Eternal God Emperor Chapter 643 - Manifesting

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Chapter 643: Manifesting

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Zhao Yibing's old face appeared very malevolent. He couldn't stop trembling as he extended a finger toward Zhang Ruochen. Furiously, he said, “Bullsh*t. It is clear that you were cowardly and knelt down to beg for mercy. Furthermore, if you had not exposed the Treasure Hunting Compa.s.s, it would not have been stolen by the evil cultivators.”

Zhang Ruochen said lightly, “Junior Uncle Master, it wasn't like that. At the time, the situation was critical. If I hadn't handed over the Treasure Hunting Compa.s.s, how could we have returned to Zixia Sacred Mountain alive? Which is more important? The lives of our fellow apprentices or the Treasure Hunting Compa.s.s?”

“Of course, it is…”

Zhao Yibing was furious, but he had only started to speak when he noticed the trap that “Lin Yue” had dug for him and immediately closed his mouth.

He wanted to strike out and kill “Lin Yue”.

Although what Zhang Ruochen said was true, most people would not believe it.

Particularly the indoor disciples. Back in Cyan Cloud County, they had seen it happen themselves and had even less reason to believe that “Lin Yue” was actually that brilliant.

According to what Zhang Ruochen said, first, Zhao Yibing's greed had angered the evil cultivator, thus plunging the disciples into danger.

Secondly, it was “Lin Yue” putting aside his dignity and begging on his knees that had spared everyone's life.

In order to stay in the Yin and Yang sect, Zhang Ruochen had fully utilized his gift of speaking.

The elders present had not known the truth. After hearing Lin Yue's words, they immediately revealed solemn expressions.

If “Lin Yue” had truly endured humiliation and begged on his knees, thus saving the lives of more than 10 indoor disciples, would that not appear inhumane and unrighteous if they kicked him out?

What was the truth of the matter?

The eldest elder stood in the Taoist temple and looked toward the indoor disciples. “Zhao Han'er, is everything Brother Lin Yue said true?”

Zhao Han'er was the youngest, the purest, and thus the least likely to lie.

She hesitated but still walked forward. Pressing her lips together, she shook her head. “I… I don't know.”

Originally, Zhao Han'er had looked down on what Lin Yue had done. But hearing it now, it was true.

She worked hard to recall. If Lin Yue had not begged on his knees, perhaps all of them would have died at the hands of the evil cultivators.

If she said Brother Lin Yue was telling the truth, then Junior Uncle Master Zhao would certainly be punished by the Suzerain.

If she said that Brother Lin Yue was not telling the truth, then he could have his legs broken, be stripped of his cultivation, and kicked out of the suzerain.

What if Brother Lin Yue had actually saved them?

Given Zhao Han'er's age and experience, she could not tell what was real and what was fake. She did not dare to speak carelessly. Thus, she could only say, “I don't know”.

“Brother Lin Yue, I'm so sorry.”

Zhao Han'er began to cry. As she sniffed, she bowed to Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen immediately went forward and stretched out his hands to help her up. “Junior sister apprentice, you haven't done anything wrong to me. It is me who has done wrong to everyone else. It is my fault that I wasn't strong enough and couldn't use my true strength to protect everyone. I could only take a knee and beg for mercy, could only hope to save your lives.”

“In my opinion, your lives are more important than my dignity. One can still earn dignity back again. But if you had lost your lives, I would regret it for a lifetime.”

Xu Chen squeezed his fists and gritted his teeth together. In a low voice, he said, “Junior sister apprentice, be careful you aren't fooled by LIn Yue's clever words. This man is a coward who only knows how to bully the weak.”

Zhang Ruochen was normally a very well-tempered person. He did not like to be hostile toward others. However, Xu Chen had repeatedly acted against him, why?

He just wanted to stay in the Yin and Yang sect for a while to investigate the secret of the altar, did it have to be so difficult?

Zhang Ruochen stared toward Xu Chen and revealed two sharp eyes. “Junior fellow apprentice Xu, do you think a coward who can only bully the weak would be able to kill Serene Blue Emissary of the Black Market Excellence Hall? I have said this before, is killing Serene Blue Emissary not enough to recover the Suzerain's face?”

Xu Chen laughed mockingly. “You are full of lies, who could believe that you killed Serene Blue Emissary? Serene Blue Emissary could crush you to death with a single finger. Ask the Junior and Senior Uncle Masters here. Who would believe you could kill Serene Blue Emissary?”

Hearing Xu Chen's words, Zhao Han'er who had been feeling guilty, suddenly seemed to come to her senses with a feeling that she had been tricked by Lin Yue again.

“To think I actually trusted his words, how could he have killed the Serene Blue Emissary, that demon? He can't kill the Serene Blue Emissary yet he insists that he did, how can I trust the words of someone like this?” Zhao Han'er gritted her teeth and angry fire surged into her eyes.

Xu Chen glanced toward Zhao Han'er and saw the fury in her eyes. Joy immediately bloomed in his heart.

Publicly exposing Lin Yue's ugly truth not only helped him curry favor with Junior Uncle Master Zhao, it also left the junior sister apprentice with the impression he was a righteous gentleman. Xu Chen felt lightheaded and a vision of Lin Yue being kicked out of the Suzerain while he held the beauty appeared in his head.

Naturally. The name Serene Blue Emissary was like thunder. Even elders in the Taoist temple could only escape when they saw him. Thus, no one believed that Lin Yue had been able to kill Serene Blue Emissary.

Zhao Yibing was overjoyed. He knew that this was a good opportunity; he couldn't give “Lin Yue” any more chances to speak.

“Lin Yue, you lying and manipulative piece of sh*t. Today, I'm going to help the Long-living Yard clean up the house and strip you of your lifetime's cultivation.”

Zhao Yibing pushed off the ground with the tip of his toes and charged quickly toward Zhang Ruochen. His hands were squeezed into fists and he activated his entire body.

He wasn't going to strip “Lin Yue” of his cultivation, rather, he was going to kill him in one go so that he could never open his mouth again. When the time came and the Lord asked, he would use the excuse of having misjudged his attack.

Of course, Zhang Ruochen felt the murderous air on Zhao Yibing's body. Immediately, his pupils narrowed and he secretly converged his power.

He had not expected for this old man to be so vicious as to kill someone just to keep them silent.

Zhang Ruochen paid no attention to Zhao Yibing's cultivation at the Fifth Change of the Fish-dragon realm.

Just as he was preparing to fight Zhao Yibing, the human-shaped stone figure in the center of the Taoist Temple suddenly emanated a bright light.


A powerful wave of Saint Power emanated from it, rendering everyone unable to move.

Of course, this included Zhao Yibing.

He felt all of the Genuine Qi in his body suddenly congeal, unable to flow. A powerful Saint Power fell on his body and forced him to kneel on the ground.


A sound like thunder came from the mouth of the stone figure.

Zhang Ruochen immediately pulled back his Genuine Qi and stared at the stone figure only to see that it had opened its eyes. A burning holy light emanated from therein.

All the elders and indoor disciples knelt to the ground and said in unison, “Greetings, my Lord.”

The Lord of the Zixia Temple was known as “Half-saint Zixia” and was one of three Half-Saints in the Long-living Yard. Their cultivations were unfathomable, and they spent most of their time in secluded refinement, rarely showing themselves.

Most of the indoor disciples had never seen Half-saint Zixia.

Thus, Half-saint Zixia was G.o.d-like in their hearts. Naturally, they were very excited to see Half-saint Zixia's stone figure manifesting and their hearts were filled with respectful awe.

Zhao Yibing kneeled with both knees on the ground. Sweat was beading on his forehead and a bad feeling grew in his heart

Half-saint Zixia had not revealed its true body. This was only a Divine Soul within the stone figure and reaching the effect of a “manifestation”.

Even if Half-saint Zixia was thousands of kilometers away, when it manifested, the human-shaped stone figure would be able to have a tenth of Half-saint Zixia's power in a very short span of time.

This was a skill that only Half-Saints possessed.

Even one-tenth of their power was enough to force a Monk in the Ninth-Change of the Fish-dragon Realm to kneel and salute.

However, everyone discovered that “Lin Yue”, standing in the center of the Taoist Temple, was not kneeling. He had his hands squeezed into fists and was bowing toward the stone figure.

“Lin Yue, how dare you? The Lord is manifesting yet you dare not kneel?” Zhao Yibing said in a low voice.

Zhang Ruochen only gave a light glance toward Zhao Yibing, he had no intention of kneeling.

Although “Lin Yue” not kneeling made many elders unhappy, other people admired him.

After all, very few people could endure a Half-Saint's Holy Aura.

For “Lin Yue” to be able to do it, it was enough to prove that his cultivation was not as simple as they had thought.

Half-saint Zixia's gaze was also fixed on “Lin Yue” but there was not a trace of anger. On the contrary, it revealed a very appreciative gaze. “Not bad. No wonder you were able to break into the Fish-dragon Realm at 36 years old. You are indeed extraordinary.”


All of the indoor disciples present, including Xu Chen and Zhao Han'er, were struck by lightning. They looked in shock at “Lin Yue”.

He… he couldn't have already broken through to the Fish-dragon Realm?

“Im… impossible.”

Xu Chen's face became deathly pale.

Only a Monk at the Completion of the Heaven Realm could understand how difficult it was to break into the Fish-dragon Realm. How could Lin Yue have reached it so easily?

Given Lin Yue's age, once he broke into the Fish-dragon Realm, he could become a Saint's disciple. His status would be a level higher than all of the Elders present.

According to the rules of the Yin and Yang Sect, there was no need for Saint's disciples to salute a Half-Saint. Thus, it was okay for him not to kneel.

“Everyone may get up!”

Half-saint Zixia's stone figure gradually withdrew the Holy Aura and appeared very casual.

Everyone rose and returned to their seats. They were shocked and confused, not sure how things would develop from here.

Particularly Zhao Yibing and Xu Chen. They didn't even dare to breath too loudly.

Eternal God Emperor Chapter 643 - Manifesting

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