Eternal God Emperor Chapter 733 - Divine Dragon's Blood

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Chapter 733: Divine Dragon's Blood

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Ao Xinyan continued speaking. "As far as I know, the person with the strongest physical quality in the entire history of the Divine Dragon Half-human Clan only managed to refine two drops of Divine Dragon's Blood while in the Fish-Dragon Realm. When he tried to refine a third drop,he died suddenly—he could not withstand the power of the Divine Dragon's blood."

While practicing the Four Realms of Martial Arts, one would induce the Chord of the G.o.ds everytime one reached the Ultimate Realm, leaving a subtle G.o.ds' Mark in the body. This was as good as having reached one level higher compared to other Monks.

After breaking through the Four Realms of Martial Arts, one would arrive at the Fish-Dragon Realm.

More miracles could happen in the Fish-Dragon Realm. Some could transform into dragons and dash into the heavens. Some remained fish that sank to the bottom, never to make it in life.

For example, a Fish-Dragon Realm Monk could refine divine blood and condense the divine mark within his body.

However, the divine mark condensed by the divine power in the divine blood would be richer and purer, and was comparable to the G.o.ds' Mark.

Apparently, Ouyang Huan, Xue Wuye and Gai Tianjiao had managed to refine divine blood to condense divine marks in their bodies. Otherwise, they would not have been so powerful.

Zhang Ruochen smiled and said, "The power pa.s.sed down from the Medieval Ancient Times does have its many advantages. If only you could refine just one drop of the Divine Dragon's Blood, your physical quality would increase beyond that of the Four-spirit Treasured Body."

Ao Xinyan's physical quality had long been comparable to that of a Saintly Being. Her physical quality must have improved tremendously now that she had finished refining a drop of Dragon King's Blood.

If she were to refine another drop of Divine Dragon's Blood, it would not be a difficult thing for her physical quality to reach the level of the Four-spirit Treasured Body.

However, Ao Xinyan appeared a little shy as she looked down and used her fingers to comb through her hair. "The Divine Dragon's Blood comprises mighty divine power. With my physical quality and willpower, I may not be able to refine it. I might even be killed by the divine power of the Divine Dragon's Blood and be completely disintergrated."

Divine blood, being an extremely precious treasure, could be extremely dangerous.

A Monk whose strength was lacking but wished to refine the Divine Blood would die a tragic death.

A sudden thought occurred to Ao Xinyan and she said, "Group Leader, are you going to have a duel with Ouyang Huan at the Kunlun Heir's banquet next month?"

A subtle smile appeared on Zhang Ruochen's calm face. He seemed to be looking forward to the duel. "I have utterly offended the demonic sect. Even if I do not set a duel with Ouyang Huan, he will definitely try to have a fight with me anyway. Why not just go along with it since there is no way to avoid it?"

Looking worried, Ao Xinyan said, "You must know the terrifying things the demonic sect is capable of doing. The first generation demonic sect produced numerous talents, and at least four of them successfully refined a drop of divine blood.

"It is said that Ouyang Yuan, the Demon Son is the most formidable. He managed to refine three drops of divine blood in his body and had thereby condensed three G.o.d's marks. He has also reached the peak of the Ninth Change in the Fish-dragon Realm.

"The reason he has not broken through to the Half-Saint Realm is that he wants to acc.u.mulate and refine the fourth drop of divine blood. In addition, it is rumored that Ouyang Huan reached the Ultimate Realm when he was practicing the Four Realms of Martial Arts."

Zhang Ruochen started to feel some form of pressure upon hearing these words.

He would definitely not draw back because of this. On the other hand, his determination to fight this battle became even more firm.

Although successfully refining a drop of divine blood would induce the Chord of the G.o.ds, there was still a difference between these two.

Zhang Ruochen, for instance, had induced the Chord of G.o.ds on four occasions relying solely on his own abilities. This had benefitted him greatly. Refining four drops of divine blood and condensing four G.o.d's marks would not reap the exact same benefits.

Zhang Ruochen asked Ao Xinyan once again, "Did you say that there are at least four youngsters from the demonic sect who have successfully refined a drop of divine blood? Who are these four?"

It was not a bad thing to know more given that there were many demonic sect masters who wished to kill Zhang Ruochen at this moment.

Not only was Ao Xinyan G.o.d's favored daughter in the Eastern Region Saint Academy, but she was also the princess of the Divine Dragon Half-human Clan. She had access to some secret information that were kept from commoners.

It was good to ask her for information.

Ao Xinyan did not intend to keep anything from Zhang Ruochen. "The demonic sect is divided into nine palaces. Captain Rat, Snake Two, and Dragon Three are the top masters of Beasts Valley, which is one of the nine palaces.

"There are three other powerful characters whose capabilities are on par with these three beasts.

"The first one is Chu He, the array Genius of the Divine Array Palace.

"Being a Saintly Being, he is extremely strong and capable. However, he is even more accomplished in the area of arrays.

"It is said that once he displays a certain array, he could cross swords with Captain Rat. However, he was so engrossed in researching arrays that he didn't come to the Sword Technique Conference in the Eastern Region this time around.

"The second master is Le, the deadly swordsman of the Five Kill Palace.

"This Le is an odd character. He is extremely fast, and the method by which he cultivates himself is rather odd. The closer he is to the death realm, the faster he breaks through in his cultivation.

"On this occasion, Le has followed Ouyang Huan all the way to the Yin and Yang Sect to attend the Sword Technique Conference. He is a very dangerous man. Group Leader, you have to be wary of him."

Zhang Ruochen had an uncanny look in his eyes while murmuring the name. "Le."

Memories rushed back at the mention of the name.

Unaware of the change of expression on Zhang Ruochen's face, she continued speaking. "The third master who managed to refine divine blood is said to be a Saintess from the Saintess Palace. However, her ident.i.ty is a secret. This is all that we, from the Divine Dragon Half-human Clan, know. We do not know specifically which Saintess it is."

Zhang Ruochen had an idea who it was.

A person who could refine divine blood must be someone great. She was definitely not a commoner.

The Saintess who had refined a drop of divine blood, could it be Qi Feiyu?

Although Zhang Ruochen had fought Qi Feiyu, he had not experienced Qi Feiyu's full potential. There was no way Zhang Ruochen could gauge Qi Feiyu's true capabilities.

Ao Xinyan only talked about top superiors. There were bound to be many others whose capabilities were just below their level.

Regardless of what happened, there would be at least one fierce battle during the Kunlun Heir's banquet.

It would be impossible for Zhang Ruochen alone to stand up to the various masters of the demonic sect. He was going to need help from one or two allies.

The only person Zhang Ruochen could think of at present was Gai Tianjiao.

Zhang Ruochen and Gai Tianjiao could be the only two people in the Yin and Yang Sect who could compete with the top masters of the demonic sect in battle. Even the other Monks with Saintly Beings, were helpless when they were confronted by Captain Rat and Snake Two.

Zhang Ruochen turned to look at Ao Xinyan. That was when he realized that she was also staring at him.

The moment their eyes locked, Ao Xinyan's pale face began blus.h.i.+ng all the way down to her neck and she quickly looked away.

Zhang Ruochen asked, "Don't you wish you could retrieve your divine dragon bone?"

"That's for sure…" Ao Xinyan replied without any hesitation.

Then she looked down almost immediately as her voice trailed off into a whisper. "Group Leader, the divine dragon bone is of no use to you. There is no way you could refine it. If you give the divine dragon bone to me, I can give you whatever you want in exchange."

Zhang Ruochen went into deep thought for a moment. He tried to size Ao Xinyan up, considering her attempt to negotiate with him.

Ao Xinyan, being the princess of Divine Dragon Half-human Clan, had a huge amount of resources at her disposal. She was a wealthy lady. It would be a fine deal if he could exchange the divine dragon bone for practice resources that could not be found in the markets.

Seeing that Zhang was trying to size her up without replying, her heart started beating faster. Beads of perspiration appeared on her forehead. She chewed her lips and warned him. "Group Leader, you already have a fiancee."

Zhang Ruochen did not know whether to laugh or to cry, seeing that Ao Xinyan had totally misunderstood him. She must have thought that he wanted to take advantage of her using the dragon bone.

"A dragon bone in exchange for five drops of Divine Dragon's Blood. Is this a reasonable deal?" Zhang Ruochen immediately stated the price to prevent her from misunderstanding further.

Hearing the price Zhang Ruochen asked for, disappointment flashed in her beautiful eyes. She regretted the words she had meant as a reminder.

If Zhang Ruochen were to offer the Divine Dragon Half-human Clan the divine dragon bone as a dowry, Ao Xinyan would readily agree to his marriage proposal. She was sure that the elders of the Divine Dragon Half-human Clan would not object to it.

It was normal for a man as excellent as Zhang Ruochen to have more than one wife and concubines.

Just like Xue Wuye who was surrounded by many beauties. These beauties were G.o.d's favored daughters who were merely swordsman maidservants. They were not even rightful wives and concubines.

Yet there were still many outstanding women who were willing to follow him.

In Ao Xinyan's opinion, Zhang Ruochen was in no way less accomplished than Xue Wuye.

Although she was a little regretful, Ao Xinyan quickly adjusted her mood and said in a serious tone, "Five drops of Divine Dragon's Blood is too much for the Divine Dragon Half-human Clan to bear. Group Leader, can you lower the price given our relations.h.i.+p?"

Zhang Ruochen shook his head and said, "The value of a divine dragon bone is 10 times more than that of the Divine Dragon's Blood. Five drops of it in exchange is already a bargain."

"This is a serious matter. I have to discuss with the elders before making a decision," said Ao Xinyan.

Once she had spoken, Ao Xinyan turned to leave.

The next day, an elder from the Divine Dragon Half-human Clan accompanied Ao Xinyan to meet Zhang Ruochen and discuss the matter. More accurately, they were discussing this matter with Lin Yue.

This was because Ao Xinyan had not exposed Zhang Ruochen's ident.i.ty to other people.

Eventually, the Divine Dragon Half-human Clan offered three drops of Divine Dragon's Blood and twenty drops of Dragon King's Blood in exchange for the divine dragon bone.

Although the price was much lower than what Zhang Ruochen had wanted, he finally agreed since it was still within an acceptable range.

After all, he had taken the divine dragon bone from Dragon Three by force intending to return it to Ao Xinyan to help her practice the Divine Dragon's form. To gain three drops of Divine Dragon's Blood and twenty drops of Dragon King's Blood was just a bonus.

Eternal God Emperor Chapter 733 - Divine Dragon's Blood

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