Eternal God Emperor Chapter 265 - Master Lei

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Chapter 265: Master Lei
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Having arrived at the topmost floor of the Silver Gowned Elder Hall, Zhang Ruochen finally met one of the most powerful people in Omen Ridge and the 36 commanderies— the Hall Master of the Silver Gowned Elder Hall.

“Greetings to Master Lei!” Zhang Ruochen and Si Xingkong bowed and saluted together.

Although Lei Jing would be 94 this year, he did not appear old. He appeared to be in his fifties with wide shoulders and bronzed skin. He seemed to be full of energy.

Once someone precticed his Martial Arts to the Heaven Realm, their physical quality would become strong like that of Advanced Stage savage beasts. They could control various processes in their body and reduce the aging of their bodies.

Also, Lei Jing's power was not simply because he was a warrior in the Heaven Realm.

He sat behind his study desk with a martial scroll in one hand, reading. A moment later he lifted his head slightly and said lightly, “Si Xingkong, you may go about your own business!”

“Yes, Hall Master.”

Si Xingkong respectfully saluted him again then left.

Only Zhang Ruochen and Lei Jing were left in the room.

Lei Jing put down the martial scroll in his hand and considered Zhang Ruochen curiously. He revealed the trace of a smile and asked, “You are Zhang Ruochen?”


Zhang Ruochen brought out the account book and said, “Hall Master, this…”

“No rus.h.!.+”

Lei Jing smiled and shook his head. He seemed much more interested in Zhang Ruochen than in the account book.

“I have heard that you name yourself as one of my Secret Disciples to the outside world. Was this true?”

Lei Jing's demeanor changed. His whole body began to emit a red light, and a strong wave of power flooded the room.

Zhang Ruochen's face paled. It seemed to him that Lei Jing had just turned into a giant volcano that was about to spit out molten lava which would envelop him like an ocean and consume his body.

“What a terrifying anger! Master Lei's martial cultivation has surpa.s.sed that of the Completion of the Heaven Realm and reached another realm, the Fish-Dragon Realm. Only a warrior of the Fish-Dragon Realm could have such terrifying anger.”

This was Zhang Ruochen's first meeting with a warrior of this level after he had arrived eight hundred years into the future.

With only the Martial Arts aura emitting from the other person, Zhang Ruochen was already having trouble breathing. His body felt like it was burning in molten lava.

Zhang Ruochen gritted his teeth and recited Scripture of Emperor Ming's Empyrean. Spiritual Fire and Genuine Qi moved through the 36 Meridians in his body and reduced some of the aura's pressure.

In the center of his forehead, a fire mark appeared like a glowing cinder.

Lei Jing's eyes lit up and a light cry came from his mouth.

After an indefinite amount of time, the terrifying pressure gradually faded.

Feeling the pressure ease, Zhang Ruochen immediately ceased his circulation exercises and once again look towards Lei Jing. To his surprise, he saw Lei Jing sitting as before beside his desk as if he had never moved.

“It seems like Master Lei was just testing me and that he was not truly angry.”

Zhang Ruochen gently released a breath and relaxed a little. If he really had offended someone of Lei Jing's ability, then even if he had three heads and six arms he would not be able to stand against him.

“Not bad. You were able to continue standing after I exerted 30% of my power to suppress you. You are the first warrior below the Heaven Realm to be able to do so.” Lei Jing smiled.

Zhang Ruochen stubbornly continued, “Your Secret Disciple is Chen Ruo. Perhaps there has been some misunderstanding.”

Lei Jing said, “Really? But I have heard that recently, Chen Ruo and Yuantai Suzerain's Han Qiu killed the Square Commandery's Army-Guarding Marquis Huo Yundu in Hugestone City. They also took away an account book from Mu Qing's mansion. Did you hear about this?”

Zhang Ruochen was a bit ashamed, he thought for a bit, then smiled bitterly. “In all honesty, I have used the name ‘Chen Ruo' as an alias, and I claimed myself as your Secret Disciple for my own safety. It is I who have acted wrongly in this matter. I accept your punishment!”

Lei Jing had not expected Zhang Ruochen to confess in such a straight-forward manner. He laughed loudly and said, “Interesting!”

Lei Jing became serious and said, “If you had been a mediocrity, I would have taught you a lesson to remember. If a mediocre person claimed to be my Secret Disciple, wouldn't that ruin my reputation?”

“However, I have tested you just now, and I have discovered that you are a great genius. If a genius claims to be my disciple and word gets out, others will believe that I am a good teacher and that I can recognize talent when I see it. That is not a bad thing!”

“What do you mean by that?” Asked Zhang Ruochen.

Lei Jing said, “I have a condition. If you can fulfill it, then not only will I not investigate this further, I will actually accept you as my Secret Disciple! What do you think?”

Zhang Ruochen asked, “What is the condition?”

Lei Jing did not immediately tell Zhang Ruochen his condition, rather he asked, “You have opened a total of 27 Meridians in your body, correct?”

“Yes,” Zhang Ruochen replied.

In reality, Zhang Ruochen had opened 36 Meridians in his body, but nine of them were Wonder Meridians. Even Lei Jing could not perceive them, and so he believed Zhang Ruochen only had 27 Meridians in his body.

Even so, Lei Jing was already very shocked.

“You must have practiced a very powerful exercise to be able to open up 27 Meridians. Seems like you've had a fortuitous encounter.” Lei Jing said.

Kunlun's Field has had a long history and has seen the birth of countless Saints. Even in Omen Ridge, there are secrets yet to be discovered.

Even if Zhang Ruochen had a fortuitous encounter, it was not strange. It only meant that he was very lucky.

Lei Jing nodded and did not ask what exercise Zhang Ruochen had practiced. He said, “My condition is this: You must break into the top 100 of the Earth Board this year, and you must help me do something.”

“What is it?” Asked Zhang Ruochen.

Lei Jing smiled, “Don't worry, I won't have you do anything too dangerous. Just focus on your practice, and once you have entered the top 100 on the Earth Board, I will tell you exactly what you have to do.”

Zhang Ruochen asked, “Why me?”

Lei Jing smiled, “First, you owe me a favor. Are you not going to repay it?”

“Second, there isn't a student in the School of the Martial Market who can make it into the top 100 of the Earth Board. Even the most powerful, Si Xingkong, is only ranked 4740 on the Earth Board. As to the other students on the Earth Board, they are all in the tens of thousands.”

“You have a great deal of natural talent, so it shouldn't be difficult for you to reach the top 1000. However, as to the top 100… Although it is difficult, you still have a chance. If I don't choose you, I have no other choice.”

The Earth Board covered a large area, including within it the entire Eastern Region and listed the top 100,000 warriors of the Earth Realm.

Most importantly, the Earth Board only accepted warriors below the age of 50. Once a warrior reached 50, then he or she could not enter the Earth Board, no matter how powerful their martial cultivation had grown.

If someone hadn't broken into the Heaven Realm by 50, then his room for improvement was very slim even if they eventually reached the Heaven Realm.

So the Earth Board was not only a symbol of power, but also a demonstration of talent and potential.

In the entire 36 commanderies of Omen Ridge, only a total of 17 people have entered the Earth Board. Among them, seven were young warriors under the age of 30.

Of them, the highest ranked was Si Xingkong, who was ranked the 4740th.

The second highest was Zhang Tiangui, who had just broken into the Completion of the Earth Realm. He was the 5040th.

The third was a young prodigy from the Black Market named Hong Yu. He was ranked the 9470th.

The rest of the warriors were ranked below 10,000th.

Of course, the Lady Saint from the Moon Wors.h.i.+p Demonic Sect was also on the Earth Board and was among the first 100. Her power was unfathomable. However, she was only seen once in Yunwu Commandery, and so no one considered her a warrior of Omen Ridge. Most people believe she had already left Omen Ridge.

Zhang Ruochen said, “Hall Master, each of the warriors in the top 100 is Genius prodigies of the Eastern Region. It will be difficult to reach that level.”

“Are you not confident in your abilities?” Lei Jing asked.

Zhang Ruochen shook his head and said, “Of course I have confidence. But, why must I enter the top 100 of the Earth Board?”

“Because this is the least of the conditions if you want to become my Secret Disciple.”

In reality, Zhang Ruochen did not actually want to be Lei Jing's Secret Disciple because Lei Jing had nothing to teach Zhang Ruochen the subject of martial arts. However, he had borrowed Lei Jing's name, so he owed him a favor.

What was owed must be repaid.

Zhang Ruochen replied, “Very well! I promise you that I will enter the top 100 of the Earth Board within a year.”

Lei Jing nodded with satisfaction and added a reminder, “Everyone probably knows that Chen Ruo and Zhang Ruochen are the same person by now. I don't care why you chose this alias to use at first, but after your ident.i.ty has been revealed, let me know if you run into any trouble. In the Omen Ridge, there are few matters and people I can't deal with.”

Zhang Ruochen replied, “I can deal with ordinary enemies, and I try not to anger those much more powerful than me. At the moment, I won't need to bother you. Of course, if I do run into trouble in the future, I will come ask for your help.”

Lei Jing smiled, “Good! Now, you can bring that account book and let me have a look.”

Zhang Ruochen placed the account book on the desk in front of Lei Jing.

Picking up the account book, Lei Jing began to read. Gradually his brow furrowed deeper and deeper, and a sternness crept into his gaze.


Lei Jing threw the account book on the table and sneered coldly, “Square Commandery Prince sure is brave. Does he think the Square Commandery is his private property? Zhang Ruochen, you can go! I will immediately deliver this account book to the East Region Saint Mansion and have the authorities of the First Central Empire deal with the Square Commandery Prince. It's a death sentence to work with the Black Market and against the interests of the Empire.”

Eternal God Emperor Chapter 265 - Master Lei

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