Eternal God Emperor Chapter 537 - Half-Saint Class Warship

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Chapter 537: Half-Saint Cla.s.s Wars.h.i.+p

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“Everyone who comes to the Xuanwu Primitive World is a soldier of the Primitive World. It doesn't matter who it is who dares to fight in the Battlefield of Primitive World, whether he is a Saint of the Saint Academy or an Emissary of the Black Market, I'll definitely kill him.”

King Jinhuang's voice resounded from the golden armor chariot pulled by eight redcloud pythons.

His casually-spoken words contained a Half-Saint's will. Each word was like a heavy blow to Zhang Ruochen, Green-robed Emissary, and the others, separating the two sides.

Green-robed Emissary did not dare provoke King Jinhuang. He shot a cold look at Zhang Ruochen and immediately withdrew.

Suppressed by an invisible force, Zhang Ruochen could only feel the Genuine Qi throughout his body – it seemed to have frozen and could not flow.

He raised his head and looked up at the chariot above the vault of heaven. He thought, “Unimaginably, a Half-Saint's power is so strong. My current achievement seemed remarkable, but I'm just like a little, powerful ant in comparison to a Half-Saint.”

Zhang Ruochen did not feel discouraged, instead, he felt he had a greater incentive.

A moment later, King Jinhuang's voice rang out again, “Where are the Level Seven soldiers of Primitive World?”



From the Holy Turtle Island, four figures rushed out and gathered under the golden armor chariot.

They all wore white armors and rode on pythons, creating strong power fluctuations. They jumped off the pythons, got down on one knee, and chorused, “Your Royal Highness.”

The soldiers of Primitive World of the Ministry of War were divided into nine levels based on military merits.

Generally, those who reached Level Four could be called “General” and lead a squadron.

Those who could reach Level Seven were superiors of the superiors.

Aside from King Jinhuang, there were only four people who had reached Level Seven in the Huangyu Island Base. They were very strong and had experienced countless battles. Each of them was a Half-Saint top master.

King Jinhuang said, “The news about Xuanwu Heritage has spread. Aside from us, the indigenous savage beasts of the Xixuan Sea now know about it. Therefore, whether there is Xuanwu Heritage or not, we must go to b.l.o.o.d.y Trench to check it out. We absolutely cannot let indigenous savage beasts get it.”

“Now, I'll go ahead to create a path. Each of you will lead a brigade, take a Half-Saint cla.s.s wars.h.i.+p, and follow. We'll break into the b.l.o.o.d.y Trench together. Those who fear death can stay on the island, for now, to avoid dyingly needlessly.”


The great sound of wheels turning was once again heard from the sky.

The eight redcloud pythons pulled the golden armor chariot from the sky into the sea, creating huge waves. They disappeared into the mist, rus.h.i.+ng toward the b.l.o.o.d.y Trench.

As soon as King Jinhuang left, the four Level Seven soldiers of Primitive World each rode their python and flew to a Half-Saint cla.s.s wars.h.i.+p.

The four Half-Saint cla.s.s wars.h.i.+ps were docked at four different locations on the Holy Turtle Island.

The Half-Saint cla.s.s wars.h.i.+p was a war weapon refined by the Divine Work Ministry of the First Central Empire especially for the Battlefield of Primitive World and for overseas battlefields. It was powerful enough to resist Half-Saint attacks while launching Half-Saint cla.s.s attacks at the same time.

It was a forbidden weapon that only the imperial court was allowed to build and use. If other forces dared to build it privately, they would be punished severely.

From a distance, it looked like a steel mountain. The pitch-black hull was about 300 meters high, with three iron cloth sails hanging above. At the deck edges, there were banners and a huge war drum seven meters wide.

Standing beside the wars.h.i.+p, men seemed as small as ants, appearing very insignificant.

“Huangyu Island Base actually has four Half-Saint cla.s.s wars.h.i.+ps. How terrifying! Such a battle group is powerful enough to suppress a Half-Saint family,” Huang Yanchen said.

On the sea, the wars.h.i.+p gave off an aura as if a Half-Saint was standing there, inspiring awe.

Zhang Ruochen said, “The Huangyu Island Base is responsible for eliminating indigenous savage beasts in the entire Xixuan Sea. At the same time, it is in charge of stabilizing the rear area of the Dongwu Sea. It is expected that it would have such combat power.”

The construction of a Half-Saint cla.s.s wars.h.i.+p required pretty advanced technology – combining array with weapon refinement – almost as much as for the ma.s.s production of Half-Saints.

Actually, Zhang Ruochen also admired Chi Yao. Originally, the concept of a Half-Saint cla.s.s wars.h.i.+p was put forward by Emperor Ming and Sword Sanctum. However, it would have consumed large amounts of resources, so they did not build a Half-Saint cla.s.s wars.h.i.+p.

Unexpectedly, she turned it into reality and built a large number of such wars.h.i.+ps. No wonder she could unify Kunlun's Field, sweep away major Primitive Worlds, and continuously expand the territory of the First Central Empire. She was indeed very resolute and daring.

Ao Xinyan went to Zhang Ruochen and said in a low voice, “Group Leader, the people of the Black Market are following us. They must be trying to board the same wars.h.i.+p as us.”

Zhang Ruochen turned around and looked over. He saw Green-robed Emissary, Iron Lady, Huo Wuji, and the five older evil masters behind them.

Green-robed Emissary met Zhang Ruochen's eyes and gave him a smile.

Zhang Ruochen looked away and said, “Once we enter the part of the sea where the b.l.o.o.d.y Trench is located, we're certain to encounter terrible dangers that even Half-Saint cla.s.s wars.h.i.+ps can't defend against. In the ensuing chaos, the evil masters of the Black Market will surely make moves. Everyone should be careful to avoid falling prey to their plot.”

Suddenly, a raspy voice sounded, “Amitabha! Alms Giver Zhang, we meet again!”

With a huge knife box on his back, Monk Lidi walked from the Holy Turtle Island, his sleeves fluttering. He put his palms together and stared at Zhang Ruochen with a smile on his face.

Unexpectedly, the monk was on the Holy Turtle Island.

Seeing Monk Lidi, Zhang Ruochen suddenly had a headache. He immediately walked over to a Half-Saint cla.s.s wars.h.i.+p as if he were dodging the Plague G.o.d.

Monk Lidi just smiled and followed.

Green-robed Emissary saw Monk Lidi and said, “Does anyone know the monk? What's his relations.h.i.+p with Zhang Ruochen?”

All the Evil Warriors shook their heads.

Huo Wuji snorted and said, “The monk just broke through the First Change of the Fish-dragon Realm. Even if he is their ally, we don't need to fear him. If he dares to meddle in our business, I'll slap him to death.”

Green-robed Emissary also nodded and thought they did not need to worry too much about a monk of the First Change in the Fish-dragon Realm.

“Since Zhang Ruochen has boarded the wars.h.i.+p, we should follow him. Once there's an opportunity, we must kill him. Whoever kills him will surely get a generous reward for his great contribution,” Green-robed Emissary said.

The Evil Warriors got excited instantly, eager to make moves.

At Green-robed Emissary's urging, they boarded the Half-Saint cla.s.s wars.h.i.+p, following closely behind Zhang Ruochen.

The Level Seven soldier of Primitive World in charge of this wars.h.i.+p was a superior of the Ninth Change in the Fish-dragon Realm named Situ Fenglan.

With such a superior on the wars.h.i.+p, the Evil Warriors of the Black Market naturally did not dare to act rashly.

Situ Fenglan stood on top of a python, flying above the wars.h.i.+p. He appeared around 30 years old and wore a white armor, looking das.h.i.+ng and spirited. He went around in a circle and said coldly, “Anyone who boards the Half-Saint wars.h.i.+p is a soldier of the Primitive World. We must work together to resist foreign aggression as one. Even if there is Xuanwu Heritage, you must never fight each other. If anyone dares to violate this military order, I will kill him.”

Situ Fenglan fixed his eyes on Green-robed Emissary, Iron Lady, and the Evil Warriors, warning them with his eyes.

After the soldiers of Primitive World a.s.sembled, the Half-Saint cla.s.s wars.h.i.+p initiated Vessel-defending Formation under Situ Fenglan's leaders.h.i.+p, forming an egg-shaped light screen.

The power array of the wars.h.i.+p started running slowly, moving toward the b.l.o.o.d.y Trench.

Before long, wisps of white mist rose from the sea surface, obscuring their vision.

Even a master of the Fish-dragon Realm could only see the sea surface within about 333 meters. Looking into the distance, he would only see the vast expanse of whiteness.

Zhang Ruochen's finger gently touched his chin as he nodded slightly, saying, “This sea area is indeed somewhat strange.”

Not only was his vision obscured by the mist, but the Spiritual Power he had just released was suppressed by an invisible force so that he could not detect anything beyond 333 meters.

Obviously, the other soldiers of Primitive World were also aware of this.

The crowd started to get antsy, and some of them regretted boarding the wars.h.i.+p.

Monk Lidi stood on the bow and looked at the misty sea surface. He nodded and said to himself, “Death permeates the air, it is a Land of Violence. I'm afraid many people will probably die here today. This poor monk appears to have foreseen a corpse floating on the sea and the Half-Saint cla.s.s wars.h.i.+p sinking.”

“Where did the jinx come from?”

A lot of the soldiers of Primitive World were already quite uneasy, to begin with. Hearing Monk Lidi's words, they became even more agitated.

Anger filled their eyes. They really wanted to lift him up and throw him into the water to feed the fish.

Eternal God Emperor Chapter 537 - Half-Saint Class Warship

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