Eternal God Emperor Chapter 1203 - Last Battle

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Chapter 1203: Last Battle

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

Zhang Ruochen told everything about the hierarch wife.

Chu Siyuan knew something about the hierarch wife. After hearing what Zhang Ruochen said, he started to think.

After a while, Chu Siyuan sighed and said, “The hierarch, hierarch wife of Blood G.o.d Sect and I used to be eminent beings. We were dynamic and enthusiastic. After we became saints, we retreated and started to comprehend the saintly way. We have tried to reach a more complicated and mysterious level, and there’s no longer crossover among us. I haven’t seen them for three hundred years.”

The battles among sects were usually solved by the young talents. As for saints, they wouldn’t show up.

Which was why monks from all the major sects would choose to retreat after becoming saints.

Chu Siyuan recalled everything that happened after hearing about the hierarch and the hierarch wife of Blood G.o.d Sect. He used to be a pa.s.sionate youngster, competing with his peers.

Many talents within his era had died. As for those who lived until now, they had all become prominent beings.

Chu Siyuan said, “Let’s go! I’ll take you to Mo You Valley and see how powerful Qiu Yichi has become in the past three hundred years.”

Apparently, Qiu Chiyi was the name of that hierarch wife.

Chu Siyuan, Zhang Ruochen and Huang Yanchen didn’t go to Mo You Valley immediately. Instead, they headed to the black market headquarters.

The fight in the black market headquarters had finished.

There were many great beings from Huangtian Tribe, but with the protection of the Great Four Silence Formation, the fight didn’t cause much damage to the evil capital.

Yue Shuzi, the Administrator Point from state of Tiantai led a group of saints from Way of Confucius and the imperial government to exit the evil capital city, meeting Chu Siyuan.

“Saint Painter, my lord.”

All the saints saluted Chu Siyuan.

Yue Shuzi waved his sleeves and said, “Grand master.”

Chu Siyuan had admitted seventeen disciples, and out of them, Yue Shuzi had the greatest achievements. He had become an Administrator Point of this state.

“How was the fight?” Chu Siyuan asked.

Yue Shuzi answered, “Eighteen immortal vampire saints were killed in the fight, and as for those below the state of saints, countless died. That Prince Xia has Hundred Saint Blood Armor, with which he broke the Great Four Silence Formation and escaped it. Demonic Eye Saint, Ghost Claw Saint and two other generals from the Ministry of War are chasing him.”

Chu Siyuan frowned and said, “That Prince Xia has great cultivation. They’re just walking to certain death.”

“You don’t know it. Prince Xia has been severely injured, and he can’t even wield one-tenth of his real power. Any one of them is stronger than him now,” Yue Shuzi said.

Chu Siyuan then said, “I have another important issue to discuss with you.”

Chu Siyuan started to talk to Yue Shuzi using his mind power.

Zhang Ruochen turned into the shape of Gu Linfeng, standing in the distance.

Yue Shuzi and the others were officials of the imperial government, yet he was on the wanted list.

Huang Yanchen transmitted her voice to Zhang Ruochen: “Blood G.o.d Sect stood against the imperial government in the state of Tiantai. Once the saints from the imperial government enter the territory of Blood G.o.d Sect, they might seize the chance to annihilate the sect.”

Zhang Ruochen nodded and said, “I’ve talked about this with elder Chu already. I can lead them to the territory of Blood G.o.d Sect, but I’ll only allow three people in.”

Huang Yanchen stopped speaking, knowing that Zhang Ruochen was aware of what he was doing.

Qing Mo, Zhu Hongtao, Wan Ke and Blackie left the black market headquarters and met with Zhang Ruochen and Huang Yanchen.

There was blood everywhere on Zhu Hongtao’s body. He had killed three immortal vampire saints this time, releasing all his anger.

Chu Siyuan and Yue Shuzi came up with a solution.

Although Zhang Ruochen gave them a quota of three, they didn’t use the third one. They decided to go there just as those two.

Chu Siyuan said, “I’ll go to Blood G.o.d Sect to fight Qiu Yichi, and as for other monks, you need to deal with them yourself.”

Zhang Ruochen spoke in the tone of the deity of Blood G.o.d Sect, saying “Thank you, master Chu and Lord Administrator Point. We in Blood G.o.d Sect owe you one. If you run into trouble in the future, I’ll definitely help you.”

Chu Siyuan sneered, as he didn’t take Zhang Ruochen seriously. He was the master of Painting Sect. He didn’t need the help of a youngster.

On his way to Blood G.o.d Sect, Zhang Ruochen sent a message to Elder Yuanzhou: “The immortal vampires from Huangtian Tribe have been annihilated. Summon all the personnel from Blood G.o.d Sect and attack Mo You Valley.”

The hierarch wife was a great threat to Blood G.o.d Sect. She must be eradicated, otherwise, she would destroy the entire Blood G.o.d Sect.

Elder Yuanzhou and Elder Yuanxing had been preparing for a long time. After they received the message from Zhang Ruochen, they immediately started to mobilize all the saints they could.

Five hundred miles away from Mo You Valley, under a snow mountain, Zhang Ruochen saw Elder Yuanzhou, Elder Yuanxing and some other saints from Blood G.o.d Sect.

All of them were top-tier great beings, and they all looked serious. They knew how important this fight was.

This was the final battle.

As long as they could suppress the hierarch wife, the civil conflict in Blood G.o.d Sect would be resolved.

Yuanzhou Elder said, “Let’s make attacks now! I brought Shocking Dragon Pattern Tripod from Baby Master Mountain, which can level the entire Mo You Valley in a second.”

Shocking Dragon Pattern Tripod was ranked one-hundred-and-thirty-fourth on the ‘Ten Thousand Inscriptions Saint Weapon Rank,’ and was a holy weapon used by all the hierarchs from Blood G.o.d Sect. They hoped that it could surpa.s.s Ten Thousand Inscriptions Saint Weapons and become the second guarding-sect weapon.

Although Shocking Dragon Pattern Tripod couldn’t rival the real guarding weapon, Blood G.o.d Mace, it was still an impressive weapon.

Zhang Ruochen said, “I’ve asked for some help from the outside. They can help you attack.”

The saints from Blood G.o.d Sect looked behind Zhang Ruochen, glancing across Huang Yanchen, Zhu Hongtao, Wan Ke and Qing Mo.

Although they were kind of surprised that this deity who didn’t have much of a background could have so many saints, they could tell that those saints didn’t have high enough cultivation.

Only those who had reached Absolute Land Realm and Sky Connecting Realm could change the battle.

A giant saint walked out. He looked solemn and said, “This battle is very important. You’d better hide behind my back so that I can protect you.”

That person was called Yao Sheng, and was the vice palace ruler of Nether Heavenly Palace, and was an upper-cla.s.s saint.

There was a young woman on Yao Sheng’s back.

The man and the woman were stuck together, coexisting. They had two legs, four hands, and two heads.

It was said that the woman was the lover of Yao Sheng. Unfortunately, that woman didn’t have enough potential to become a saint, so she had a very short life.

Yao Sheng had performed a secret technique to keep her alive by binding that woman’s body to his body so that they could share the long life of a saint.

This was why Yao Sheng was very slow at training, otherwise, he would’ve reached Xuanhuang Realm already.

This was always a much-told story in Blood G.o.d Sect.

Huang Yanchen transmitted her voice to Zhang Ruochen: “That four-hand and four-leg palace master looks a bit weird.”

Zhang Ruochen stared at Yao Sheng and transmitted his voice using mind power. He asked, “What happened?”

Huang Yanchen said, “There’s a secret technique only in Immortal Temple that can connect two bodies so that they’re codependent. Only a few know about that secret technique.”

“Immortal Temple…”

Zhang Ruochen still looked calm, yet he started to be more cautious.

There might be other immortal vampire spies within Blood G.o.d Sect, however, they’re not immortal vampires, but human beings who work for the immortal vampires.

That palace ruler Yao might be one of them

There was one palace ruler and two vice palace rulers from Nether Heavenly Palace.

At this moment, palace ruler of Nether Heavenly Palace, Lan Caiye, and the other vice palace ruler, Zuo Mu, also walked out.

Lan Caiye was a middle-aged woman who was wearing armor. She looked ordinary, and said, ‘I’ll also stay here and deal with those who escape Mo You Valley.”

Zuo Mu said, “Tonight, we must get rid of all the immortal vampires in Mo You Valley. We can’t afford to let anyone go.”

The ruler of Nether Heavenly Palace guarded the endless abyss where there were countless secrets hidden. Zhang Ruochen suspected that there were immortal vampire spies within Nether Heavenly Palace.

Zhang Ruochen got more suspicious when he saw the three palace rulers offering to guard the back.

“There’s something wrong with them.”

Zhang Ruochen didn’t have any evidence, and he didn’t want to undermine the morale of the army now. He nodded mildly without saying anything.

All the saints from Blood G.o.d Sect thought Zhang Ruochen was only a second-trial pre-saint. Little did they know that his mind power and body const.i.tution had reached the state of saint already.

Yuanzhou Elder was also concerned. He said to Zhang Ruochen, “Hierarch wife’s cultivation is unfathomable. Even if we activate Shocking Dragon Pattern Tripod, we might not win. This battle is very critical, and you’re the hope of Blood G.o.d Sect. Palace ruler Lan, palace ruler Yao and palace ruler Zuo should stay at the back.”

Zhang Ruochen smiled and said, “With the protection of three palace rulers, n.o.body can hurt me. All senior saints, you guys can make attacks at Mo You Valley, and we’ll be responsible for the back.”

Eternal God Emperor Chapter 1203 - Last Battle

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