Eternal God Emperor Chapter 795 - Legend Of Pluto

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Chapter 795: Legend of Pluto

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A shocked expression flashed across Heaven Blood Saint's eyes. Then, he quickly thrust his palm to the Thunder Sky Bell to control it. The bell flew and clashed against Saint Qingxiao's print rule.


The print rule was strong just like a burning mountain and knocked the bell away again. This caused Heaven Blood Saint to step backwards.

Thunder Sky Bell was in the Thousand-pattern saint weapon list and was the heirloom treasure of Thunderbolt Sect. It definitely had great power.

However, the print rule that Saint Qingxiao conjured was a very strong saint spell named “Breaking Nine Prints.” It was very famous among the troops. It had been used to defeat many challengers.


Two shadows flashed through. Heaven Blood Saint and Earth Blood Saint gathered and casted Holy Qi into the Thunder Sky Bell. They wanted to have Saint Qingxiao killed by combining their power.

When they controlled the bell together, this weapon became even more dangerous and terrifying.

The bell size multiplied and words in red appeared on its surface.

“Eldest senior brother, use the Taotian Sword!”

Zhang Ruochen lifted the sword and threw it towards Saint Qingxiao.

The Thousand-pattern saint weapon's power was undeniably strong. Even a saint could easily die by challenging it. Today, the immortal vampires Heaven Blood Saint and Earth Blood Saint worked together to maximize the power of the bell. You could imagine the strength it contained.

Saint Qingxiao glanced towards Zhang Ruochen and said, ” I don't even need to use the Taotian Sword to fight them. I was only using half of my strength. Stay back, my brother. I will use my full power now and won't be able to take care of you.”

Saint Qingxiao waved his arm and unleashed his Holy Qi onto Zhang Ruochen.

Then suddenly, a strong force came and carried Zhang Ruochen miles away from the scene.

The fight between the saints would cause tremendous damage to everything surrounding the fight. Even with Zhang Ruochen's current strength, he might still be killed from the aftershock of the battle.”

Before this, Saint Qingxiao had only used half of his strength and thus, he could spare some of the energy to protect Zhang Ruochen from the attacks. However, the Vampires were applying a lot of pressure by controlling the bell together and thus, he was forced to unleash his full power.

Zhang Ruochen could still clearly see the purple giant bell hanging in the sky, even from where he stood, hundreds of miles away. Lightning was striking all around the bell and the sky was filled with the sound of thunder.

The previous area on the ground was completely covered with blood Qi, transforming it into a blood Qi ocean.

“Giant dragon print!”

A thick roar rang from below the surface of the blood Qi ocean.

Saint Qingxiao, who was wearing the black armor, grew ten times taller and became an eighty-meter-tall giant. He lifted his arm and emerged from the surface of the blood Qi ocean.

A giant print slammed towards the giant bell. One could clearly see four giant dragons on the arm of the magnified Saint Qingxiao.


Thunder Sky Bell was flung from the sky and plummeted into the river. It smashed into the river and formed a ma.s.sive hole with a diameter of a few hundred meters.

Water flowed into the hole and a pond slowly formed as the water completely filled up the hole.

“His attack was really scary.”

“Get back.”

Heaven Blood Saint and Earth Blood Saint realized that the situation wasn't right and recalled the Thunder Sky Bell. Then, they disapparated in two streams of light.

Saint Qingxiao didn't chase them. He was afraid that he might be falling into a trap. No one knew how many immortal vampire saints were in the Fallen-G.o.ds Mountain Range.


Saint Qingxiao exhaled the air from his body and his giant body quickly shrunk to his normal size.

As long as your body evolved to Liuli Treasure Body during the ninth change of Fish-Dragon Realm, you would be able to control your body size at will, growing larger or smaller by a scale of ten times. Not to mention Saint Qingxiao's strength was much stronger and he could definitely control his body with higher flexibility.

Saint Qingxiao came to Zhang Ruochen and asked with concern, “How's your condition?”

He knew that Zhang Ruochen was seriously hurt earlier from fighting with Feng Han, but he hadn't managed to ask in detail.

Zhang Ruochen laughed while shaking his head, “I have already swallowed the Withered Pill and will soon recover.”

Saint Qingxiao knew of the Withered Pill well and felt relieved. He then sighed, “I was so close to killing that traitor. If I knew they would run, I would have killed them earlier to pay respect to our master.”

Zhang Ruochen comforted him, “You are someone who takes friends.h.i.+p seriously. You would not have killed him anyway, not before you could confirm that he was the culprit. Although Feng Han was saved by the immortal vampires today, we will still have many chances to kill him in the future. We will avenge the murder of our master.”

Saint Qingxiao nodded and suddenly he seemed doubtful. “Why are you still alive? Wan Zhaoyi said that you were killed by Nine Serenity Sword Saint.”

“Master saved me,” Zhang Ruochen answered.

He then explained everything that had happened to Saint Qingxiao.

After coming to understand the situation, Saint Qingxiao sighed and patted Zhang Ruochen on his back. “Master always loved you and treated you like his only successor. You must not disappoint him. Train hard to become a sword saint and beat Nine Serenity Sword Saint.”

Zhang Ruochen nodded.

Then, Zhang Ruochen took out Saint Sword Xuanji's body from the Universe Spiritual Map and laid it on the ground.

Zhang Ruochen stared at the dead body and bowed low. “Master met with me once before the fight. He told me that if he accidentally died in the fight, I must bring his dead body and the Taotian Sword to Pluto Sword Tomb in the central region.”

Zhang Ruochen believed Saint Qingxiao and didn't keep any secrets from him.

Saint Qingxiao's brow wrinkled as if he was thinking of something. He said, “This is weird. Master never told me about the Taotian Sword, and you should be the only one who knows the secret of the sword. How could Feng Han have known of it?”

“I am wondering that too. But the whole case seems to be connected to Lord Pluto.”

“Lord Pluto…”

Even Saint Qingxiao was shocked when he heard the name, as though it was forbidden to mention the name.

Zhang Ruochen nodded, “I overheard the conversation between Feng Han and several immortal vampire half-saints. According to them, Taotian Sword should be connected to Lord Pluto. But I was wondering how this legendary lord, who was a character from thousands of years ago, is still alive on Earth.”

Saint Qingxiao looked serious and shook his head, “I don't think so. Lord Pluto is a legendary character among immortal vampires. Even though it was a very long time ago, all the realms would still have his records. It's been said that his strength was on a completely different level. He was the character in the past who was closest to becoming a G.o.d. Even Empress Chi Yao might not have been stronger than him. You have to know that when one reaches supreme saint level, the monk will have at least 3,000 years of life. It isn't impossible for people of Lord Pluto and Empress Chi Yao's level to stay alive for up to 6,000 years.”

Normal people could only stay alive till they were seventy years old, but supreme saints could stay alive for up to 3,000 years. So, even when they are 1,000 years old, they are akin to normal people at the age of 20.

So, when monks transformed into saints, they live a totally different form of life. They cannot be treated as normal people.

Saint Qingxiao continued. “Immortal vampires' life spans are much longer than humans. Even a normal immortal vampire, as long as he can absorb enough fresh blood, could stay alive for up to 200 years. So, the life span of immortal vampires is three to five times longer than humans. It isn't impossible for Lord Pluto, a legendary character, to still be alive. This is very important, I have to report to the Ministry of War. Whether Lord Pluto is still alive or not, we still have to stop the immortal vampires. If Lord Pluto comes again, then the great world that has been built by Empress Chi Yao over hundreds of years might be destroyed.”

Saint Qingxiao quickly took out a Signal Flare and wrote a message on it. Then, he threw the message upwards.

The Signal Flare transformed into a stream of light and disappeared into the night sky.

Saint Qingxiao turned his eyes towards Saint Sword Xuanji's body and sighed. “When do you plan to bring master's dead body to Central region?”

“I still have something to settle in East region. Once I finish settling it, I will depart toward central region and bury master in the sanctuary.”

Zhang Ruochen sighed too and prepared to re-pack his master's dead body.

Suddenly, light sprang from the ground and s.h.i.+ned brightly. Zhang Ruochen's eyes felt pain and he stepped backwards.


A white ball of light came out from Sword Saint Xuanji's dead body and floated three feet above it, releasing a strong Holy Qi.

The Holy Qi in the air was extremely concentrated and condensed to droplets of Holy water that rained onto the ground.

The surrounding flowers and trees sprang up extremely quickly after absorbing the Holy water. Even the normal gra.s.s transformed into panacea herbs.

Eternal God Emperor Chapter 795 - Legend Of Pluto

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