the Heir Stamp in his hand and then put it away.

The most powerful part about the Heir Stamp wasn’t that it contained eight strands of the Empress’ hair. It was because of itself. Once the Heir’s cultivation reached a certain extent, they wouldn’t need to use hairs’ power anymore.

Just imagine how terrifyingly destructive a prototype world could be in a battle.

Plus, as the Heir continued to pour in Rules of Saintly Way, the Heir Stamp would only become stronger.

Of course, Zhang Ruochen now had the Universe World. He didn’t need to cultivate the Heir Stamp anymore. It would only waste his time and delay his cultivation. No matter how strong the Universe World and Heir Stamp were, the most important thing was still his own cultivation.

On the other hand, the Holy Carnivorous Flower had absorbed Empress Huangtian’s Blood Qi and Life Qi. The flower bud at the top of the vine grew a bit more. On the ground, Empress Huangtian’s corpse became a pile of brown dirt.

Seeing the bloodied dirt, Zhang Ruochen sighed too.

No matter how beautiful and excellent one was, a single mistake could make one become a pile of bones or not even have a corpse.

This was also a warning to himself.

Zhang Ruochen took out the Ruyi Treasure Bottle. He collected Saint Chen Yi, Chen Xi, and Tianluo’s Blood Qi into the bottle.

The Blood Qi of a Spiritual Power Saint wasn’t as strong as a Martial Saint, but it still contained extraordinary power. It could nourish the Holy Carnivorous Flower.

“It’s a pity that the three Saints all had their hearts shattered,” Huang Yanchen said. “Those are the most valuable parts of them.”

Zhang Ruochen was much more optimistic. He smiled. “We killed Empress Huangtian and three Spiritual Power Saints in this battle. It’s a complete victory. When news spreads to the northern region, that Huangtian Blood Emperor will probably hate our guts.”

Huang Yanchen nodded. She looked up to the distant sky.

The flames and lightning that filled the sky slowly scattered. Sir Qian Mu fell to the ground, blood streaming down from him. The ground caved in under him.

“The battle’s over?”

Zhang Ruochen and Huang Yanchen used physical techniques to hurry over.

Electric fire still surged in the center of the battleground. Regular cultivators would die immediately if they approached.

Zhang Ruochen and Huang Yanchen pa.s.sed through the fire and found Sir Mu Qian’s corpse.

A cold snort sounded behind them. Chu Siyuan strolled over with a scornful expression.

“The Golden-robed Elder of the Immortal Vampires is just so-so. I only used some simple tactics and he couldn’t take it anymore.”

No matter how Chu Siyuan bragged, he was indeed terrifyingly powerful. Zhang Ruochen had a new impression of him.

Perhaps he can defeat the Hierarch Madame, Zhang Ruochen thought.

The Hierarch Madame was truly an unpredictable figure that Zhang Ruochen feared. Someone like her hiding in the Blood G.o.d Sect was a huge threat that must be removed as soon as possible.

Thinking of this, Zhang Ruochen walked over toward Chu Siyuan. He bowed and said, “Thank you, senior, for saving us.”

Chu Siyuan glanced at him. “Last time, I saved you because of Luo Xu,” he said. “This time, it’s because of Nalan. Tell me! What is your relations.h.i.+p with her?”

Zhang Ruochen knew that Chu Siyuan had come to Tiantai State because of the Saint Lady.

“We just have some interactions!” he replied.

Some interactions? Chu Siyuan obviously didn’t believe this and wanted to refute Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen immediately interrupted. “Actually, there’s an Immortal Vampire infiltrator in the Blood G.o.d Sect. Her abilities are above Sir Mu Qian. She might even be stronger than you, senior.”

Hearing the first sentence, Chu Siyuan’s eyes widened in surprise.

Hearing the last sentence, he put on a disbelieving expression. How could a mere Immortal Vampire infiltrator be stronger than the leader of the Art Sect?

Eternal God Emperor Chapter 1202 - Prototype World

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