Eternal God Emperor Chapter 1261 - Divine Fire Showed Up Again

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Chapter 1261: Divine Fire Showed Up Again

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Ao Xinyan held the heir stamp and looked dazed. She couldn’t believe that Zhang Ruochen would give her the heir stamp.

She wanted to refuse.

However, the heir stamp was so valuable that she didn’t even know how to refuse the offer.

“We need to refine and control the heir stamp as soon as possible. Ancestral Dragon Mountain, Nine Li Palace, the imperial government and the immortal vampire race. I hope that you’ll have the power to fight Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon by then.”

Zhang Ruochen patted Ao Xinyan’s shoulders and left. He decided to internalize some of the accomplishments he made recently to improve herself.

Ao Xinyan had already reached the state of saint, so Zhang Ruochen couldn’t slack either.

I’ll refine the two saint sources using Nanling Dragon Fire, and after I completely purify the two saint sources, I’ll go condense the third saint source, Zhang Ruochen thought.

Zhang Ruochen had an enormous lower abdomen, and he had thick holy Qi, which looked like an ocean of clouds.

A blue fiery dragon that was more than fifteen feet long was flying in the lower abdomen, which looked like a blue sun.

Holy Qi kept rus.h.i.+ng toward it, and after being purified by Nanling Dragon Fire, the holy Qi turned blue. The sheer amount decreased, but the purity and the quality surged.

Aside from that, Nanling Dragon Fire also absorbed part of the holy Qi, which lengthened the body of the blue fiery dragon.

“Nanling Dragon Fire in my body is only a very basic form of flames. It can only perform the most elementary attack skills. With the holy Qi being absorbed, Nanling Dragon Fire will definitely become stronger and stronger.”

Nanling Dragon Fire had its separate intelligence. It was also refining itself, and the destructive power would only become stronger.

Under the control of Zhang Ruochen, the blue fiery dragon flew toward the two saint sources in the sky. However, before it could take off, the blue fiery dragon was dragged by a force under the lower abdomen.


Blue fiery dragon was trying to resist, but it was of no use.

Holy Qi under it started to spin rapidly, and it became a giant whirlpool that covered the entire lower abdomen.

Zhang Ruochen was shocked as well. He immediately let out a trace of mind power to inspect the bottom of the abdomen.


A blue flame emerged from the center of the whirlpool, giving out gleaming light.

The blue flame was like a divine lamp that shone upon the sky and land. It was as large as a peanut, but it was able to suppress the blue fiery dragon that was fifteen feet long.

What kind of fire in the sky and land could suppress Nanling Dragon Fire?

“That’s… Divine Fire Jingmie?”

Zhang Ruochen couldn’t be more startled.

After he finished Tenth Change of the Fish-Dragon Realm, he triggered Divine Fire Jingmie to refine the G.o.d’s Destiny.

After refining it, Divine Fire Jingmie dissipated. He didn’t even know that there was a small flame left in the lower abdomen.

The blue fiery dragon lost the power to fight back. It kept spinning in the whirlpool, and the fire on its body turned into threads that were absorbed by Divine Fire Jingmie.

Divine Fire Jingmie kept getting stronger before it completely absorbed the blue fiery dragon. It turned into a blue fire that was at the size of a fist.

“Nanling Dragon Fire was swallowed by Divine Fire Jingmie?”

Zhang Ruochen let out a trace of mind power, which flew to Divine Fire Jingmie. He found that the blue fire was very docile and didn’t attack his mind power.

The mind power got attached to Divine Fire Jingmie.

Zhang Ruochen found out that the saintly way rules inside Divine Fire Jingmie were different from those refined by him.

“Is it possible that Divine Fire Jingmie became a part of my body after I refined G.o.d’s Destiny? Why haven’t I realized it before?”

Zhang Ruochen tried to control Divine Fire Jingmie and brought a small piece of the flames out of his body. And then, a ball of flames showed up on his palm.

Zhang Ruochen flicked, and the blue fire flew away, falling into Yin and Yang Ocean.

Hong Long. In the next moment, the ocean started to burn, and bubbles emerged from the ocean.

Zhang Ruochen looked pleased. He said, “No wonder it’s Divine Fire Jingmie. It’s stronger than Nanling Dragon Fire. Unfortunately, I only have a small piece of it. I need to keep nurturing it.” Even true saints and absolute saints would be intimidated by Divine Fire Jingmie.

Certainly, that small ball of fire wouldn’t be a threat to them. For true saints and absolute saints, they could stand more than a thousand miles away and still kill saints, so that small ball of Divine Fire Jingmie wasn’t a danger to them at all.

And then, Zhang Ruochen mobilized Divine Fire Jingmie and purified the two saint sources he condensed.

“I’ll condense the third saint source now.”

Zhang Ruochen let out a palm way saint look, and then a giant phantom of a saint look showed up, and another golden dragon was winding around that saint look.

He had an easy time condensing the saint source. After a short while, he successfully condensed the third saint source, and it flew toward the sword master saint source and Emperor Ming saint source.

Zhang Ruochen recalled what had happened after the Emperor Ming saint source was created. He immediately mobilized Divine Fire Jingmie to separate those three saint sources.

Hua La.

A giant whirlpool showed up, centering on the Divine Fire Jingmie. The three saint sources were above the whirlpool, spinning around the fire.

“Divine Dragon Jingmie can solve repelling effects among the saint sources.” Zhang Ruochen was relieved and started to condense a fourth saint source, palm way saint source.

Palm way saint look was a giant holy river, which crossed the lower abdomen. It took Zhang Ruochen a long time to condense that holy river into a saint source.

The fourth saint source also flew into the whirlpool and spun around Divine Fire Jingmie.

Every time he condensed a saint source, Zhang Ruochen could feel that his cultivation had been improved.

After that, Zhang Ruochen let out time saint look and s.p.a.ce saint look, however, he couldn’t succeed this time. The two saint looks didn’t have a form, and they didn’t show themselves. He couldn’t make them into saint sources.

“How is that possible?”

Zhang Ruochen took out the ‘Time and s.p.a.ce Secret Guide’ and started to search through it. He started to read the instructions on the time saint look and s.p.a.ce saint look, hoping that he could find an answer.

He indeed found something about those two saint looks.

On the fourteenth page of ‘Time and s.p.a.ce Secret Guide’, there was a line of explanation: “The nine ancient ways are all shapeless and formless. You can only comprehend them, and you can’t make them saint sources.”

“You can’t make the nine ancient ways into saint sources.”

Zhang Ruochen was relieved. He smiled. “Fortunately, it’s not because of the way I practiced.”

Condensing four saint sources was already something that no one could ever do before. Zhang Ruochen wasn’t greedy. Instead, he was already satisfied.

“Palm way saint source and fist way saint source were just condensed, so they need some time to be solidified. I’ll try to make it to a mid-cla.s.s saint after all the four saint sources have been stabilized.”

Now that he couldn’t make a breakthrough, Zhang Ruochen could only borrow power from other places. He thought of Carnivorous Holy Flower.

Carnivorous Holy Flower was about to make a breakthrough now. The only thing that was stopping it was the complicated sources it had absorbed.

If it could become an upper-cla.s.s saint, its power would rival a half saint at Absolute Ground Realm.

Zhang Ruochen talked to Carnivorous Holy Flower, and he knew that it had almost recovered. Zhang Ruochen then mobilized Divine Fire Jingmie to refine its holy power.

At the same time, Zhang Ruochen opened his eyes and took out his Ancient Abyss Sword, trying to improve it.

Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon had the Ancestral Dragon Scale, Qitian Crown Prince had the G.o.d-killing Cross s.h.i.+eld, Motian Crown Prince had the Emperor-kill Demonic Sword, Chi Wansui had an heir stamp.

The weapons they had were no ordinary weapons. They had tremendous power which the Ancient Abyss Sword couldn’t rival.

Without a weapon at that level, Zhang Ruochen would be at a severe disadvantage.

And then, Zhang Ruochen took out all the saint weapons in the s.p.a.ce ring. There were eight thousand-patterns saint weapons and one hundred and twenty hundred-patterns saint weapons.

Most of those saint weapons were stored in the treasury of the Blue Dragon Dynasty, and some of them were trophies from the saints Zhang Ruochen had killed.

Even a master from a top-tier sect would be jealous seeing all those saint weapons. However, Zhang Ruochen devoted all of them to improving the Ancient Abyss Sword.

“How many inscriptions will there be on the Ancient Abyss Sword after refining all these saint weapons?”

Zhang Ruochen had some very special feelings for the Ancient Abyss Sword. He wished that the Ancient Abyss Sword could become a Ten-thousand-patterns Saint Weapon as soon as possible.

“No matter how many saint weapons the Ancient Abyss Sword absorbs, it can’t rival the Ancestral Dragon Scale and G.o.d-killing Cross s.h.i.+eld.”

The Ancestral Dragon Scale, G.o.d-killing Cross s.h.i.+eld, Emperor-kill Demonic Sword, and heir stamp were not thousand-patterns saint weapons or ten-thousand-patterns saint weapons.

Those weapons had the power of a supreme saint or a G.o.d.

They weren’t mere weapons, but represented great beings. If the user was powerful enough, they could trigger the power of that great being.

Such weapons were called ‘supreme saint ancient weapons’ or ‘G.o.dly remains ancient weapons.’

Supreme saint weapons and G.o.dly remains ancient weapons were connected to other saint weapons to some extent. Actually, some of the thousand-patterns saint weapons and ten-thousand-patterns saint weapons carried the power of supreme saints.

Some supreme saint ancient weapons and G.o.dly remains ancient weapons were thousand-patterns saint weapons and ten-thousand-patterns saint weapons, themselves, and their power would only surge after their origins were triggered.

Zhang Ruochen was impressed when the original savage barren power in the Ancestral Dragon Scale was triggered.

That power came from an ancestral dragon from the ancient times. Even saints at Heaven Pa.s.s Realm might not be able to resist it, not to mention Zhang Ruochen.

Only weapons at the same level could rival the Ancestral Dragon Scale.

The kitchen knife held by Qing Mo must have also been an impressive G.o.dly remains ancient weapon, otherwise, she wouldn’t have had the power to knock away the Ancestral Dragon Scale.

Zhang Ruochen searched for a long time, and he could only find two things that could rival the Ancestral Dragon Scale and G.o.d-killing Cross s.h.i.+eld.

Eternal God Emperor Chapter 1261 - Divine Fire Showed Up Again

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