Eternal God Emperor Chapter 456 - Master Gathering

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Chapter 456: Master Gathering

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With joyfulness in his eyes, Zhang Ruochen immediately asked, “Which kind of Five Elements Spirit Treasure did you get in the Five Elements Primitive World?”

In the Five Elements Primitive World, he had obtained three kinds of Five Elements Spirit Treasures, including a Black Glazed Spinel, a Purple Agarwood, and a Golden Ganoderma Lucidum.

However, he still lacked two kinds of Spirit Treasures.

Naturally, he was ambitious in Martial Arts. He did not only want to practice into the Treasured Bodies of Double Spirits or the Treasured Body of Three Spirits, but also the Five Elements Chaotic Body, which was beyond Saintly Being.

Without ambition, how could a man become a person of importance?

Without ambition, how could a warrior become a peerless superior?

“One of the Spirit Treasures is the b.l.o.o.d.y Saint-cultivating Soil.”

Duanmu Xingling blinked her eyes and said with a smile, “If you can defeat Lu Fantian, I can give you b.l.o.o.d.y Saint-cultivating Soil.”

“No. I also got three kinds of Five Elements Spirit Treasures, so I can exchange the Black Glazed Spinel and the Purple Agarwood with you,” Zhang Ruochen said.

Until he had developed to the Treasured Body of Metal Spirit, Zhang Ruochen would not exchange or sell the Golden Ganoderma Lucidum because it was rare. However, he had many Black Glazed Spinels and Purple Agarwood.

Duanmu Xingling could feel Zhang Ruochen's estrangement from the conversation.

He had never refused her gifts before.

She looked at him deeply and said nothing.


Suddenly, a deafening yell was heard in the Coliseum of the Martial Market. All the people stood up and called the name, “Lu Fantian.”

While Zhang Ruochen was communicating with Duanmu Xingling, Lu Fantian defeated Yi Qusheng, who fell off the Heavenly Ring.

Actually, Yi Qusheng ranked in the top 10,000 on the Heaven Board , so he could compete with superiors of the First Change in the Fish-Dragon Realm. Unexpectedly, he had lost to Lu Fantian so quickly that he only had time to use 92 movements.

“Surprisingly, Lu Fantian, at the Final State of the Heaven Realm, was able to defeat Yi Qusheng within 100 movements. Within five years, he will definitely be in the Completion of Heaven Realm. After several years' hard work, he will have a chance to enter the top 10 on the Heaven Board .”

“Impossible! It's 10 or 100 times harder than breaking through to the Fish-Dragon Realm. The first 10 people on the Heaven Board are Saintly Beings, blessed from above. They can fight against Saintly Beings in the same realm.”

“Haven't you discovered that Lu Fantian is not much weaker than those Saintly Beings now, based on his current strength?”

“What? Is he so strong now?”

All the people in the Coliseum of the Martial Market were stunned by Lu Fantian's strength. Some old masters of the Fish-dragon Realm predicted that he would have the chance to enter the top 10 on the Heaven Board within 10 years.

Throughout the whole of Kunlun's Field, millions of people had been listed on the Heaven Board . However, only those first 100 or 10 persons would be remembered and known in the world.

So, the top 10 on the Heaven Board was a great honor.

If in a prolific period of great talents, even Saintly Beings might not be able to enter the top 10 on the Heaven Board .

An elder in a purple robe sitting above the Heavenly Ring announced, “Lu Fantian of the Sword Sanctum defeats Yi Qusheng of the Hanging Sect. He replaces Yi Qusheng and rises to the 5800th position on the Heaven Board . At the same time, he obtains 287,000 military merits. Lu Fantian, do you still want to challenge?”

Lu Fantian stood in the center of the Heavenly Ring, turned around, and stared at Zhang Ruochen. He raised his arms and waved his sword, saying, “Zhang Ruochen, since you've come, let's have a fair fight. Today, I want to compete with the young king of the Eastern Region. I wonder how powerful you are.”

Following his eyes, all the people looked at Zhang Ruochen.

“What? Zhang Ruochen also came to the Coliseum of the Martial Market. Lu Fantian wants to fight him.” A surprised, young warrior, about 10 years old looked around for Zhang Ruochen.

A big, tall, bald man in a cotton garment, was sitting in the first row. He looked ugly and ferocious, like a butcher.

However, his eyes were extremely deep, and they sparkled with wisdom, revealing a temperament that contrasted sharply with his figure.

The bald man crossed his arms and said to the young man, “Didn't you know that? Today, I came specially to the Coliseum of the Martial Market to see them fight. It must be a splendid fight because both of them are top warriors. If they don't fight at least once, no one will know who is stronger.”

On his waist hung four tokens, including a black Yellow Iron Token, a green Black Copper Token, a white Earth Silver Token, and a golden Heaven Gold Token, which respectively represented that he entered the Yellow Board in the Yellow Realm, the Black Board in the Black Realm, the Earth Board in the Earth Realm, and the Heaven Board in the Heaven Realm.

The Yellow Iron Token was imprinted, “No. 1 on the Yellow Board.” The Black Copper Token was imprinted, “No. 1 on the Black Board.” The Earth Silver Token was imprinted, “No. 1 on the Earth Board.”

Covered by the other three tokens, the marking of the last Golden Heaven Token remained hidden. Naturally, his rank on the Heaven Board was unseen.

Startled by his ranks on the Yellow , Black , and Earth Boards , the young warrior did not dare to speak anymore.

On the left of the bald man sat a veiled young woman.

Her eyes were uncovered and very beautiful.

Naturally, she also saw the three tokens on the bald man's waist. With a pretended lightness, she snorted and said, “I don't think so. Zhang Ruochen is only about 20 years old, and he has only practiced Martial Arts for a few years. However, Lu Fantian has already turned 26, so his martial cultivation must surpa.s.s Zhang Ruochen's.”

The bald man said, “In this fight, you're optimistic about Lu Fantian?”

The veiled woman laughed and said, “If they were in the same realm, Zhang Ruochen might be stronger than Lu Fantian. But for now, Zhang Ruochen still can't compete with Lu Fantian.”

“Perhaps!” The bald man said.

Today, many masters on the Heaven Board hid in the Coliseum of the Martial Market, among whom were some who had been famous for years. Usually, they sought experience in the Battlefield of the Primitive World or secluded themselves for refining.

When they heard that Lu Fantian wanted to openly challenge Zhang Ruochen, one of Six Great Kings among the new generation, many superiors on theHeaven Board who had secluded themselves for refining came specially to watch the battle.

Many of them wanted to know Zhang Ruochen's actual strength. Meanwhile, they wondered if he deserved the name “a young king.”

If he did not deserve it, many people would take action to replace him.

The name “young king” could almost be compared with “the top ten on theHeaven Board .”

Trees leave a shadow, and people want to be famous.

Many young warriors stood beneath and looked up to them. They were always ready to rush up and dethrone them.

Under the public gaze, Zhang Ruochen carried the Ancient Abyss Sword behind his back, walked to the Heavenly Ring step by step, and stood opposite Lu Fantian.

In an instant, the whole Coliseum of the Martial Market quieted down. Countless eyes were blazing.

Zhang Ruochen looked calm and undisturbed, saying, “Brother Lu, you must have consumed a lot of Genuine Qi since you've fought eight times. I can wait an hour for you. Let's fight after you are restored to your peak.”

Lu Fantian instantly took a Huiqi Pill and began to restore his Genuine Qi in the center of the Heavenly Ring.

He obviously valued this battle very much. He knew that Zhang Ruochen was hard to conquer, so he would not be sloppy.

Meanwhile, Zhang Ruochen also closed his eyes to recall Kong Lanyou's Sacred Guiding Sword. He wanted to keep comprehending the subtle sword technique.

Although he had achieved Heart Integrated into Sword, he was just at the Initial Stage. Among those in the Heaven Realm and the Fish-dragon Realm, he was very remarkable. However, he still lagged far behind Saints.

If he could comprehend even 10% or 20% of the essence of Kong Lanyou's Sacred Guiding Sword, he would definitely be able to enter the Intermediate Stage of Heart Integrated into Sword.

An hour pa.s.sed very quickly.

Lu Fantian opened his sharp, intelligent eyes again, and said, “Zhang Ruochen, I'm restored to my peak. Draw your sword!”

“Ok, the let's fight!”

Without opening his eyes, Zhang Ruochen mobilized Qi with his fingers. The Ancient Abyss Sword immediately flew out of its sheath and fell into his hands.


He casually displayed one movement, which was “Sacred Guiding Sword.” He had practiced it in his mind numerous times.

It seemed just one stroke, but it actually formed countless sword shadows. In the end, they converged into a sword path that extended more than 10 meters in front of Lu Fantian.

Just a simple Inferior Cla.s.s, Spiritual Stage sword technique deeply troubled Lu Fantian, who could not stand up to it. His momentum instantly broke down, and he had to retreat quickly.

If he had not retreated, he would have been unable to deal with Zhang Ruochen's next sword movements.

Kong Lanyou's cultivation was so amazing that her “Sacred Guiding Sword” technique was almost a saint's teaching. She not only had a sword fight with Zhang Ruochen, but she also gave him directions.

Zhang Ruochen was so smart that he had understood many truths of the movement in one day. Unconsciously, his sword techniques improved a lot.

That was why he could force such a superior like Lu Fantian to draw back with only “Sacred Guiding Sword.”

Lu Fantian stood firm, bending his legs and lowering himself into a defensive stance to meet Zhang Ruochen's fierce sword attack. He discovered that Zhang Ruochen was still using the sword technique “Sacred Guiding Sword” as his second movement.

“Why this movement again?”

Lu Fantian developed a headache.

This sword technique seemed simple, but it actually had infinite variation, so he did not dare to stay in its path.

Thus, he dodged again.

Until Zhang Ruochen showed a killing move, Lu Fantian would keep cautious.

He had to prove his strength as a young king in this battle. He could not afford to be defeated or careless.

Many of warriors sitting on the Spectator Stand were confused and puzzled at this fight.

“Zhang Ruochen is fighting Lu Fantian with his eyes closed. Is he so arrogant?” The veiled woman said, frowning.

She thought that Zhang Ruochen disrespected his opponent, as he was fighting Lu Fantian with his eyes closed.

Duanmu Xingling laughed and said, “Whether he fights with eyes opened or closed, there is no difference. Don't you know that Zhang Ruochen's talent in Spiritual Power is better than that of his martial arts?”

Then, Duanmu Xingling cupped her chin, stared at the Heavenly Ring with her beautiful eyes, and said, “Moreover, I think that Zhang Ruochen is not fighting but coming into some practicing state. He must be comprehending a profound sword technique.”

Eternal God Emperor Chapter 456 - Master Gathering

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