Eternal God Emperor Chapter 494

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Chapter 494: Killing Thousands of Killing from Thousands of Kilometers AwayAway

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Three strong auras came from a distance. Zhang Ruochen looked over and saw three giant trees rus.h.i.+ng toward him. They circled around him, he was trapped.

“So fast!”

He smiled and threw the Dragon and Elephant Prajna Palm. He activated the power of the Dragon Pearl. With a swoosh, a pair of 10-meter-long golden dragon wings sprouted from his back.

He fluttered both wings and rose up. As if he was a giant bird, he charged up a hundred meters, into the clouds.

“You want to escape? No way!”

Each of the four Treeman Kings threw a Millennial Fire Vine up into the sky.

The Fire Vines expanded to as thick as a bucket and stretched over a thousand kilometers. They soared to the sky and pa.s.sed through the clouds. They hit Zhang Ruochen like four fire dragons.

A Fire Vine was like an elf, with wisdom and spirituality. Together with the power of the Treeman Kings, they erupted horrible power.

Zhang Ruochen did not dare to fight the Fire Vines and had to dodge constantly.

“No. I feel like a living target in the sky.”

He pa.s.sed through the four vines, swooped down, and returned to the ground.

He folded his dragon wings and morphed into a shadow. He raced into a dense jungle and disappeared.

“Treeman Kings, I'll continue my fight with you tomorrow.”

His voice echoed between heaven and earth. However, the four Treeman Kings could not find him.

“d.a.m.n it! He slipped away again!”

“He claims that he'll come tomorrow. We should set a tight encirclement to prevent him from escaping.”

“Absolutely. Let's set the Holy Wood Array for G.o.d Destruction tomorrow. We must kill the Extraterritorial Death.”

The four Treeman Kings gathered together and began to discuss strategies to deal with the Extraterritorial Death.

Zhang Ruochen was quite satisfied. He had easily obtained more than 10,000 military merits and was much closer to his goal of a million military merits.

However, he was not eaten up with pride. He clearly knew the reason he had earned so many military merits so quickly, was that the treemen were not good at fighting. Moreover, they were not intelligent, so they'd been fooled by him.

In the case of the cultivators at the Third Change of the Fish-dragon Realm, they had probably practiced into “Skin Refining to Gold” and “Bone Refining to Jade”. All of them were battle-seasoned. It would not be easy to deal with them.

“I've caused big losses for them two days in a row. Over the next few days, the treeman tribe will surely be cautious. I shouldn't take any stupid risks. I have to enhance my strength, and then fight with them.”

When he said he would fight with the Treeman Kings tomorrow, it had been a total lie.

He had deliberately distorted the facts to confuse the treemen about when he would make his move.

He returned to the Hiding Array at the mountaintop. He took some Blood of Wood Spirit and began to cure his hand wounds.

He was not seriously injured. Only his skin was wounded and he quickly recovered.

“Since I've broken through to the Final State of the Heaven Realm, I should be able to refine more Half-Saint's Light and upgrade my Martial Soul to a higher realm.”

In the Medium State of the Heaven Realm, he had resorted to Half-Saint's Light to enhance his martial soul. It was comparable to that of a cultivator at the Sixth Change of the Fish-dragon Realm, which was approaching the upper limit of his body's tolerance.

If the martial soul was too powerful, the warrior's body could not endure it.

For example, with Zhang Ruochen's current martial cultivation and body strength, if his Martial Soul suddenly reached a Half-Saint's level, his body would likely explode.

Now that he'd broken through to the Final State of the Heaven Realm, his body strength had improved considerably. He could continue to absorb Half-Saint's Light to further improve his Martial Soul.

If his martial soul was like that of a cultivator at the Seventh Change of the Fish-dragon Realm, he could mobilize more Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi, and then his strength would largely increase. Zhang Ruochen could be confident of success, even if he confronted four Treeman Kings.

Half-Saint's Light was stored in the Qi Sea between his eyebrows.

He began to absorb the Half-Saint's Light. His head emitted a holy white light that came from his eyes, ears, mouth, and nose and converged to the top of his head, forming a ring of white light.

The Orange Star Emissary sat cross-legged in the array, eyes fixed on Zhang Ruochen. She saw wisps of holy light surge out from his Qi Sea.

She was quite amazed. “Unbelievable. His Qi Sea can store Half-Saint's Light. Has he practiced to the Ultimate Realm of some realm and actualized the Chord of G.o.ds to form the Qi Sea of divine light?”

She had also refined the Half-Saint's Light to improve her Martial Soul.

However, she had never used the Qi Sea to store the Half-Saint's Light. A common warrior's Qi Sea was so fragile that the Half-Saint's Light could easily cause it to explode.

Only warriors with the Chord of G.o.ds could practice the Qi Sea of divine light and bear its power.

Just like Bu Qianfan.

Bu Qianfan had reached the Ultimate Realm in the Yellow Realm, so his Qi Sea could store the Half-Saint's Light.

“No wonder Zhang Ruochen is so powerful. He has definitely reached the Ultimate Realm once. If he gets another 30,000,000 military merits, he'll reach the Ultimate Realm for a second time. After that, none of his contemporaries will be able to defeat him.”

Her eyes changed constantly. She was considering how she could spread the news. By all possible means, the Black Market had to kill Zhang Ruochen and prevent him from fully developing.

Zhang Ruochen spent three days absorbing Half-Saint's Light. As expected, the strength of his Martial Soul improved and was comparable with that of a cultivator at the Seventh Change of the Fish-dragon Realm.

He released his Martial Soul and suspended it in mid-air.

The Martial Soul mobilized the Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi for five kilometers. It condensed into a Qi sword dozens of meters long.


The Qi sword flew out like a meteor flying in the sky. After some time, it suddenly charged down and fell towards the ground. It crushed a Centurial Treeman from the treeman army.

With a bang, the Centurial Treeman's root broke. A huge pit appeared on the ground.

“I can burst out such a powerful force and nearly kill people 500 kilometers away with a Martial Soul at the Seventh Change of the Fish-dragon Realm and the Heart Integrated into Sword. However, this movement consumes a lot of Genuine Qi. After an attack, my Genuine Qi must be quite low.”

It was amazing to kill people 500 kilometers away. Actually, it required several conditions.

First, the strength of the Martial Soul had to be at the Seventh Change of the Fish-dragon Realm.

Second, the warrior had to have practiced Heart Integrated into Sword.

Third, their Spiritual Power had to have reached the fortieth level and the Skyeye had to be opened. With the Skyeye, one could clearly see their enemies hundreds of kilometers away.

Each of these three conditions was indispensable.

For a warrior in the Heaven Realm, it was quite amazing to achieve even one of the three conditions.

Even among cultivators at the Fish-dragon Realm, very few could satisfy all of these conditions.

After consuming so much Genuine Qi, Zhang Ruochen felt weak. He quickly drank some Blood of Wood Spirit to restore his Genuine Qi.

It was not long before he reached his Peak again.

“Today, I have to reach my goal of a million military merits.”

He stood up ready to fight.

“Group Leader, I'll follow you.”

Ao Xinyan lifted her sword and exited the array after him.

Zhang Ruochen glanced at Ao Xinyan and his pupils contracted. “Have you practiced into the Treasured Body of Water Spirit?”

“That's right. I've practiced into the Treasured Body of Water Spirit and my half-dragon body has also enhanced. Moreover, with the help of the Black Glazed Spinel, I've broken through to the Completion of the Heaven Realm. My current strength is not inferior to Pei Ji any more. I won't hinder you,” said Ao Xinyan.

With her current strength, Ao Xinyan was indeed not weaker than Pei Ji. In fact, she was even a little stronger than him. Moreover, she had just broken through to the Completion of the Heaven Realm and would improve further.

If she practiced for another length of time, she would probably be in the top ten on the Heaven Board.

“Ok! Since you want to go, let's go! Based on your cultivation, you could suffer more.”

A radiant smile suddenly appeared on her pretty oval face. She licked her red lips and looked thoughtful. She was very happy.

She jumped down from the peak after Zhang Ruochen and hurried towards the treeman army.

Zhang Ruochen flung out his Abyss Ancient Sword and displayed the Sword Defending Technique. His first target was the Bright Treeman King, the second strongest among the four Treeman Kings.

The four Treeman Kings had set up the Holy Wood Array for G.o.d Destruction. They were ready for a big fight; it was time to kill the Extraterritorial Death.

However, they had never expected that the Extraterritorial Death was so dishonest. They had waited for three days and did not see him.

The treeman army had their guard down. A Holy Sword suddenly flew from the sky and attacked the Bright Treeman King.

Without warning, the Abyss Ancient Sword pierced through its trunk with a bang. It left a huge gaping wound in the Bright Treeman King's body, and a trail of blood.

Eternal God Emperor Chapter 494

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