Eternal God Emperor Chapter 164: Three Leaf Holy Clover

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The black monster was walking, looking for another Three Leaf Holy Clover.

All of a sudden it stopped, let out a piteous whine and glowed with a bright light from the cracks in its carapace.


The bang came suddenly. The black monster was split into pieces of burnt meat and flew in all directions.

Lightning floated above the pieces of burnt meat and wreaked of black smoke.

A powerful underground savage beast had died.


Zhang Ruochen flew out from the Time and s.p.a.ce Spinel and fell to the ground. He took a breath and felt a sharp pain in his belly. A roar surged through his head, making him giddy.

The miasma in the air was so much stronger here that he couldn't resist the toxicity, even if he took an Anti-Poison Pearl.

"Time and s.p.a.ce Domain!"

He released the s.p.a.ce Domain which covered a s.p.a.ce of 10 meters around him and forced the miasma away.

He took a Detoxification Pill and ran his Pure Jade Genuine Qi three circulations to refine the miasma he had absorbed.

Zhang Ruochen's face regained its color. He took a deep breath and said to himself, "The toxicity was so fierce. A warrior at the Final State of the Black Realm would have died if he had gone into this miasma."

Even a warrior at the Completion of the Black Realm would die if he went here without a special treasure to withstand the miasma.

The black monster was torn into pieces of charred remains by the Thunder Pearl's power. Zhang Ruochen smelled a faint fragrance of meat amongst the remains.

He followed the smell and searched for its origin.

He stopped at the remains of the black monster and took out his Snow Dragon Sword and pushed aside its hard black sh.e.l.l.


A strong fragrance of meat was coming from the remains.

A piece of snow-white Spiritual Brawn was emitting a soft bright light in the crack made by his sword.

He dug up the Spiritual Brawn. It glittered and was the size of a human's head, around 15 pounds and had a strong scent. It was as pure as a beautiful jade inside a stone.

"This Spiritual Brawn from the third-level savage beast is indeed better than that of the second-level savage beast. If I eat it I should get a stronger effect."

He took out a jade vessel and put the Spiritual Brawn inside.

Spiritual Brawn had different qualities. The Spiritual Brawn from a third-level savage beast tasted better and had more Spiritual Qi making it much better for warriors.

In the market, the price of Spiritual Brawn from a third-level savage beast was 10 times higher than that of a second-level savage beast.

Covered by the Time and s.p.a.ce Domain, he began to look for the Three Leaf Holy Clover.

He quickly found a Three Leaf Holy Clover sending out a white light in the swallet 100 meters away.

He dug it up and put it carefully into the jade box.

The Three Leaf Holy Clover could only be found in places where Half-Saints and Saints had pa.s.sed away.

The power of Half-Saints and Saints was so great that the Spiritual Qi didn't dissipate even after 1000 years.

Their Spitirual Qi melted into the earth. In time when nature had its course, Three Leaf Holy Clovers would appear.

Three Leaf Holy Clovers were very precious because they could improve the cultivation and boost the power of warriors.

Instead of eating it right away, he kept searching for other Three Leaf Holy Clovers.

He must find all the Three Leaf Holy Clovers before others arrived.

"This place belongs to Chikong Secret Mansion, they probably won't arrive any time soon."

There were many Three Leaf Holy Clovers at the bottom of the mountain. Zhang Ruochen had picked up eight during the course of an hour.

If he wanted more he would have to go deeper into the mountain.

He could only see a faint outline of the mountain, the rest was concealed in the colorful miasma.

He felt a dangerous breathing deep within the mountain and couldn't help but shudder a little.

He quickly took out a broken map made of skins, spread it on the ground and looked at it carefully.

The skin map Lang Xin had dropped recorded the terrain of Chikong Secret Mansion. But it was fragmented and not all locations were visible on the map.

After carefully reviewing the terrain he finally knew where he was and pointed to the map, "I'm here... Haunted-mist Mountain!"

There was an introduction to Haunted-mist Mountain in the map: Haunted-mist Mountain, the place where Golden Cloud Half-Saint pa.s.sed away. The Half-Saint fought to the death and became a mountain. His Spiritual Blood became a haunted mist that hasn't dissipated for over 500 years.

Zhang Ruochen was moved by this. He looked far into the distance and thought, "The mountain is the grave of the Half-Saint."

Golden Cloud Half-Saint was an extremely powerful man. He died there when he fought against the Four-winged Earth Dragon 500 years ago. His body had turned into a mountain and his Spiritual Blood had formed the eternal Haunted-mist miasma.

"Will there be any strange creatures here? After all, this is the place where the Half-Saint pa.s.sed away."

Having put the map away, he stared at the Haunted-mist Mountain.

If his cultivation had reached the Heaven Realm, he would have to go immediately to Haunted-mist Mountain and seek the treasures the Half-Saint had left behind. However he was only in the Black Realm's Final State, he would surely die if he entered before he was ready.

Two students of Nothern Campus rushed towards Haunted-mist Mountain.

Yue Linchong ranked top seven on Nothern Campus, looked 20 years old with black eyebrows and a strong body. He held a map made of skins in his hand and said excitedly, "Sister Han, according to the map, Haunted-mist Mountain is just ahead, that's the place where Golden Cloud Half-Saint pa.s.sed away. There will be many Three Leaf Holy Clovers. All of them could equal many years of cultivation."

Lu Han ranked top 10 on Nothern Campus, had snow-white skin and a standard oval face. Although she wasn't as beautiful compared to Huang Yanchen and Duanmu Xingling, she was still very pretty indeed. Many geniuses fought for her attention in Nothern Campus.

In order to win Lu Han's heart, Yue Linchong told her the secret of Haunted-mist Mountain.

So they came there to find Three Leaf Holy Clovers.

With them they could enter the internal school of the School of the Martial Market and become masters.

"I've got the highest quality Anti-Poison Pearl ready, it can withstand the miasma of Haunted-mist Mountain."

Lu Han took out two white Anti-Poison Pearls. She ate one and handed the other to Yue Linchong.

Yue Linchong took it and looked towards Haunted-mist Mountain. All of a sudden he frowned and said coldly, "Someone is one step ahead of us and has taken all of the Three Leaf Holy Clovers at the foot of the mountain."

Seeing Zhang Ruochen's back through the miasma, Lu Han pulled out a long sword and shouted, "Who are you? Give us the Three Leaf Holy Clovers! As we are students of the School of the Martial Market, I will spare your life."

Yue Linchong grabbed his bow and a Carriage Breaking Arrow and aimed at Zhang Ruochen who was standing about 150 meters away.

Zhang Ruochen looked back and glanced at Yue Linchong and Lu Han. "Why should I give them to you, it grew there for anyone to pick."

Yue Linchong squinted his eyes slightly and said, "It's you, Zhang Ruochen, the No.1 of the freshman in the four-campus'."

"Do you know me?" Zhang Ruochen asked and tried to recall who he was. He could not remember.

"Two months ago I went to Western Campus and saw you fight on the Challenging Platform. With the power you had then you could have challenged the Warrior of the Division Profound. Give us the Three Leaf Holy Clovers and I will let you go," Yue Linchong said.

"Nonsense! So what if he is Zhang Ruochen, we're in Chikong Secret Mansion. The presbyter will never find out that we killed him." Lu Han stared at the jade box Zhang Ruochen was holding with a murderous look in her eyes.

Neither Yue Linchong or Lu Han was Warriors of the Division Profound. They had no ability to defeat Zhang Ruochen until they had broken through to the Earth Realm.

But after entering Chikong Secret Mansion they had reached the Earth Realm.

With their current power, they naturally looked down upon Zhang Ruochen.

Hearing what Lu Han had said, Yue Linchong eyes turned cold and he released the Carriage Breaking Arrow. It made a whistling sound as it travelled through the air and headed toward Zhang Ruochen like a fireball.

Zhang Ruochen frowned and immediately displayed Shadow of the Royal Wind Dragon, dodging the Carriage Breaking Arrow as he moved seven steps to the right.


The Carriage Breaking Arrow hit the ground behind him and created a large hole. The inscription on the arrowhead released a flame, burning the ground.

When Yue Linchong shot the arrow, Lu Han dashed out hard at a speed of 66 meters per second.

Within three seconds she was in front of Zhang Ruochen and stabbed towards his heart with her cold sword.

Zhang Ruochen bent his knees to keep his balance, held his sword firmly and unleashed Sacred Water-breaking Sword.


The Snow Dragon Sword struck the blade of Lu Han's sword with Icing air and changed the direction of her attack.

Lu Han was shocked. She jumped up into the air, rotated and stabbed 17 strikes towards Zhang Ruochen's vulnerable points.

Eternal God Emperor Chapter 164: Three Leaf Holy Clover

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