Eternal God Emperor Chapter 1267 - Dragon Li Saint Beast King

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Chapter 1267: Dragon Li Saint Beast King

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

An iceberg that was more than five thousand feet tall floated on the ocean under the dark night. The light of the stars was scattered on the iceberg, which reflected dimming light.

The main body of the iceberg was hidden under the water as only a tip of the iceberg was being shown.

Zhang Ruochen and the others got closer to the icebeg.

They could see a giant cat sealed in the iceberg.

There were crimson scales on the body of the cat, and its head kind of looked like a dragon head. On its back were a pair of dragon wings with thorns.

They couldn’t see the entire body of the giant cat at all, as most of the body was deep in the ocean.

Qing Mo’s mouth was wide opening as she stared at that giant creature inside the iceberg. She said, “Such a large body. Its scale is larger than my entire body. Is it a dragon, or a cat?”

Blackie said, “Cats descend from the Dragon Li Race of Nine Li Cat race, and there’s some connection between them and the ancestral dragons, which is why it has some of the features of a dragon.”

“Is it the saint beast king of dragon Li race?”

Zhang Ruochen was also observing the giant cat that was sealed in the iceberg. He inspected it with his mind power, yet the ice was peculiar. It prevented mind power from inspecting it.

He could only see the shape of its corpse, but he couldn’t inspect the strength and the holy Qi contained inside the corpse, which meant he couldn’t tell the cultivation of that cat before it died.

Blackie said, “I can’t say for sure, but I reckon it’s quite possible given its size. Normal dragon Li cats under the state of saint can’t have bodies this size.”

The so-called saint beast kings were as powerful as human saint kings.

For a creature like this, it was dangerous even after its death. A trace of saint soul would be catastrophic for Zhang Ruochen and the others.

n.o.body knew whether it would be revived after the iceberg was broken.

If it woke up, Zhang Ruochen and the others wouldn’t stand a chance.

Ao Xinyan said, “Leader, let’s use the heir stamp to crush the body of that Dragon Li cat Saint Beast King first.”

“No. If it has the ingredients for Six Saints to the Sky Wine, it’ll be destroyed as well.” Zhang Ruochen stopped Ao Xinyan from doing so.

Blackie said, “With the great body const.i.tution of the saint beast king, we can’t destroy the body even with the heir stamp.”

Zhang Ruochen and the others were in a very awkward situation. They wanted to get the ingredients for Six Saints to the Sky Wine, yet they didn’t dare break the iceberg.

They were so close, yet it was so dangerous.

Six Saints to the Sky Wine was invaluable. Even if it couldn’t make the bodies of the human race surge, it would at least improve them to a different level, making a large group of human elites.

Zhang Ruochen was so close to getting the ingredients of Six Saints to the Sky Wine, so he wouldn’t just give up so easily.

Zhang Ruochen thought for a while and said, “Step back. Stay at least five hundred miles away. I’ll stay here.”

“I have the divine dragon silver armor. I can defend myself. I’ll stay here,” Ao Xinyan said.

Zhang Ruochen was firm. He said, “Everyone leave now. If that saint beast king really wakes up, your body will be crushed even if you’re wearing divine dragon silver armor.”

Huang Yanchen, Qing Mo, Blackie and Ao Xinyan all stepped hundreds of miles back. They knew that Zhang Ruochen could use the power of s.p.a.ce to get away if he really ran into dangers.

Zhang Ruochen didn’t break the ice immediately, instead, he stood at the top of the iceberg and recovered his holy Qi. He only stood up after he’d reached his pinnacle status again.


Zhang Ruochen summoned Ancient Abyss Sword and operated the sword. And then, hundreds of traces of sword Qi flew out of the sword and landed on the iceberg.

Zhang Ruochen used the most conservative way to break the ice so as not to disturb the body.

Hua Hua.

The ice kept falling off, and the iceberg got thinner and thinner.

The forces of the giant cat emanated, and they got stronger and stronger. Traces of crimson light gushed out.


The ice around the giant cat was crushed, and it fell off.

The horrendous power was let out of the body. The power had been acc.u.mulated for tens of thousands of years. Zhang Ruochen was knocked away even though he had prepared for it.

The two heir stamps were as large as mountains. They flew toward Zhang Ruochen and floated above him.

A silver kitchen knife was also floating between the two heir stamps.

Apparently, Huang Yanchen, Ao Xinyan and Qing Mo were worried about Zhang Ruochen, which was why they wielded the weapons to help him.

Zhang Ruochen stopped them as he could feel that it hadn’t woken up yet, however, the forces from that body were too great.

“It’s indeed a saint beast king.”

Without the ice, Zhang Ruochen immediately saw its cultivation after using his mind power to inspect it.

It was terrific!

When it was still alive, it had been as powerful as Blue Fire Xuanwu that was killed by Treacherous Sea Pillar in Xuanwu Void World. It was definitely a super overlord when it was still alive.

He couldn’t imagine what kind of dangers it had encountered that had killed it in the Abandoned Deep Sea.

Zhang Ruochen was also an impressive saint. He had great cultivation, so he didn’t fear a dead saint beast king.

Zhang Ruochen was wearing Ten Saints Blood Saint Armor. He stepped on the water as if it was ground. He walked toward the body of the saint beast king.

“That saint beast king is covered by valuables. Its scales, blood, bones and saint sources are all valuables that can tempt saints.”

If he weren’t in the Abandoned Deep Sea, Zhang Ruochen would have really wanted to take the entire body away.

However, there were too many uncertainties now. If that body woke up in the s.p.a.ce ring, it could easily destroy the s.p.a.ce ring.

Zhang Ruochen kept telling himself that he couldn’t be greedy, and that he must leave after finding the ingredients of Six Saints to the Sky Wine.

Zhang Ruochen went through layers of holy Qi and flew above the body. He closed his eyes, and his mind power flew out after turning into tens of thousands of light spots, going into the body.

Each light spot represented the mind power of Zhang Ruochen. They were searching in the body.

There were lots of devices in the body of that saint beast king. Some of them were hundreds of thousands of years old, yet they were still intact.

There were saint weapons, ancestral weapons, saint beast bones, metal fragments and stones.

Its body was a treasury.

Zhang Ruochen didn’t know how the ingredients of Six Saints to the Sky Wine looked. He moved all the devices with characters out of the body.

Soon, dozens of devices showed up in front of him, piling up like a hill.

Zhang Ruochen was just trying his luck while searching for the ingredients of Six Saints to the Sky Wine. It was normal that there weren’t ingredients among those devices.

Zhang Ruochen didn’t dare spend too much time on the body of the saint beast king. He didn’t even take the saint source of the saint beast king. He prepared to leave carrying all the dozens of devices.

Zhang Ruochen just jumped up, and a cold force came from below, numbing his feet.


Zhang Ruochen was dazed. He immediately mobilized his holy Qi and the power of s.p.a.ce.


A roar was transmitted into his ears.

The sound became ripples, crus.h.i.+ng the eardrums of Zhang Ruochen and knocking away his holy Qi.

Pu Tong.

Zhang Ruochen dived into Abandoned Deep Sea.

The Dragon Li Saint Beast King opened its eyes, and two traces of black light pillars were shot out. Its entire body gave out death Qi.

n.o.body knew what kind of power there was in the Abandoned Deep Sea, the power that could revive a corpse and kill all the creatures that trespa.s.sed in this place.

The two heir stamps in the sky hit the head and the back of Dragon Li Saint Beast King at the same time.

Peng Peng.

Dragon Li Saint Beast King didn’t move its body at all. The two heir stamps. .h.i.t it at the same time, but the only effect was noise, and then, the heir stamps bounced away.

The silver kitchen knife slashed the neck of the Dragon Li Saint Beast King, however, it couldn’t even pierce through a scale.

To a saint beast king, attacks from saints were nothing. They couldn’t hurt it at all.

Even a dead saint beast king was way stronger than saints. There was a life level gap between them too.

Certainly, the heir stamps and the silver kitchen knife stalked Dragon Li Saint Beast King, which gave Zhang Ruochen some time to run away.

Zhang Ruochen was covered by Ten Saints Blood Armor, so he wasn’t frozen in the ocean.

After a while, Zhang Ruochen regained his consciousness. He immediately condensed holy Qi, mobilized s.p.a.ce rules, performed spatial move and ran a hundred miles afar.


Drago Li Saint Beast King turned around and looked at the ocean a hundred miles away.

Zhang Ruochen was much faster than the speed of sound, yet Dragon Li Saint Beast King was even faster. It flapped it wings and it flew almost a hundred miles away.

The wind from the dragon wings suppressed the s.p.a.ce, which made the ocean sink, forming a basin that had a diameter of more than ten miles.

Zhang Ruochen stood at the bottom of the ocean. He felt that he was being pressed by a hundred thousand mountains. He clenched his teeth, and there was blood in his eyes. Before Dragon Li Saint Beast King landed, he performed spatial move and disappeared.

“d.a.m.n it. I was locked by the body of that Dragon Li Saint Beast King. Am I going to die in the Abandoned Deep Sea today?”

Zhang Ruochen just walked out of the s.p.a.ce, and the Dragon Li Saint Beast King showed up above his head again.

He couldn’t get away even with great spatial move.

However, Zhang Ruochen didn’t give up fighting for his own life. He fought every second to get away.

He performed great spatial moves dozens of times, and he flew thousands of miles away. Even though Zhang Ruochen had great holy Qi, he couldn’t handle it.

However, Dragon Li Saint Beast King was still chasing him. It was still less than two hundred miles away. It could catch up with him after two breaths.

Just when Zhang Ruochen wanted to fight again, he saw an ancient being standing far off, collecting valuables from more than ten icebergs.

It was the alcohol maniac he’d lost on the ancient ghost boat. He’d entered Abandoned Deep Sea as well.

Eternal God Emperor Chapter 1267 - Dragon Li Saint Beast King

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