Eternal God Emperor Chapter 735 - Ao Xinyan's Strength

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Chapter 735: Ao Xinyan's Strength

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Zhang Ruochen did not immediately refine Qi Hong's knowledge but stopped for a while. He let out a long breath of relief and stood up. He took a walk around the Sacred Prime Tree to improved his Heart State.

He walked for three days and three nights.

Zhang Ruochen circled the Sacred Prime Tree 300 times.

Finally, he felt that he had achieved his best state. At that moment, he really started to digest Qi Hong's knowledge.

He divided Qi Hong's knowledge into three parts for easier absorption.

Part one was Qi Hong's Tao of the Sword knowledge.

Part two was Qi Hong's Holy Road knowledge.

And part three was other knowledge.

His focus was on Qi Hong's understanding of the Tao of the Sword and Holy Road.

As Moon-Burier Sword Saint's disciple, Qi Hong had a naturally in-depth understanding of the Tao of the Sword. He not only practiced more than 30 sword techniques but also refined to the Yin-Yang Blend, the fourth level of Sword Two.

First, Zhang Ruochen was going to completely absorb Qi Hong's Tao of the Sword knowledge.

Sitting cross-legged on the ground, he put his hands together and began to mobilize the Three Patriarch's Sword Comprehensions in the Qi Sea, suppressing Qi Hong's knowledge of the Tao of the sword.

Then, Zhang Ruochen started to refine with all his strength.

He not only absorbed Qi Hong's knowledge of the Tao of the Sword but also the Three Patriarch's Sword Comprehensions. As a result, his understanding of the Tao of the Sword improved rapidly.

Meanwhile, he was also doing something else. With the Heart of the Sword, he repeatedly practiced sword techniques in the Qi Sea.

"Swish, swis.h.!.+"

His Heart of the Sword turned into a small silvery human, who performed sword movements to form sword shadows.

As he absorbed more and more knowledge of the Tao of the Sword, the sword techniques that the small silvery man displayed became more and more subtle, which were simply unpredictable.

He spent a month completely absorbing Qi Hong's Tao of the Sword knowledge.

Although he had absorbed it, he had not completely understood it. Therefore, he only refined to the Separation of Yin and Yang, the third level of Sword Two.

He had to spend time developing a thorough understanding of it. Through a.n.a.lysis, learning, and practicing, he could completely turn it into his own knowledge. At that time, he could reach the fourth level of Sword Two.

A man could not refine another's knowledge only through simple plundering. He also needed to learn and understand.

"Since this is so, I must break through to the fourth level of Sword Two in one go."

He put the casket containing the Swordsoul Hailstone on the ground.

As he opened it, a cold icing air came out of it. A milky-white hailstone as big as a pigeon egg was at the bottom of the casket.

Inside the hailstone, there was a sword-like light spot.

Only the fifth level of the Sword Pavilion could conceive one Swordsoul Hailstone every 20 years. So, it was extremely precious.

Zhang Ruochen devoured it and controlled the Heart of the Sword. He repeatedly practiced the sword techniques in the Qi Sea. He constantly absorbed the Three Patriarch's Sword Comprehension and understood Qi Hong's knowledge of the Tao of the Sword.

After another month, he had finally practiced to the Ying-Yang Blend, the fourth level of Sword Two, with the Swordsoul Hailstone and Patriarch's Sword Comprehension.

"The fifth level of Sword Two is called 'Yin-Yang Infinition'. As long as I can reach this realm, I will be able to achieve the Completion of Sword Two."

It seemed that he was only one step away from the Completion of Sword Two.

However, it was very difficult toreach the last realm. So many gifted Tao of the Sword geniuses had failed to reach this realm.

Since he could not practice to the Completion of Sword Two in a short time, Zhang Ruochen started to absorb Qi Hong's Holy Road knowledge.

The knowledge of the Holy Road was actually Qi Hong's understanding of the Holy Road.

Now that he could become a Half-Saint, Qi Hong must have reached a rather remarkable height in his understanding of the Holy Road. Now, Zhang Ruochen was far inferior to him, to say the least.

But soon afterward, he discovered that he could not refine the knowledge of the Holy Road at all.

Even though he had a Half-Saint's knowledge of the Holy Road, he could only comprehend the knowledge but could not directly absorb it.

He was not disappointed. Since he had Qi Hong's Holy Road knowledge, it meant that a Half-Saint was repeatedly practicing the Holy Road in his mind.

Thus, his understanding of the Holy Road incessantly improved. He could comprehend faster than other monks in the Fish-Dragon Realm.

It was an advantage that no one else could have.

After two months, Zhang Ruochen had completely absorbed Qi Hong's other knowledge, including his understanding of humanities, history, weapon refining, pill refining, array arrangement, and so on.

After almost half a year, he had gotten broad and profound knowledge. He was far superior to his peers.

He became more reserved. His deep eyes impressed people with an unfathomable feeling.

"There are both advantages and disadvantages in absorbing Qi Hong's knowledge and memory. In general, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages."

Even though he had improved his Heart State to perfection, it would definitely do great harm to him because he was so young and had experienced so little.

Luckily, Qi Hong was a Half-Saint who had merely lived for over a hundred years. If it were a Saint who had lived for several hundred years, Zhang Ruochen might have suffered a nervous breakdown.


He suddenly felt a splitting headache. Holding his hands on his head, he directly fell to the ground.

He promptly mobilized his strong Spiritual Power to expel some disordered memories from his mind.

Two days later, he recovered and said in great fear, "I definitely can't absorb another Half-Saint's knowledge and memory within 10 years. Otherwise, I'll certainly suffer a great disaster."

Over time, the influence of Qi Hong's memory and knowledge on him would get weak and completely disappear.

Zhang Ruochen calculated that the time would be 10 years.

After absorption, Zhang Ruochen certainly got a lot of benefits. At the least, he had practiced to the fourth level of Sword Two.

With Qi Hong's knowledge of the Holy Road, it would be much easier for Zhang Ruochen to break through to the Half-Saint Realm.

After all, many top talents had been stuck in the Ninth Change in the Fish-dragon Realm due to their lackof understanding of the Holy Road.

Zhang Ruochen did not continue practicing but went to the place that Ao Xinyan practiced.

The Dragon Qi vortex, which swept across for dozens of miles around, quickly shrank and finally integrated with Ao Xinyan's body.

Like a human-shaped jade, Ao Xinyan's body was crystal clear and flawless, sending out a dazzling light.

The Spiritual Qi between heaven and earth continuously flew into the spot between Ao Xinyan's eyebrows and she completely absorbed it.


A purple dragon shadow flew out of Ao Xinyan's body, quickly rotated around her, and let out an earsplitting dragon roar.

Ao Xinyan suddenly opened her eyes. A powerful dragon aura immediately erupted from her body and rushed at Zhang Ruochen.


On the ground, the turf, trees, and stones were swept away. As a sandstorm whirled through, the sky became pitch black.

Zhang Ruochen stood on the ground and looked up. He saw a giant purple dragon fly out from the sandstorm and reach out a huge claw to hit his head.

The whole vault of heaven seemed to be sweeping down toward him.

Compared to the giant purple dragon, Zhang Ruochen's body was extremely small. It looked like an ant standing in front of an elephant.

"Unexpectedly, her strength is so amazing."

Obviously, Zhang Ruochen was surprised. However, he looked calm and began to run the Holy Qi inside him.

"Dragon and Elephant Furnace!"

A scarlet handprint flew out from Zhang Ruochen's palm and turned into a huge mark that was dozens of meters long, which collided with the giant purple dragon's claws.


As the two forces collided with each other, the ground suddenly collapsed and formed cracks, which extended for dozens of miles.

Ao Xinyan retreated more than 300 meters before she steadied herself. She looked at Zhang Ruochen with amazement and said, "I've broken through to the Eighth Change in the Fish-dragon Realm, why can't I defeat you? Group Leader, how on earth are you so powerful?"

Zhang Ruochen took dozens of steps backward, looked at his aching right hand, nodded, and said, "You've surpa.s.sed Dragon Three. If you can break through to the Ninth Change of the Fish-dragon Realm, I may lose to you in this duel."

Over the last six months, his cultivation had greatly improved. He had reached the Advanced Stage of the Seventh Change in the Fish-dragon Realm. There was a greater increase in his strength than he had while fighting Dragon Three.

Ao Xinyan was still discouraged. After all, she had completely refined the Divine Dragon Bone. Her physique had reached an unprecedented height. She was called the top talented woman of the Divine-Dragon and Half-Human Clan over the past 10,000 years.

Even so, she could not defeat Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen comforted her and said, "You don't have to be so disappointed. In the Four Realms of Martial Arts, I've reached the Ultimate Realm four times and created the Chord of the G.o.ds four times. If you defeated me, I would have died in shame."

Zhang Ruochen trusted Ao Xinyan very much, so he did not hide many things from her.

"The Ultimate Realm four times?"

Ao Xinyan was suddenly stunned. She attentively looked at Zhang Ruochen and could not express her admiration.

She regained her composure and let out a long sigh. "Group Leader, you're so amazing. It's no wonder that you're so powerful at only the Seventh Change in the Fish-dragon Realm. But, I won't admit defeat.

"From now on, you are what I'll strive for. I'll refine divine blood and condense a divine mark inside to beat you."

Zhang Ruochen said with a smile, "I feel more stressed after hearing your words."

Ao Xinyan puckered up her lips and smiled gently. Regardless of if what he said was true or false, she was very happy because she had put great pressure on him.

"Let me calculate. Elder Yinhai should have returned to Shentai City with the Divine Dragon's Blood and the Dragon King's Blood. I need to get in touch with him in a hurry. "Before Kunlun Heir's banquet, I want to refine a drop of Divine Dragon's Blood to enhance my strength. Then, I must battle with the demonic sect masters." Ao Xinyan fluttered her eyelashes, put her hands behind her back, and straightened up her soft b.r.e.a.s.t.s to form an amazing curve.

Then, she left the Yin Yang Wooden Graph and went to contact Elder Yinhai.

Eternal God Emperor Chapter 735 - Ao Xinyan's Strength

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