Eternal God Emperor Chapter 633 - The Conference Of Swordplay

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Chapter 633: The Conference of Swordplay

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“No wonder Di Yi can break through the Second Change in the Fish-Dragon Realm in such a short period. It turns out that he possesses a holy source.”

Zhang Ruochen nodded his head with a smile on his face as if something dawned on him.

Di Yi even left behind the holy source in order to escape. He knew what to give up and what to take up. Unfortunately, he failed.

“It is…a holy source.”

At the sight of the holy source on Zhang Ruochen's hand, the eyes of the Blackie, Mu Lingxi and the Orange Star Emissary lit up with excitement, and they huddled together to have a look at it, not concealing the amazement on their faces.

Each and every holy source was an incomparable priceless treasure. Not only could it help a Monk cultivate quicker, but also increase the odds for the Monk to become a Saint Being.

Even a Half-Saint would scramble to death for the treasure.

Even in strong powers like the Black Market, Martial Market Back, and the Heresy, one could never get a holy source when your cultivation was below the seventh level Half-Saint no matter how talented he was.

The fact that Di Yi could possess a holy source when his cultivation was only in the Fish-Dragon Realm was actually a first.

“Good things should be split among friends”

Blackie kicked his legs and turned into a black shadow that flew to pounce on the holy source.

Zhang Ruochen withdrew his arm and avoided Blackie's attack.

After Blackie pounced in vain, he fell on the ground. His body did a somersault causing his chubby head to hit a huge boulder, cracking it open.

“Zhang Ruochen, you have the Dragon Pearl and the Sarira. So, the holy source is not going to be useful for you. Why would you take it all yourself? I propose we split the holy source among my disciples.”

Blackie rose up from the ground and said seriously.

Zhang Ruochen answered, “When did I ever say I was going to take it all for myself?”

After hearing this, the Orange Star Emissary's eyes brightened.

Even for her, an Emissary of the Black Market Excellence Hall, getting a holy source is extremely hard, and the item is precious.

If she could get one holy source from Zhang Ruochen, with the help of the Scroll World that could give her tenfold times, she was confident that her cultivation would be improved by leaps and bounds, and she could even leave Zhang Ruochen far behind.

Zhang Ruochen paid no attention to Orange Star Emissary. He was looking straight at Mu Lingxi when he said, “Senior sister apprentice Duanmu contributed to the battle the most and correspondingly the holy source should belong to her.”

Mu Lingxi was startled because she never expected Zhang Ruochen would give the holy source to her.

Even a Saintess in the Moon Wors.h.i.+p Sect could hardly get one holy source. After all, there was more than one Saintess in the Moon Wors.h.i.+p Sect and therefore it was impossible to allow each Saintess to have a holy source.

With a holy source, she could have at least a fifty-fifty chance to reach the Saint Realm.

That showed how valuable a holy source was!

“Senior sister apprentice Duanmu? What are you saying by Senior sister apprentice Duanmu?”

Obviously, Blackie did not recognize Mu Lingxi and he sized her up in bewilderment with his big round eyes.

Although Mu Lingxi was taken aback, she did not say anything to Zhang Ruochen. She simply reached out for the holy source and held it tightly in her hands.

Somehow, her heart was filled with joy, but not only because she acquired a holy source.

Zhang Ruochen gave her the holy source even with no hesitation. It proved that she held a place in his heart and that she wasn't someone who was dispensable to him.

She was seized with warmth and sweetness in her heart as if her intense desire for honey was met.

“Di Yi enjoys a n.o.ble ident.i.ty so there must be a Half-Saint hidden in the dark protecting him. Evil superiors from the Black Market will soon chase after us. We had better get out of here now.” Zhang Ruochen said.

Although the Red Wish Emissary managed to ask Half-Saints of Ye family to a.s.sail Di Yi's protectors, those protectors were, after all, Half-Saints and were bound to catch up if they noticed anything wrong.

It was also dangerous for Zhang Ruochen to engage with Half-Saints even when he had an imperial edict in his hand. Of course, he'd better get away as soon as possible.

Zhang Ruochen drew back the refining warrior and then brought his men out of the Eastern Evil Land and into the recess of the G.o.d Falling Ridge where they took a break.

After locating a remote valley, Zhang Ruochen took the Yin Yang Wooden Graphout and opened the doorway to s.p.a.ce and time, through which he led his man into the Scroll World.

It was Mu Lingxi's first time being in the Scroll World and everything there was very new to her. When her eyes fell on the Sacred Prime Tree in the center of the world, she was dumbfounded.

The Sacred Prime Tree towered high up into the sky, connecting the sky with the earth. Anyone could feel that the tree was inhaling and exhaling the Spiritual Qi, giving off a primitive and prodigious aura.

“I didn't' expect you to have such a Fascinating World. Unbelievable, truly unbelievable.” Mu Lingxi sighed.

Zhang Ruochen understood the connotation behind her words and could not help but ask, “Have you ever seen a similar s.p.a.ce world elsewhere?”

The expression of amazement on her face was immediately replaced by embarra.s.sment, she said, “It is a big secret of the Moon Wors.h.i.+p Sect. I had sworn to the Sect Master that I would never tell anyone. So, Zhang Ruochen…I am so sorry.”

Zhang Ruochen smiled and comforted her, “Senior sister apprentice, you do not have to say sorry to me. I should not have asked you this question. After all, it is the secret of your Sect. You are a Saintess, so you should keep it to yourself.”

Zhang Ruochen used to be the Crown Prince of the Sacred Central Empire. Surely, he has some ideas of the secrets of each power.

In fact, even if Mu Lingxi did not tell him, he would figure it out himself. It was just that something is better left unsaid.

He was a little impolite and inconsiderate just now which made Mu Lingxi feel embarra.s.sed.

Mu Lingxi bit her lips and let out a sigh without saying anything else, but she felt guiltier.

“Senior sister apprentice, don't think about it too much. Everyone has their own secrets, so do I. There is no need for you to feel guilty.”

Zhang Ruochen smiled and started talking something else, “Since we are now in the Scroll World, we might as well deal with my feud with Di Yi first.”

Thereupon, Zhang Ruochen pulled out the Auspicious Vase and clicked on it to activate the Inscription of s.p.a.ce inside it.


Instantly, streams of air gushed out of the Auspicious Vase.

Shrouded in the streams of air, Di Yi's body flew out of it. He was unaware that he was in the Scroll World, therefore, as soon as his foot touched the ground, he unfolded his imperial edict to trigger the Saint Power so he can try to escape.

“Where are you going?”

Blackie snorted in anger and threw his paws toward Di Yi. The act stirred the Heaven and Earth Spirit that condensed into a huge black paw print to bring Di Yi down from up in the air.

Although Blackie only exerted a little amount of power, it was able to break dozens of bones inside Di Yi's body, causing continuous bone-cracking noises. This was because Blackie's powers became much stronger in the Scroll World.

With a “Bang”, Di Yi fell down, leaving a two-meter-deep hole on the ground.

Di Yi was badly hurt and all he could do was lie in the hole without moving.

“How…could it be…?”

Di Yi's face was covered with beads of sweat and his body shook uncontrollably.

He refused to admit that he had lost. Ever since he was a child, people around him had been telling him that he was the best talent in the Kunlun's Field, that he was even more talented than the late Evil Emperor.

Brilliant as he was, how could he be defeated by Zhang Ruochen time and time again?


He could not accept the fact!

Zhang Ruochen walked up to Di Yi and grabbed his imperial edict away from his hands. Then, he frisked Di Yi's body and found a second imperial edict.

“He has two imperial edicts…”

Zhang Ruochen opened the second imperial edict and had a close look at it.

“September 9, the Conference of Swordplay.”

At last, Zhang Ruochen noticed the left corner on the imperial edict that bore the signature “Saint Lady” who was well-known across the Eastern Region for her talents.

Zhang Ruochen once heard a little about the Conference of Swordplay from Sword Saint Xuanji. People said that it was a party for swordsman under heaven and would be held centennially.

The conference of swordplay was not only an opportunity to perceive the sophistication of “Wordless Sword Manual” but also a gathering of influential masters. G.o.d's favored sons of the younger generation and sword saints of the older generation all came together at the Sword Pavilion.

Of course, Sword Saints of the older generation would either communicate with each other about the Tao of the sword they had gained from hundreds of years of practice or discuss the world's landscape.

A fierce fight was bound to take place among sword masters of the younger generation, and many obscure swordsmen also had a chance of shooting to fame at the conference of swordplay.

Why did the Saint Lady invite Di Yi to the conference of swordplay?

What kind of ident.i.ty would Saint Lady show up at the conference in?

The conference of swordplay held on September 9 this year would presumably be more than just competing based on sword techniques.

Zhang Ruochen slightly shook his head while rolling up the imperial edict. A stroke of his finger opened a s.p.a.ce Crack and thrust the imperial edict into it.

With a “wham”, the two imperial edicts were ripped to pieces by Power of s.p.a.ce and were thrown into the chaotic s.p.a.ce of the void.

As the imperial edicts bore the Saint Power of Saint Lady and the Black Market Excellence Hall Owner, they had to be eradicated without leaving any traces in order to avoid unnecessary calamity.

When the Orange Star Emissary saw Di Yi breathing his last breath, the expression in her eyes became colder. As she ran the genuine Qi insider her body, the Dragon Lock Chain on her wrist instantly glowed with scarlet holy light amidst sounds of “swoosh.”

Zhang Ruochen perceived the surging energy and looked up at the Orange Star Emissary.

Blackie turned grim too as he knew Zhang Ruochen was a little agitated and then suggested, “Yue Er, you should know that in the Scroll World, you could never spirit away Di Yi with your power. As your master, I advise you not to do stupid thing.”

The Orange Star Emissary showed a firm expression in her eyes, saying,” Four creeds are enshrined in the doctrine of Murong family, namely, loyalty, filial piety, audacity, integrity. ‘Loyalty' comes first among them.”

“Since I am the Emissary of the Black Market Excellence Hall and he is the young master, how can I watch him die in front of my eyes?”

Eternal God Emperor Chapter 633 - The Conference Of Swordplay

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