Eternal God Emperor Chapter 1260 - Complete True Dragon Body

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Chapter 1260: Complete True Dragon Body

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

A First Trial Pre-Saint had only gone through one trial but had already formed a saintly source and entered the Saint Realm. How could that not be shocking?

“Really? Just forming a saintly source takes a long time. How can it be so fast?”

Even with Blackie’s experience, it was still in disbelief. It studied Ao Xinyan quizzically, suspecting that she’d received some extraordinary inheritance.

But even if she had some inheritance, she would need unimaginable help to instantly form a saintly source as a Pre-Saint.

It wasn’t that easy to become a Saint.

“Did a Divine Dragon’s soul remnant really descend just then?” Blackie asked again.

“Blackie,” Zhang Ruochen called, glaring at it.

No matter what had just happened, the only thing that was certain was that Ao Xinyan had received an unusual chance. This was her secret. She couldn’t say it out loud.

Everyone had a secret that couldn’t be revealed.

Ao Xinyan looked at Zhang Ruochen with gratefulness and regret. “I indeed met a lucky chance this trial and completed the True Dragon Body.”

The complete True Dragon Body was one of the strongest bodies. It was just as strong as a young Divine Dragon. In ancient times, young Divine Dragons rarely had opponents in the same realm. They represented the peak of combat ability.

Cultivating the True Dragon Body meant that she could become a Divine Dragon in the future. She would be equal to deities then.

Eyes brightening, Zhang Ruochen studied Ao XInyan again. He discovered that her slender frame contained horrifying power waves.

Ao Xinyan’s eyes shone hotly. “Team Leader, I’m powerful enough to fight against the Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon now, right?”

“Your body isn’t any weaker than him now,” Zhang Ruochen said. “But you still have a ways to go.”

Ao Xinyan wasn’t satisfied. She wanted to say something, but Zhang Ruochen interrupted her.

“Your talent and comprehension are both very high,” he continued. “You’re part of the top group of the entire Kunlun’s Field. However, the Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon’s talent and comprehension are once-in-a-millennium. His attainments in the Holy Way and saint spells are much stronger than you. Plus, he has the Ancient Dragon Scale and had just gotten a mature Nanling Dragon Fire. The gap between you just enlarged further.”

Zhang Ruochen’s comments were objective and truthful, but Ao Xinyan still didn’t give up.

“The Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon is indeed much stronger than me in the Holy Way and saint spells. However, it’s not impossible for me to catch up to or surpa.s.s him in the future.”

“Having will and confidence is good.”

Zhang Ruochen thought that Ao Xinyan might’ve gotten something incredible. Otherwise, she wouldn’t say something with so much confidence.

“The Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon indeed collected Nanling Dragon Fire,” Ao Xinyan continued. “But the Nanling Dragon Fire isn’t undefeatable. The Extreme Yin Dragon Qi can counter it.”

Blackie nodded. “Yes, the Nanling Dragon Fire and Extreme Yin Dragon Qi counter each other. If we go to the Yin center of the Yin Yang Sea and you successfully collect the Extreme Yin Dragon Qi, you’ll be able to go against the Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon.”

Zhang Ruochen’s heart jumped. “What is the Yin center of the Yin Yang Sea?”

“It’s opposite the Yang center,” Ao Xinyan said. “The Divine Dragons call it the Abandoned Deep Sea. It’s much more dangerous than the underground of the Dragon Fire Island. Not even young Divine Dragons dared to go there. In the middle ages, very few of those who dared to venture into the Abandoned Deep Sea could come out alive.”

“Blackie,” Zhang Ruochen said. “Is your physical body sealed there?”

“Yes.” Blackie’s eyes rolled. Lowering its voice, it said, “The Dragon Sun Moon Mix may possibly be in the depths of the Abandoned Deep Sea.”

“How do you know such a secret?” Zhang Ruochen asked.

“You aren’t just tricking us into finding your body in the Abandoned Deep Sea, right?” Ao Xinyan was quite familiar with Blackie, so she doubted its words.

“I never speak nonsense,” Blackie said coldly. “Naturally, I have evidence, but I can’t tell you two.”

Zhang Ruochen shrugged, seeming nonchalant. “I came to the Yin Yang Sea mainly to search for the recipe for the Six Saints to the Sky wine. I never had much hope for the Dragon Sun Moon Mix.”

“Finding the recipe for the Six Saints to the Sky wine depends on luck.”

Blackie had told Zhang Ruochen the truth. When the six human Saints had just produced this first batch of wine, they were attacked by a large group of Saint Beasts from the Nine Li Palace.

The six Saints wanted to destroy the recipe but didn’t succeed.

The leader who’d killed the six Saints was a Saint Beast King of the Dragon Li Cat Race. The Saint Beast King had used the recipe to produce a batch of wine, but it wasn’t nearly as effective as the original.

It didn’t seem to have any effect on Saint Beasts either. It could only improve human bodies.

Thus, the Nine Li Palace didn’t really value the recipe. Only the Saint Beast King kept it by his side.

Later, when the Saint Beast King was at the end of his life, he broke into the Yin Yang Sea. He wanted to find the chance to have a breakthrough and extend his life. However, he never came back.

This was why Blackie told Zhang Ruochen that the Six Saints to the Sky wine recipe was in Yin Yang Sea.

Hearing this explanation, Zhang Ruochen chuckled wryly. “The Yin Yang Sea is huge. Finding the Saint Beast King’s body is like looking for a needle in the haystack.”

“That’s why I said it depends on luck. However…” Blackie paused before continuing, “I heard that the Saint Beast King was very strong in his old age but was very timid. If he entered the Yin Yang Sea, he definitely couldn’t wander recklessly. He probably would’ve boarded a Dead Soul Ancient s.h.i.+p and followed our route. Even if he died, he would’ve died along this route or on some other s.h.i.+p.”

“Perhaps!” Zhang Ruochen said.

Next, Zhang Ruochen took out saint medicine for Huang Yanchen. She could refine it and try for a higher realm.

Seeing that Ao Xinyan had cultivated the True Dragon Body and reached the Saint Realm, Huang Yanchen seemed to feel great pressure. She took the saint medicine and started cultivating.

Zhang Ruochen brought Ao Xinyan alone to the other end of the deck. He gazed at the boundless sea with his dark eyes. No one knew what he was thinking about right now.

Ao Xinyan stood behind him and asked, “Team Leader, if you want to know what I just experienced and received, I can tell you.” Then she quickly added in a low voice, “Only you.”

Zhang Ruochen didn’t reply. Half a beat later, he finally said, “Everyone has different cultivation journeys. What you received and what you have aren’t important to me. You have your path, I have mine.”

“If not for this, then why did you want to see me alone?” Ao Xinyan was confused.

“Don’t you want to fight the Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon? He has the Ancient Dragon Scale. It’s impossible for you to defeat him.”

Zhang Ruochen had witnessed the Savage Barren Strength of the Ancient Dragon Scale. It was terrifying, which is why he said that.

“I received the Divine Dragon Silver Armor,” Ao Xinyan said. “It might be able to stop the Ancient Dragon Scale.”

Zhang Ruochen had guesses, so he wasn’t shocked when Ao Xinyan said, “Divine Dragon Silver Armor.”

He just said calmly, “No matter how miraculous the Divine Dragon Silver Armor is, it is only defense. Are you willing to just keep getting hit? No matter how strong your defense is, it’ll be destroyed if you’re only pa.s.sively getting hit.”

Ao Xinyan wanted to refute Zhang Ruochen, because the Divine Dragon Silver Armor wasn’t just a piece of armor. Like the Ten Saints Blood Armor, it could increase a cultivator’s strength and speed. With the addition of the Divine Dragon power, her combat abilities would be pushed to a greater level.

However, after thinking carefully, she realized that the armor had combat abilities, but the Ancient Dragon Scale also had defensive abilities.

Comparing the two, the Divine Dragon Silver Armor was still mainly for defense. It couldn’t compare to the attacks of the Ancient Dragon Scale.

“Team Leader, what did you want to say?” Ao Xinyan asked.

Zhang Ruochen touched his spatial ring. There was a flash and an Heir Stamp appeared in his hands. He pa.s.sed it to Ao Xinyan. “Only the Heir Stamp can confront the Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon. I thought for a long time. It’s the most suitable for me to give this Heir Stamp to you.”

How precious the Heir Stamp was went without saying. It represented a prototype world. As long as the cultivator kept inserting Rules of Saintly Way, it would be able to evolve into a true world. By then, the Heir Stamp’s power would be inconceivable.

Zhang Ruochen wouldn’t give away the Heir Stamp if he didn’t have the Universe World.

Of course, only the best of the best could evolve the prototype world into a true world. It would be a waste if he gave it to an average Saint.

In the beginning, Zhang Ruochen had wanted to give the Heir Stamp to Han Qiu after she became a Saint. He wanted the prototype world to become a world of darkness after absorbing the Dark Rules. Then, it would definitely unleash incredible power.

But then, Han Qiu chose to leave…

Other than her, Zhang Ruochen had some other choices, such as Han Xue, Le, Mu Lingxi, and Murong Yue. In the end, he crossed them all out. Some weren’t suitable for cultivating a world, others couldn’t support it. Ao Xinyan came out in the end, impressing him greatly.

No one wanted to fight alone. Zhang Ruochen hoped Ao Xinyan could mature and become his right-hand follower. Perhaps the prototype world in the Heir Stamp could become a Dragon World after absorbing her Rules of Saintly Way.

Of course, the so-called “Dragon World” was only Zhang Ruochen’s wishes. Reaching that step was harder than becoming a deity.

Eternal God Emperor Chapter 1260 - Complete True Dragon Body

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