Eternal God Emperor Chapter 1359 - King of Saint Corpses, Royal Knight

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Chapter 1359: King of Saint Corpses, Royal Knight

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

The corpse Qi gus.h.i.+ng out of the abyss became stronger and stronger, causing the surrounding s.p.a.ce to tremble.

Even Zhang Ruochen and Princess White Li couldn’t balance themselves. They felt that they were about to ascend from the earth and be sucked into the whirlpool.

“Something’s wrong. The power of Tianming Corpse Emperor can’t be this strong. Leave here immediately and get into the s.p.a.ce formation. Quick!” Zhang Ruochen yelled.

Guoguo, the Monster Ape, and Princess White Li quickly rushed into that deserted estate and entered the s.p.a.ce formation.

Zhang Ruochen left Mingjing House, but he didn’t leave. Instead, he protected himself by holding the sarira of the Buddha Emperor.


An iron arm that was around two hundred feet long and twenty feet thick extended from the abyss, crumbling the ground around the hole.

Zhang Ruochen bounced back dozens of feet because of it.

The iron hand was squeezing the body of Ghost King Bloodmoon, and each finger was as thick as a pillar with dragon-shaped lightning flowing on the surface, cracking the ghost body of Ghost King Bloodmoon.

Even Ghost King Bloodmoon was trying her best to survive this.


Another yell came from underground.

The iron arm ascended gradually, and the ground became more shattered. An iron head that was as large as a palace showed up.

Inside the iron case was a rotten human head, and there were bones and flesh.


The ground of the entire Mingjing House crumbled, and a huge corpse that was wearing iron armor walked out, showing its body that was around five hundred feet tall.

The forces coming out of it were greater than those of Lin Feiyu and Spiritual King Saint Ancestor.

Zhang Ruochen raised his head, took a deep breath and couldn’t have looked more solemn. “King of Saint Corpses.”

Princess White Li, Huang Yanchen and Qing Mo looked to Mingjing House as they all felt gigantic pressure. They immediately transmitted their voices to Zhang Ruochen, asking them to get into the s.p.a.ce formation.

Even Lin Yun and Martial Saint Canglan were dazed.

Tianming Corpse Emperor stood on the left shoulder of that King of Saint Corpse with blood and wounds all over his body, yet he was still standing straight and said, “What a powerful three-trial ghost king, forcing me to use my trump card to suppress her.”

“How can you be strong enough to control a king of saint corpses?” Zhang Ruochen found it difficult to believe.

Even if the Ancient Necromancy Race had the techniques to control battle corpses, those battle corpses still had some consciousness, and they might bite back at their masters. For example, it was very difficult for a half saint to control the battle corpse of a saint.

As for a saint king, its body would still have great consciousness even after being made into a battle corpse.

It was almost impossible for a saint to control a king of saint corpses. If someone tried it by force, it’d be bitten back by that king of saint corpses.

Tianming Corpse Emperor smiled and said, “It used to work for me. Seventy thousand years ago, it followed me to wars and established the first central empire of human beings. Now, it’s going to follow me again.”

Zhang Ruochen looked shocked. He observed that huge corpse in the iron armor again and said, “Is…is he one of the ten royal knights?”

Zhang Ruochen had been hearing about Tianming Emperor and the ten royal knights since he was just a kid, and there were detailed records about them in the doc.u.ments of the Sacred Central Empire.

Each of them was a prominent being who conquered the south, and they were invincible.

Zhang Ruochen didn’t even know how to feel, seeing Tianming Emperor and a royal knight.

Tianming Emperor said, “You’re right, it’s indeed a royal knight. Now you know your trump card is nothing against mine, Zhang Ruochen.”

From Tianming Corpse Emperor’s point of view, Ghost King Bloodmoon and Princess White Li were Zhang Ruochen’s trump cards.

Lin Yun couldn’t stop sweating. He said with his voice trembling, “Tianming Corpse Emperor made a royal knight into a king of saint corpses. Will there be a second, a third one? This is already out of our control, second madam. We might just…”

Martial Saint Canglan stopped him from talking and said, “It’s, after all, a king of saint corpses turned from a royal knight. Although it still has some consciousness, there’s a chance that it might bite back at Tianming Corpse Emperor. With his current cultivation, controlling one is the best he can do.”

Lin Yun said, “Even just one of them is able to destroy everything. Second madam, you’re too important to have anything happen to you. Please leave now.”

“Ling Feiyu is still here. Why are you so afraid?”

Although Martial Saint Canglan put it this way, she was still staring at Zhang Ruochen and thought, Are you still not going to use your secret, Zhang Ruochen?

A forbidden and mysterious force crushed the bony hand of the ancestor of the death race in Xianji Mountain. Pei Yutian, Qing Xiao and Zhang Ruochen all refused to talk about it, which meant there was a huge secret, and Martial Saint Canglan suspected that the secret was hidden behind Zhang Ruochen.

That bone hand was able to crush a star outside Kunlun’s Field, yet it was shattered by another force, which meant that force was tremendous enough to threaten the entire First Central Empire.

Even facing a legend of the history of human beings, Zhang Ruochen wasn’t afraid at all. A fiercer sense of fight came out of his body, and he said, “A royal knight was indeed incredibly powerful. However, he’s, after all, dead already. How much power do you think he can still wield? Ten percent?”

“Even if it’s ten percent, don’t you think it can still easily kill you?” Tianming Corpse Emperor stared at Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen said, “You should’ve treated him better instead of digging him out for your fight, given that he followed you before. Don’t you feel sorry for damaging his body?”

“It’s their dream to keep fighting for me, even after death.”

Tianming Corpse Emperor did feel sorry for exploiting the royal knight’s body, so he ended the conversation to prevent his state of mind from being affected. He said, “There’s only winning and losing. Only those who survive can talk. Daren Royal Knight, kill that three-trial ghost king.”

The king of saint corpses who was wearing metal armor had giant dragon-shaped bolts of lightning around his arm, and he was going to annihilate Ghost King Bloodmoon.

Meanwhile, Tianming Corpse Emperor also pressed toward Zhang Ruochen, trying to suppress him and get his Five Elements Chaotic Body.

Seems like I need its power now.

Zhang Ruochen touched his chest, and at the next moment, the saint figure rune started to gleam, and light spots were spread.

And then, a great force gushed out of Zhang Ruochen’s body.


Zhang Rouchen surged to the sky and knocked through the handprint of Tianming Corpse Emperor, flying above the King of Saint Corpses. He was holding the Abyss Ancient Sword, and he triggered all of its inscriptions.


The sword clashed with the metal armor worn by the king of saint corpses, making a clacking sound.

The dragon-shaped bolts of lightning flowing on the arm of King of Saint Corpses were annihilated by all the destruction coming from the Abyss Ancient Sword.

Without the suppression of the lightning, Ghost King Bloodmoon immediately dispersed her ghost body and turned into ghost fog, slipping out between the fingers of the King of Saint Corpses and rus.h.i.+ng toward the s.p.a.ce formation.

The King of Saint Corpses then roared, and a tumbling power gushed out of his arm, knocking Zhang Ruochen away.

However, Zhang Ruochen immediately balanced himself again, floating in the air and staring at the white trace on the arm of the King of Saint Corpses. “It’s the Silver Royal Knight Armor. No wonder even the Abyss Ancient Sword can’t break it.”

Tianming Corpse Emperor got emotional for the first time. He said, “You have a saint figure rune? Is that your real trump card?”

The light spots became thicker and thicker on Zhang Ruochen’s body, and the forces got stronger and stronger. A giant blood-red being was formed behind him.

It was ‘Sun Saint Figure’ of Yan Liren, also the real power of the saint figure rune.

Spiritual King Saint Ancestor and Ling Feiyu stopped fighting.


A rugged coffin fell from the sky, hitting the ground and landing beside the King of Saint corpses.

Spiritual King Saint Ancestor stood up from the coffin with three b.l.o.o.d.y holes in his body. Saint blood flowed out of the wounds.

Ling Fenyu landed beside Zhang Ruochen. She was tall and aloof, and her Lightning G.o.ddess Lilac Blouse gave out enormous forces, and hundreds of flashes of lightning crossed with the clouds.

Obviously, Ling Feiyu was much stronger, and the wounds on Spiritual King Saint Ancestor’s body became more serious.

Ling Feiyu said, “Who dies first?”

“Tianming Corpse Emperor,” Zhang Ruochen said.

Actually, Spiritual King Saint Ancestor was much more powerful than Tianming Corpse Emperor, however, he was more dangerous than Spiritual King Saint Ancestor, especially in the future, so he needed to be killed.

“You need to kill me first before you get to Tianming Corpse Emperor.”

Spiritual King Saint Ancestor pressed the ground with his hands, and then, a rock that was three thousand feet tall ascended from underground, followed by a whoos.h.i.+ng sound. It dashed toward Zhang Ruochen and Ling Feiyu.

Tianming Corpse Emperor shot a glance at Ghost King Bloodmoon and Princess White Li, and he caught them hiding in a weird formation. He thought about catching them and holding them captive to threaten Zhang Ruochen until he ran out of the power of the saint figure rune.

“That’s bait of Zhang Ruochen. He wants to lure me there, and if I actually get into the formation, I’ll never get away.” Tianming Corpse Emperor sensed the danger, so he didn’t go catch them.

“Can’t believe I was defeated by a youngster.”

Knowing that he had lost, Tianming Corpse Emperor said to Spiritual King Saint Ancestor, “Let’s go. There’s no need to fight anymore. The longer we’re here, the more dangerous it is going to be for us.”

Eternal God Emperor Chapter 1359 - King of Saint Corpses, Royal Knight

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