Eternal God Emperor Chapter 1530 - The Empress Killed A God

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Chapter 1530: The Empress Killed A G.o.d

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The seven-colored G.o.dly light looked like a bridge connecting the sky and the ground, stretching from the dark universe.

Even the stars paled compared to that seven-colored bridge.

“A G.o.d is walking to Merit Star.”

“Who is that?”

All the saints were bustling under Merits G.o.dly Palace.

“It’s her highness!”

“Her highness is back!”

All the saints from Kunlun’s Field were exhilarated. They kneeled on the ground toward the seven-colored bridge. “Your highness.”

The monks from h.e.l.l Blade Field got anxious, as they feared something might go wrong.

If the merits of Kunlun’s Field changed, h.e.l.l Blade Field would be ranked last, which was the last thing they wanted to see.

“The G.o.d from Kunlun’s Field just became a G.o.d. She’s lucky enough to survive the merits battle. She wouldn’t be able to change anything.” They comforted themselves like that.

But then, all the monks were shocked by what they saw.

Empress Chi Yao was walking on the seven-colored bridge, engulfed in seven-colored G.o.dly light. There was G.o.dly blood on her golden armor. She was holding a sword in one hand and a metal chain.

That metal chain was thicker than a bucket, stretching to the depths of the universe.


A giant shadow was dragged from the universe by Empress Chi Yao. It looked like a dark planet, yet it still released dimming red light.

Under the light of Heaven World, all the saints on Merit Star could see clearly what it was… It was a corpse.

It was a gigantic corpse.

The head of the corpse was tens of thousands of miles long. Empress Chi Yao walked forward while dragging that corpse, shaking the stars and planets around her.

Those planets were very close to Heaven World, and many monks were refining on them.

They felt the earth shaking and G.o.dly might coming from the sky. They looked up and saw a corpse being dragged from one side to the other.

“G.o.d… It’s a G.o.d…”

All the monks on the planet groveled.

Even the G.o.ds from the Shatuo Seven Fields found it unbelievable.

“She’s already strong enough to kill a G.o.d,” the Moon G.o.ddess said.


The supreme saints under Merits G.o.dly Palace could see that Empress Chi Yao was dragging the corpse of a G.o.d, which astounded them.

It was Jiao G.o.d from the Shura Race.

Many supreme saints had sensed the force of Jiao G.o.d before, or they’d seen Jiao G.o.d from afar. It was an evil G.o.d who had killed many supreme saints from Heaven World.

Yet a G.o.d who’d roamed the universe for tens of thousands of years was killed by Empress Chi Yao.

How thrilling!

The news spread, and soon, all the monks from Heaven World knew that Chi Yao had killed a G.o.d, and they all rushed toward Merit Star.

There were saints around Heaven River. They looked to the distance at the corpse of the G.o.d and Empress Chi Yao walking on the seven-colored bridge. They were all in awe.

“The G.o.d from the Heaven World has killed a G.o.d from the h.e.l.l World.”

“Is that Empress Chi Yao!? She’s indeed a born leader. I couldn’t help falling for her by just one look.”

“Empress Chi Yao is so beautiful. That temperament and face can trump even the nine angels from the ‘Nine Angels Beauty Scroll.’ Even I want to join Kunlun’s Field and ask her to teach me. Probably every man in the world wants a teacher like that.” A young supreme saint looked awed as he was mesmerized by the empress.

“The nine angels can probably compare with Empress Chi Yao when it comes to looks and temperament, but none of them are G.o.ds, so they’re not even in the Empress’s league.”

“Perhaps only the Moon G.o.ddess can rival Empress Chi Yao.”

Although the Heaven World had been fighting the h.e.l.l World for ten thousand years, the recent battles were nothing compared to the large-scale wars in the past.

They were in a state of relative peace.

Which was why it was very rare that a G.o.d got killed.

Orion G.o.d died because he was trying to protect Zuling Field. As for other G.o.ds, most of them wouldn’t choose to live and die with their fields. To be exact, the Heaven World wouldn’t allow them to do so.

After all, each G.o.d was a pillar of the Heaven World.

It’d been a long time since a G.o.d from the Heaven World killed a G.o.d from the h.e.l.l World and dragged it all the way back to the Heaven World, which made it a sleeper hit.

“Empress Chi Yao must’ve been severely injured and fragile, otherwise, we shouldn’t have been able to see her real body.”

“Do you really think it’s that easy to kill a G.o.d?”

“Probably because her highness’s G.o.dly body was crushed during the fight, and the body we’re able to see now was integrated by the broken parts.”

“I can’t believe what Empress Chi Yao went through to kill a G.o.d.”

“She didn’t have a choice. Kunlun’s Field has just entered the Heaven World. If she didn’t try her best, Kunlun’s Field would be annihilated. She supports the entire world by herself. If she falls, that world will follow.”

All the saints looked at Empress Chi Yao with absolute respect.

1As for the saints from Kunlun’s Field, they could all imagine how difficult it was for the empress to kill a G.o.d. They were all so moved that they were groveling toward the empress, including supreme saints.

Empress Chi Yao couldn’t look calmer. She said after landing on Merit Star, “The G.o.dly Merits Battle started a bit later than the other three merits battles, so I made it back a bit late. Is it still within the three-month range?”

Shang Ziyan didn’t have any rights to speak in front of Empress Chi Yao, so he had to turn around to ask the G.o.ds in the G.o.dly palace.

After a moment of silence…

A G.o.dly voice came out of Merits G.o.dly Palace. “The empress made an unrivaled contribution to the Heaven World. Kunlun’s Field is the biggest winner of this merit battle.”

All the saints from Kunlun’s Field were exhilarated.

The merits of Kunlun’s Field surged. It went past one trillion immediately, and it reached first place, surpa.s.sing Eight Ministry Field.

Shang Ziyan gazed at Empress Chi Yao as he was also amazed, and after a while he bowed at her with veneration.

“h.e.l.l Blade Field is in last place, and it’ll become the battlefield for the Heaven World against the h.e.l.l World. The monks from h.e.l.l Blade Field should prepare for it, and I hope that we can succeed this time,” Shang Ziyan announced.

All the monks from h.e.l.l Blade Field were petrified.

“Why h.e.l.l Blade Field? Our field isn’t the weakest among the Shatuo Seven Fields. It’s Kunlun’s Field. Guanghan Field is also weaker than h.e.l.l Blade Field.”

A saint king from h.e.l.l Blade Field lost his mind. He yelled and dashed toward Merits G.o.dly Palace.

Shang Ziyan raised his arm, and a trace of fire rules gushed out of his palm, forming a giant fiery hand and slapping toward that saint king.


He blew out that saint king, turning him into a cl.u.s.ter of b.l.o.o.d.y mist.

Just because the Moon G.o.ddess could get away with confronting Merits G.o.dly Palace didn’t mean other monks were allowed to do the same. Merits G.o.dly Palace was a prestigious organization in the Heaven World. Confronting Merits G.o.dly Palace meant death only.

“How powerful. He killed a third-step saint king that easily. He doesn’t seem to be very experienced, yet his power is unfathomable.” Zhang Ruochen observed Shang Ziyan.

According to the Moon G.o.ddess, there were deeper reasons why Flame G.o.d wanted to kill him.

Even though he failed this time, there would be another attempt coming.

Flame G.o.d couldn’t kill him directly in the Heaven World, yet Shang Ziyan was one of the best disciples of Flame G.o.d, and he was also a leader of the new generation. He was definitely one of Zhang Ruochen’s future compet.i.tors.

Shang Ziyan noticed that Zhang Ruochen was observing him, so he turned around, shot him a glance and smiled at him politely.

So did Zhang Ruochen.

Although the monks from h.e.l.l Blade Field felt that it was unfair, none of them dared say a word or confront Merits G.o.dly Palace. They had to leave unwillingly.

Sometimes, even G.o.ds had to acquiesce to a certain situation.

The merits battle had finally ended, and the monks from the Shatuo Seven Fields, led by their G.o.ds, boarded the heavenly boats and sailed toward the Heaven World.

Empress Chi Yao was standing on one of the heavenly boats.

“Kunlun’s Field is ranked twenty-seven and forty-fourth on the ‘Ten Thousand Worlds Merits Rank’.”

The Moon G.o.ddess showed up behind Zhang Ruochen. She looked like she was above secular desires, and no man standing beside her could affect her temperament, including Zhang Ruochen.

“Just because Chi Yao killed a G.o.d, Kunlun’s Field is ranked this much higher?” Zhang Ruochen was a bit surprised.

There were more than eight thousand fields in the Heaven World, and Kunlun’s Field had been ranked last when the merits battles started.

Even if killing a G.o.d would reward a field a gigantic number of merits, there were countless monks from other fields fighting all the time, and their merits were also increasing, which should also amount to an astronomical figure.

The Moon G.o.ddess said, “Every ten thousand years, the rank of the ‘Ten Thousand Worlds Merits Rank’ is reset. Thirty-seven hundred years ago, the rank was reset, which meant the merits started to be counted thirty-seven hundred years ago. The merits from killing a G.o.d rival the merits acc.u.mulated by most of the fields for thousands of years.

“Perhaps Kunlun’s Field doesn’t have to partic.i.p.ate in any merits battles anymore, and besides, the monks from Kunlun’s Field don’t have to stay in Shatuo Heaven Domain, which is the poorest domain in Heaven World. They can go to domains where there is thicker and better saint Qi.

“Also, the body of a G.o.d is an immense treasury. Empress Chi Yao killed Jiao G.o.d, which means she can get huge benefits from it. This even goes for the monks from Kunlun’s Field, which will boost the strength of a large field.

“The body of Jiao G.o.d was much larger than a planet. Lots of G.o.dly blood and G.o.dly bones can be extracted from it… Together with Tianlun Mark, Kunlun’s Field might prosper in the near future.”

There were also some corpses of G.o.ds in Kunlun’s Field. However, they’d been dead for more than one hundred thousand years, which meant they had lost lots of G.o.dly power. One hundred drops of their G.o.dly blood could barely rival one drop of G.o.dly blood of Jiao G.o.d.

Also, G.o.dly blood was only the most basic treasure.

Jiao G.o.d was just killed, which meant his G.o.dly Star Soul was still intact and that his G.o.dly rules were still flowing. His corpse contained many advantages other G.o.dly corpses didn’t have.

For example, its corpse was the best place for refining. Saints could establish mansions inside the G.o.dly corpse where it would be much more efficient for them to comprehend the saintly way.

Eternal God Emperor Chapter 1530 - The Empress Killed A God

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