Eternal God Emperor Chapter 490 - Divine Dragon Chaotic Tower Of The Sun And The Moon

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Chapter 490: Divine Dragon Chaotic Tower of the Sun and the Moon

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Zhang Ruochen set a short-term goal for himself to acc.u.mulate a million military merits in the Primitive World of Wood Spirit.

Right now, there were only 18 warriors on the Heaven Board with over a million merits.

This meant that once he reached a million military merits, he would enter the Heaven Board's top 20.

Ao Xinyan, the Orange Star Emissary and Blackie caught up with him. They had killed all the Centurial Treemen.

The Orange Star Emissary placed her hands on her hips with a look of arrogance. “You dare to intrude the Blackwood Field, that only means death. You'll see, you will all die in the next three days.”

“The Millennial Treemen's blood is known as the Blood of Wood Spirit. They are rare Spiritual Doses that can help warriors practice the Treasured Body of Wood. Besides that, taking the Blood of Wood Spirit can promote a warrior's cultivation.”

Zhang Ruochen looked at the Orange Star Emissary and gave her a palm-sized jade bottle. He ordered her like a maid, “Go fill this up with the Blood of Wood Spirit.”

“Who do you think you are?”

The Orange Star Emissary glared at him.

Zhang Ruochen said, “As a prisoner, you will be treated like one. If you refuse to obey me, I can kill you now since you are useless to me.”

She grew fearful when she saw that Zhang Ruochen appeared to be calm. She did not defy his order.

As long as she remained alive, there would surely be a chance to escape in the future.

She took the jade bottle and observed it. A bottle this small would surely be filled up in a nick of time. There was no need to seethe over a small matter like this. So she agreed.

However when she began to collect the Millennial Treemen's blood, she realized that no matter what, the palm-sized jade bottle could never be fully filled.

“Could this be a s.p.a.ce Treasure?”

She had to be resilient and continue collecting if she wanted to a.s.sess how much this bottle could hold.

It was indeed a s.p.a.ce Treasure crafted by Zhang Ruochen. It was called the Auspicious Vase. The s.p.a.ce inside the bottle was so vast that it could hold an entire well of water.

The Auspicious Vase could even hold a lake.

Ao Xinyan was surprised too. She stared at the jade bottle, slightly dazed. “Group Leader, is that a real s.p.a.ce Treasure?”

Zhang Ruochen nodded. “It's just an inferior cla.s.s s.p.a.ce Treasure, it is called the Auspicious Vase. However, the is just a semi-finished product. It doesn't exert its full power yet. You can try by exuding you Genuine Qi into it; you will see some wonderful changes.”

Ao Xinyan could not control her curiosity. She walked over and s.n.a.t.c.hed the Auspicious Vase. She held it with both hands and exuded her Genuine Qi into it.

The inscriptions on its surface let out white lights.

Then a small vortex appeared, forming a suction. The Millennial Treeman's blood flew upwards and gathered. The droplets became a small floating river and flew into the bottle.


In a brief moment, the Millenial Treeman's blood completely filled the bottle.

Ao Xinyan retrieved her Genuine Qi. The inscriptions slowly dimmed.

She shook the bottle. Apparently, the bottle was not full.

“Amazing! It absorbs the Millennial Treeman's blood all on its own!” Ao Xinyan was astonished.

The Orange Star Emissary beside her was also amazed.

Zhang Ruochen retrieved the jade bottle. “It's not finished yet. The real Auspicious Vase can hold a strong opponent, imprison them and even refine them. Legend says that in the Middle Ancient Times, Saint Monk Xumi used the Auspicious Vase to hold a Great Saint and almost refined him.”

“Group Leader, where did your semi-finished product come from?” Ao Xinyan stared at the jade bottle and blinked in disbelief.

Zhang Ruochen just smiled. He kept the bottle and did not reply.

After leaving the woods, Zhang Ruochen and his party continued to kill the other Treemen.

After a day, Zhang Ruochen had killed 36 Millennial Treemen. Among them, there were even five Bimillennial Treemen. Their strength was equivalent to a monk at the Second Change of the Fish-dragon Realm.

After killing them, he acc.u.mulated 81,000 military merits, which totaled up to be 595,000 military merits.

Thanks to his Skeye, he could determine the location of every Treeman. If it was any other warrior on the Heaven Board, they would not be racking up the kills this fast.

At the same time, the other warriors would not be so efficient in hiding their position. With this many killer Treemen, they would likely expose their position and be sieged by them.

There was only one person from the Heaven Realm capable of acc.u.mulating more than 80,000 military merits in a day, and that person was Zhang Ruochen.

When night fell, Zhang Ruochen, Ao Xinyan, the Orange Star Emissary and Blackie hid and rested. They did not continue the killing spree.

Blackie set up two arrays, a Second-Cla.s.s Hiding Array and a Fourth Cla.s.s defensive strategy.

They sat inside the array. The creatures outside the array could not see the array or hear anything.

There was a fire inside the array.

Blackie was using a fourth level Genuine Martial Arms Bronze Spear to roast a savage beast's thigh. It was golden brown and gave off the distinctive aroma of meat.

Blackie took Millennial Treeman's blood and sprinkled it on the meat. The fragrance of the wood blended with the aroma of the meat.

Blackie was a skillful cook. Even Ao Xinyan could not resist the temptation and gently licked her lips. The Orange Star Emissary caught sight of the huge chunk of meat and had to control her hunger pangs.

Blackie's roasted meat was indeed one of the best.

Only Zhang Ruochen who was always on his guard did not relax. “We cleared out almost all the treemen in this area. Such a huge commotion will definitely create a stir within the treeman tribe, and expose our position. There won't be an easy way out for the next few days. The further we get to the center of the Blackwood Field, the more difficult our journey is going to be.”

“We can only succeed if we persistently advance our cultivation and get stronger.”

He took out the Auspicious Vase and had a sip of Blood of Wood Spirit. Then he started refining.

Ao Xinyan distracted herself from the savage meat and took out her Glazed Crystal to continue to refine. She wanted to practice into a Treasured Body of Water Spirit and break through to the Completion of the Heaven Realm. Then, she could become Zhang Ruochen's most reliable a.s.sistant.

The meat was finally cooked. Blackie extended its paw with the meat on it. It looked at the Orange Star Emissary and smiled. “Want to try some?”

The Orange Star Emissary turned her head with a disdainful look and snorted.

Blackie smiled and asked, “Do you know why I tried so hard to spare your life before Zhang Ruochen?”

“There is no need to remind you about my ident.i.ty since you already know. To be honest, your future in the Black Market looks bleak. On the other hand, if you follow Zhang Ruochen and I, I believe that you will accomplish more than you can imagine.”

“You already witnessed the greatness of Zhang Ruochen's Auspicious Vase today, yes? Let's just keep this straight, he crafted that bottle on his own. With such skill, Di Yi is simply no match for him.”

Her eyes lit up. “Zhang Ruochen really does have the ability to control s.p.a.ce power?”

Blackie nodded. “Absolutely. Yet his master is no Buddhist Emperor or Golden Dragon, but Saint Monk Xumi.”

The Orange Star Emissary did not care who Zhang Ruochen's master was. Her real concern was the hidden power within Zhang Ruochen. She planned to break the secret to Di Yi as soon as she managed to escape.

Blackie put down the roasted meat. He stood on two paws. “I chose not to kill you because you possess an Innate Lunar Body. It means that you are one of the five physical qualities I wanted to collect. Lucky you.”

The Orange Star Emissary gave a look of doubt. She thought the cat was very strange, but couldn't help asking, “Five physical qualities?”

Blackie did not answer. Instead it asked her a question. “Have you heard of the artifacts?”

The Orange Star Emissary replied, “Of course I've heard of them. However even in Kunlun's Field, the Ten-thousand Inscription Sacred Weapon, a top tier weapon, is rather scarce. The ten artifacts are just a legend. Even in the ancient times n.o.body ever actually saw them.”

Blackie was full of pride. “I have acquired an artifact and it is one of Kunlun's Field's top ten artifacts. It is called the Divine Dragon Chaotic Tower of the sun and the moon.”

“However the artifact needs five succeed physical qualities to be at its strongest.”

“The five physical qualities are the Genuine G.o.d Body, the Genuine Dragon Body, the Innate Extreme Yang Body, the Innate Extreme Yin Body and the Five Elements Chaotic Body. When the five physical qualities conglomerate as one, the artifact can trigger its full potential to deal with the upcoming catastrophe. You have succeeded in practicing the Innate Lunar Body which is an Innate Extreme Yin Body.”

Zhang Ruochen kicked Blackie in the b.u.t.tocks. It fell forward and slammed into the fire.

“Can you stop boasting?”

Zhang Ruochen could not take it anymore. Blackie was really exaggerating too much this time.

If Blackie really did have the Divine Dragon Chaotic Tower, he would not have been sealed in the Yin Yang Wooden Graph by Saint Monk Xumi.

Moreover, Blackie had been sealed for over one hundred thousand years. How could it possibly know the current situation in Kunlun's Field and dare to call it a catastrophe. If that was not boasting, what was it?

It was intolerable. Blackie bragged too much and deserved the kick.

Initially, the Orange Star Emissary had believed Blackie's story, it sounded like it could be true.

But when she saw Zhang Rouchen kick the cat, she realized she had been tricked. Only a foolish person would believe the cat's tale.

Eternal God Emperor Chapter 490 - Divine Dragon Chaotic Tower Of The Sun And The Moon

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