Eternal God Emperor Chapter 457 - Sacred Wood Sphere

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Chapter 457: Sacred Wood Sphere

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“Is Zhang Ruochen perceiving profound sword techniques?” Duanmu Xingling said.

The masked woman's eyes flashed disapprovingly, showing her disagreement with Duanmu Xingling's words.

She said coldly, “What Zhang Ruochen wielded is the Sacred Sword Skill, which is a low-cla.s.s Spiritual martial technique of the Yin and Yang Sect. In Yin and Yang Sect, even a warrior of the Black Realm can succeed in the practice of this sword technique. Even if it is profound, how deep could it be?”

Despite the thin veil covering her face, her extraordinary temperament could not be concealed. One can imagine that under the veil must be a stunning face.

Her bright eyes were filled with scorn. She regarded Zhang Ruochen as a young and famous warrior who had become conceited because of his success and reputation.

From her point of view, people like Zhang Ruochen were like frogs at the bottom of a well – once they met a real superior, they would easily fall into a bottomless abyss.

Duanmu Xingling turned her eyes and said, “The ‘profound' that I was talking about is not sword technique movement but the sword technique realm contained in the sword technique. Don't you know that Zhang Ruochen has achieved Heart Integrated into Sword? Among young warriors, Zhang Ruochen has a peerless sword technique realm.”

“That's not necessarily true. Seeing as Zhang Ruochen was able to practice Heart Integrated into Sword, naturally, there may be a sword technique genius who can also practice Heart Integrated into Sword realm.”

The masked girl spoke in a confrontational manner while staring coldly at Duanmu Xingling.

Duanmu Xingling made no concessions and laughed. “If that is so, then we shall wait and see. The Coliseum is right there. The outcome will be decided soon.”

On the Heavenly Ring, Lu Fantian had dodged Zhang Ruochen's Sacred Guiding Sword seventeen times in a row.

Lu Xuan stood up with her hands on her hips and shouted with some annoyance. “Elder brother, can you do it or not? If not, get out of the Coliseum immediately. You cannot bring disgrace upon the Sword Sanctum!”

Hearing this, Lu Fantian became fl.u.s.tered. He glared at Lu Xuan grimly.

It wasn't just Lu Xuan – the other warriors in the Coliseum of Martial Market were getting impatient.

Originally, they thought it would be a wonderful battle between two geniuses; they did not expect it to be so boring.

From beginning to end, Zhang Ruochen only attacked Lu Fantian with the same sword technique, while Lu Fantian just kept evading Zhang Ruochen's attack.

If this kept on, what was there to see?

Actually, Lu Fantian fought humbly and had no choice but to keep evading because he could not antic.i.p.ate Zhang Ruochen's next movements.

After seventeen movements, Lu Fantian finally found resolve in his heart and was ready to fight back.

When Zhang Ruochen displayed his 18th Sacred Guiding Sword, Lu Fantian counter-attacked instead of evading. Lu Fantian held a long sword inlaid with gold wires and stabbed straight forward.

“Cras.h.!.+ Cras.h.!.+”

The two swords interlocked, giving off sparks. There was a shrill noise from the friction.

Finally, a real fight. The Coliseum of the Martial Market began to settle down again.

The talents of the Heaven Board who had come especially to watch this battle concentrated their attention on the match with bated breaths. They wanted to see the sword techniques of Zhang Ruochen and Lu Fantian – just how good were they?

With one move, Zhang Ruochen and Lu Fantian separated and retreated to different sides.

In just a few moments, Lu Fantian launched an attack. Holding the hilt, he mobilized the Genuine Qi from his entire body and gathered it in his arms, and then he suddenly slammed down his sword.

It was a very domineering sword.

It was smooth and clean, without any fancy tricks.

From the Spectator Stand, the crowd could clearly see that a sword Qi wave flew out of Lu Fantian's sword, separating the air left and right to form a magnificent sword technique waterfall.

Faintly, everyone could hear the rumbling sound of a waterfall, shaking their souls.

“That sword is terrifying. Lu Fantian is indeed very strong. The power of his sword alone is enough to fight recklessly against a Monk in the First Change in the Fish-dragon Realm.” Duanmu Xingling's heart tightened and she began to worry about Zhang Ruochen.

Lu Fantian's power was beyond Duanmu Xingling's expectation.

Actually, the Fish-dragon Realm was above the realm of humans.

A person who has reached the First Change in the Fish-dragon Realm, also called Innate Embryonic Breath, could make Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi as his or her food to reach the Foodless Realm.

Such persons were called Monk instead of Warrior.

As long as the person entered the state of genuine fetal respiration, he or she would not suffocate or starve to death even if they slept at the bottom of the river for one year. It was truly beyond the realm of mortals, therefore, countless warriors yearned for it.

Lu Fantian was powerful enough to fight against a Monk in the First Change in the Fish-dragon Realm.

Facing Lu Fantian's strong sword, Zhang Ruochen still closed his eyes.

He still kept calm and fought against Lu Fantian with another move of Sacred Guiding Sword.

However, this move seemed to be a bit different from his previous moves.


Zhang Ruochen still shook his arms, but then, the sword Qi from him showed a series of shadows and flew in all directions, forming six sword paths.

“Bang! Bang!”

The sword Qi hit each other and made a series of crackles.

Afterward, Zhang Ruochen continued to display his sword movement. In a flash, 36 moves of Sacred Guiding Sword were shown. Each move had a different sword technique.

Meanwhile, Lu Fantian kept fighting against Zhang Ruochen's sword techniques but failed to hit back.

“How did this happen? How can Zhang Ruochen's low-cla.s.s of Spiritual sword technique suppress me?”

“I was wrong. Zhang Ruochen is using swordplay comprehension. His seemingly simple sword technique contains the true essence of sword techniques.”

Only by breaking Zhang Ruochen's state of swordplay comprehension could Lu Fantian cause Zhang Ruochen to stumble.

Only in this way could Lu Fantian get an advantage.

After thinking about this, Lu Fantian stopped fighting Zhang Ruochen and retreated to the edge of the Coliseum. Then, with both hands, he lifted the combat sword over his head.

He mobilized the Qi of Sacred Tree in his body to form a Sacred Wood Sphere.

On the Coliseum, the Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi began to condense into green vines and leaves that were tougher than real vines and sharper than real leaves.

Vines and leaves grew crazily, covering the whole Coliseum.

Only the Body of Sacred Tree could practice the Sacred Wood Sphere.

In this domain, everything was controlled by Lu Fantian.

Even a simple leaf could immediately become a sharp weapon.

Sensing the impending danger, Zhang Ruochen woke up from the state of swordplay comprehension. Without hesitation, he instinctively wielded the sword, cut the vines and leaves, and struck Lu Fantian.

“Zhang Ruochen, you've finally entered the state of battle!” Lu Fantian said.

Seeing Zhang Ruochen launch an attack, Lu Fantian was not afraid but happy. He manipulated a root vine to smash toward Zhang Ruochen.

Every vine was a sword.

Dozens of vines collided with Zhang Ruochen's Celestial Bodys.h.i.+eld, making a loud shock sound of Genuine Qi, cracking Zhang Ruochen's sword movement and forcing him to take two steps backward.

Eternal God Emperor Chapter 457 - Sacred Wood Sphere

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