Eternal God Emperor Chapter 819 - Eye Of The Deity Print

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Chapter 819: Eye of the Deity Print

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Zhang Ruochen spent a half day to complete the refinery of Sixth Drop of Divine Blood.

Marks of G.o.ds on the Qi Ocean Wall had indeed undergone tremendous changes and become more profound and sacred. Each mark gave out a bright brilliance, sparkling as if it had been s.h.i.+ned over thousands of years.

However, Zhang Ruochen's cultivation was not greatly improved, nor could he perceive the so-called Tenth Change of the Fish-Dragon Realm.

“Go on.”

Zhang Ruochen untied the Seal and began to refine the Seventh Drop of Divine Blood.

It had been quite strenuous for him to refine the Sixth Drop of Divine Blood, as if his body had reached its limit. Naturally, it would be more difficult to refine the Seventh Drop.

The power contained in Divine Blood was horribly strong, even enough to break through a Hundred-pattern Saint Weapon. The body of a Fish-Dragon Realm Monk, naturally, couldn't contain too much of it.

Other Talents would have to borrow the power of the G.o.ds to refine one or two drops of Divine Blood. And he had already refined six drops by his own strength, which was extraordinary.

At this moment, Zhang Ruochen's blood was extremely hot, burning like magma.

As Divine Blood continuously entered into his body, the strong burning pain in his veins was about to melt him.

Zhang Ruochen had never faced this kind of situation before. When he was refining the first six drops of Divine Blood, he was rather relaxed and felt no difficulty at all.

“Come on, come on. If I succeed, the Tenth Change of the Fish-Dragon Realm can be obtained by me.”

Zhang Ruochen clenched his teeth and continued to refine Divine Blood, using his willpower.

In the beginning, only a few beads of sweat came out of his pores. But after draining all the sweat from his body, blood droplets started to seep out instead.

Because of the loss of water and blood, Zhang Ruochen's body dried up quickly, and the flesh on his face also sank inward.

If there were a predecessor warding him, he would definitely stop him from refining Divine Blood. Now that he had reached a critical moment, it was possible that he would die from the exhaustion of his whole body.

At this moment, the branches of Divine Sky-Connecting Tree swayed gently and made a “squeaky” sound. In midair, blue Qi flowed and surged out of hundreds of millions of green leaves, pouring like a waterfall, down into the body of Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen's body immediately recovered and was revitalized.

One day and one night had pa.s.sed, Zhang Ruochen finally completed refining the Seventh Drop of Divine Blood.

Zhang Ruochen reopened his eyes and blinked. He felt that the scenery in front of him had become different.

In the air and soil interspersed many visible lines of regulation that were crossed and densely arranged to form a strange world.

“What's this?”

Zhang Ruochen was quite surprised.

Instantly, he closed his eyes and rubbed his temples. When he opened his eyes again, he found that the densely arranged lines had disappeared.

Zhang Ruochen transferred Holy Qi into his eyes at once.

Two Deity Prints appeared and floated in the interior of his eyeb.a.l.l.s. The lines of regulation between heaven and earth had become incomparably clear again, presenting themselves completely in front of him.

“Two Deity Prints being in my eyeb.a.l.l.s, so my eyes have become Eyes of the Deity Print?”

Marks of G.o.ds were supposed to be printed on the Qi Ocean Wall, but two of the Deity Prints appeared in his eyes. Apparently those two Deity Prints had come off from the Qi Ocean Wall and merged with his two eyeb.a.l.l.s.

In spite of Zhang Ruochen's current state of mind, he also felt stirred up, very excited, and hard to calm down.

After a long time, he regained his calmness and said to himself, “Maybe Marks of G.o.ds in the Qi Ocean have grown strong enough, so they fell off and turned into true Deity Prints, and blended into my body.”

The only thing that confused Zhang Ruochen was that when other Fish-Dragon Realm Monks refined Divine Blood, the condensed Deity Prints would become a part of their saint souls.

But the two Deity Prints that had fallen off from the Qi Ocean Wall had blended into Zhang Ruochen's eyeb.a.l.l.s.

Only “sanctified bodies” were said to succeed in blending the refined Deity Prints into their flesh. As a result, their organs throughout their whole bodies had been sanctified, strength had grown far ahead of ordinary saints, and the numbers of their living years had been largely increased as well.

An ordinary monk would enjoy a life of 360 years when he first reached the level of saint. And as his cultivation constantly improved, extra living years would be added to his life.

A person who had a sanctified body would have a thousand years of life when he first reached the level of a saint. And his fighting power would be terribly strong.

To be sanctified, a lot of divine blood would be needed, along with a strong willpower. Neither of them was dispensable.

That's why Zhang Ruochen did not have many cravings for being sanctified. He began to study his Eyes of Deity Prints that he'd just cultivated.

Although Eyes of Deity Prints were still incomparable to Deity Eyes, they were great enough to be desired by many saints.

It could help Zhang Ruochen to better observe the regulation of saints presented in visible lines. In that case, it would only take him a little time to comprehend a lot.

But even after Zhang Ruochen had acquired a lot, he had no clues about the Tenth Change of Fish-Dragon Realm. He couldn't help but doubt. Did the so-called Tenth Change of Fish-Dragon Realm really exist?

He had refined the Seventh Drop of Divine Blood and his body had reached its limit. But what he had now was still insufficient for the Tenth Change of Fish-Dragon Realm.

“Maybe it doesn't exist at all. After all, those who had owned the Divine Life Chart in ancient times were merely heard of in legends.”

Zhang Ruochen didn't care much about the Tenth Change of Fish-Dragon Realm. Although he hadn't succeeded in that, the refining of two drops of Divine Blood had greatly increased his strength.

Now it would be much easier for him to fight with a Third Level Half-Saint.

Zhang Ruochen stood up and jumped to the ground. He stared at the Divine Sky-Connecting Tree, held his fist in his other hand and bowed to the tree.

Although he had been busy refining Divine Blood before, he sensed clearly that, when it was critical, Divine Sky-Connecting Tree had put strong living power into his body and helped him survive.

Without its help, Zhang Ruochen could never have completed the refinery of a Seventh Drop of Divine Blood, or cultivated the Eye of Deity Prints.

“This new branch of Divine Sky-Connecting Tree should have been born with wisdom.”

As Zhang Ruochen took the bow, Divine Sky-Connecting Tree shook a little, as if it was answering him.

Divine Sky-Connecting Tree was called the last deity of Kunlun's Field. Tens of thousands of years' experience had granted it incomparable wisdom.

Divine Sky-Connecting Tree was also called “the root of life in Kunlun's Field.” When it hadn't been cut off, a Spring of Life formed in its roots.

As it was said, all living creatures in Kunlun's Field were from the Spring of Life.

But the Spring of Life disappeared with the cutting of the Divine Sky-Connecting Tree.

“Now that the new branch has generated wisdom, could it also give birth to a Spring of Life in the future?” Zhang Ruochen looked at the gigantic trunk in front of him, wis.h.i.+ng.

In some stories, drinking one mouthful from the Spring of Life would extend an ordinary person's life to 200 years.

Some dead saints had drank the water of the Spring of Life and were brought back to life.

It was also said that the existence of Divine Sky-Connecting Tree and Spring of Life, which was the reason of the long prosperity of Kunlun's Field, was envied by an evil G.o.d, so he cut down the Divine Sky-Connecting Tree and destroyed the Spring of Life.

If the Spring of Life wasn't dried up, maybe it could have saved Sword Saint Xuanji. That was the reason why Zhang Ruochen wanted very much the birth of a new Spring of Life.

And if something should happen to his families and friends, the Spring of Life could save them.

Now, seeing as he had cultivated the Eyes of Deity Prints, Zhang Ruochen was able to comprehend the regulation of the saint world quickly. However, he stopped practicing and prepared to go to Ghost G.o.d Valley.

In the north of Scroll World, the red Flame Mountain spread out over ninety miles. Zhang Ruochen could feel waves and waves of hot air heating fiercely everywhere even before he entered into the mountain.

This Flame Mountain wasn't like that at the beginning. Things had been changed ever since Zhang Ruochen put the corpse of Blue Fire Xuanwu here.

The power of Blue Fire Xuanwu was terribly strong. Only its corpse had turned miles of land into a forbidden place of everlasting flame.

In the interior of Flame Mountain, there was a Cuprite Tripod about ten meters tall. Its four feet were like four dragons. It was a 12th True Treasure Cla.s.s refining tripod.

Zhang Ruochen bought it for refining the Ruyi Treasure Bottle at the beginning.

Now it was used by Blackie to refine battle corpses.

After Jialuo Gu and Jialuo Lan dies, Blackie had gathered another 110 Half-Saint corpses. Naturally, Blackie couldn't wait to refine the 110 Half-Saint corpses into battle corpses.

But the process to refine them wasn't that simple.

Blackie was seen holding Death Zen Buddhist Way in hand to read, study, and a.n.a.lyze. Then it spent much time carving complicated inscriptions on each corpse.

If a Half-Saint corpse wanted to act as strong as a First Level Half-Saint, ma.s.sive inscriptions must be carved in the battle corpse's skin, bones, veins and lower abdomen.

Each battle corpse was like a battle form.

A crowd of battle corpses would become a bigger battle form, giving out irresistible power.

The inscriptions on battle corpses were so complicated that Zhang Ruochen would agree that he couldn't do it. And this showed Blackie was superior in carving inscriptions, much better than a Half Saint of Spiritual Power.

Zhang Ruochen stood beside it watching its busy craving, and he didn't disturb it.

Then he looked at Cuprite Tripod again and saw that it was full of Xuanwu Saint Blood, herbs and ores.

Elephant-swallowing Rabbit and Monster Apes brought herds from every corner of Scroll World and put them bunch by bunch beside the tripod. Demon rats found a mineral vein and delivered the ores that they'd dug out to this place.

It was nice that Scroll World had all kinds of sources they needed, and was sufficient for them to refine battle corpses.

Even the influential families of saints couldn't compare with it.

Eternal God Emperor Chapter 819 - Eye Of The Deity Print

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