Eternal God Emperor Chapter 458 - The Universal Sword Technique

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Chapter 458: The Universal Sword Technique

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“It is indeed the Sacred Wood Sphere. Kind of interesting.” Zhang Ruochen smiled.

Of course, Zhang Ruochen could have also released the s.p.a.ce Domain to meet Lu Fantian's Sacred Wood Sphere head on, but he did not.

He wanted to refine his fighting skills in this battle. He hoped that he could defeat a stronger, superior force like Kong Lanyou, with a weak, backward force.

That was to win with skill.

“Zhang Ruochen, a really powerful movement still lies ahead.”

Lu Fantian roared loudly, “Sacred Tree Martial Soul!”

He released his Martial Soul and it appeared above him.

Lu Fantian's Martial Soul was not a human shape but a giant Sacred Tree. It was very much like the Sacred Prime Tree painted on the Yin Yang Wooden Graph.

Although it was just an illusory image, it still gave people a feeling of grandeur and magnificence. It was like a sky-high Divine Tree rooted in the center of the Heavenly Ring.

“Sacred Tree Martial Soul.” Zhang Ruochen narrowed his eyes.

Very few people could practice into a diverse Martial Soul.

Such people were either particularly strong or particularly weak.

Obviously, Lu Fantian was the former.

Under the support of the Martial Soul, Lu Fantian's strength increased considerably. The green light exuded from his body turned the entire Martial Market battle into a world of green.

Zhang Ruochen could clearly feel that the Martial Soul's strength was equal to a Monk at the Fourth Change of the Fish-dragon Realm. It was very powerful.

“Deadwood can be carved.”

Lu Fantian rushed forward. In the blink of an eye, he had reached Zhang Ruochen's side and applied a Spiritual Stage Superior cla.s.s sword technique, the Deadwood Sword Technique.

A stroke of sharp breath attacked toward Zhang Ruochen's waist.

Zhang Ruochen's body shrank. He moved backward one step and fended off with his sword.


A powerful force pa.s.sed into his arms through the blade. His arm went numb, and the Abyss Ancient Sword almost flew out of his hand.

With a bang, the tip of the combat sword pierced through his robe, leaving a 3-centimeter wound on his waist.

Zhang Ruochen immediately regulated his Genuine Qi. His feet glided backward smoothly. He landed ten meters away and stood firm.

A masked woman in the Spectator Stand smiled. “The so-called Six Young Kings of the Eastern Regions are nothing compared to this. If Lu Fantian's sword was quicker, that attack would have opened Zhang Ruochen's intestines.”

“Lu Fantian may have the Sacred Wood Sphere and the Sacred Tree Martial Soul; Zhang Ruochen has a few tricks up his sleeve too.” Duanmu Xingling sneered.

In fact, Duanmu Xingling was also very confused. Why had Zhang Ruochen not displayed his Martial Soul? Did he think that he could defeat Lu Fantian without it?

She shook her head.

Although she was quite confident in Zhang Ruochen's strength, Lu Fantian was not weak. Especially, his Martial Soul, it was more powerful than many Monks in the Fish-dragon Realm. He was indeed a master among masters.

Zhang Ruochen looked at the hole in his clothes and gently shook his head. “I wasn't able to dodge it completely. The disparity between Kong Lanyou and me is so large.”

If it were Kong Lanyou, she could certainly have ducked Lu Fantian's sword with ease. She would have even fought back and hurt him.

“Right! If I were Kong Lanyou, how would I have held Lu Fantian's sword back?”

A bright light flashed through his mind. He seemed to enter a state of swordplay comprehension.

Lu Rutian could tell that something was wrong with Zhang Ruochen. “His attention seems to not be focused on the battle. He seems to be refining something.”

“This cannot not be allowed.”

“He cannot enter a state of refining. If that happens, even if I defeat him, I will not be recognized and approved by everyone.”

Lu Fantian regulated his Genuine Qi fully and roared, “Zhang Ruochen, are you here to fight or not?”

“I am certainly here to fight,” Zhang Rouchen replied. “As long as you force me to use the power of the Martial Soul, I will do my best to fight with you. If not, your strength is only enough to accompany me while I refine.”

What he had said sounded light, but actually it was very domineering, full of confidence and pride. Even if Lu Fantian had the Body of Sacred Tree, he could only help Zhang Rouchen's swordplay comprehension.

“He is so handsome! My brother is much weaker compared to him!”

Lu Xuan's eyes sparkled. She gazed at Zhang Ruochen pa.s.sionately.

Duanmu Xingling's gaze also sharpened. She realized for the first time that Zhang Ruochen was actually confident.

Soon, she saw why.

Zhang Ruochen was a humble person in daily life. However, he was full of ambition, confidence and endless fighting spirit when it came to the Martial Arts.

Standing on the Coliseum, he was a warrior. If anyone wanted to challenge him, he must take out his strength and make Zhang Ruochen feel that he was qualified to fight with him.

“The king of the younger generation is indeed very proud. If Lu Fantian hadn't tried, I would have liked to fight with him,” the masked woman said with a sneer. “When he is defeated ruthlessly, he will know that there is always someone better than him. From that time on, he will converge his arrogance.”

It wasn't just the masked woman. Some masters on the Heaven Board who were standing outside also felt that Zhang Ruochen was too arrogant. Among them, several top-ranking masters were eager for a fight. They were ready to ascend the Heavenly Ring and teach Zhang Ruochen a lesson.

Lu Fantian was also irritated by Zhang Ruochen's words. He snorted coldly. “In that case, I won't be modest anymore.”

“Heaven, earth and human create all things.”

The Gold Wire Sword revolved in a circle on Lu Fantian's hand. It formed into countless sword Qi shadows and gathered into a sphere, letting out a swoos.h.i.+ng sound.

The sword Qi sphere spun. It quickly moved toward Zhang Ruochen.

“One makes two (Yin and Yang), two make three (Heaven, earth and human), three generate all things. It is the Universal Sword Technique,” Zhang Ruochen said.

Many people in the coliseum also recognized the sword technique Lu Fantian was applying. They let out sounds of amazement.

The Universal Sword Technique was an Inferior Cla.s.s Ghost Level sword technique. It contained infinite changes; it was also endless.

With cultivation in the Heaven Realm, he had been able to practice a Ghost Level martial technique into the succeed. It certainly shocked many people.

Even Zhang Ruochen was slightly surprised.

A few months prior, when Zhang Ruochen and Di Yi had fought in the Underwater Dragon Palace, Di Yi had practiced the Inferior Cla.s.s Ghost Level techniques, Human King Fist and Hades Sword Skill into Small Success.

In the Stairway to Heaven, when Zhang Ruochen had fought against Bu Qianfan, the Inferior Cla.s.s Ghost Level martial technique, broadsword technique of Army Suppressing and Prestige Destroying Bu Qianfan applied had been close to the level of the succeed.

Now, what level they were in was unknown.

Zhang Ruochen had not yet succeeded in practicing any type of Ghost Level martial arts.

Even the Sword Ripple of Ten Channels was only a Superior cla.s.s Spiritual Stage martial technique. Only the power of ten fingers linked could reach the Inferior Cla.s.s of Ghost Level.

Lu Fantian was not much older than them, but it was indeed remarkable that he could practice an Inferior Cla.s.s Ghost Level martial technique into succeed.

Eternal God Emperor Chapter 458 - The Universal Sword Technique

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