Eternal God Emperor Chapter 827 - Half-Saint Shuntian

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Chapter 827: Half-Saint Shuntian

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Before he left Stone Forest, Zhang Ruochen put the dead blood insects, including the blood insect king, into the Scroll World, and gave them to the seriously wounded Elephant-swallowing rabbit.

If it could refine all those blood insects, its cultivation would be improved largely, and even approach a Second Level Half-Saint.

Zhang Ruochen and s.h.i.+ Ren didn't travel too far from Stone Forest, but hid at its border.

Eight rune scrolls floating around them became a Rune Formation to conceal their traces.

Zhang Ruochen stood in Rune Formation, and looked at Yin Xuanji on the back of dragon corpse in the distance. He s.h.i.+vered a little, and said, "What a strong Corpse Qi! If that dragon were still alive, it could have reached the State of Saint. Although it has been turned into a battle corpse, its attack must be terribly strong too. The Death Zen Buddhist Way operated by the Death Zen Sect seems to have much in common with necromancy."

s.h.i.+ Ren said, "The Death Zen Buddhist Way was generated from necromancy, and mixed with the Battle Formation and the Buddhist Way. Compared with necromancy, Death Zen Buddhist Way has its advantages and disadvantages."

"It is said that the battle corpses made by the Ancient Necromancer Race can absorb the essence of the Heaven, Earth, Sun and Moon, and improve their cultivation by themselves. But the battle corpses made by the Death Zen Sect have to be refined several times. Each refinery will improve their strength a little."

Yin Xuanji and the dragon corpse had gone far and disappeared in the thick ghost fog.

Zhang Ruochen looked at s.h.i.+ Ren, and asked, "You entered the Ghost G.o.d Valley before me. What have you found?"

s.h.i.+ Ren stared into Zhang Ruochen's eyes. After a moment of hesitation, he said, "Before I answer your question, can I ask you a question first?"

"Please," said Zhang Ruochen.

"Have you turned to the Moon Wors.h.i.+p Demonic Sect?"

Zhang Ruochen didn't expect that s.h.i.+ Ren would ask him that.

It also showed that s.h.i.+ Ren had doubts about Zhang Ruochen, and didn't completely trust him. After all, Zhang Ruochen had been seen with the Saintess and the Captain Rat of the Demonic Sect. Anyone should have doubts about it.

"If I said I have no connection with the Moon Wors.h.i.+p Demonic Sect, would you believe me?" asked Zhang Ruochen.

s.h.i.+ Ren said, "I believe that a student of Sword Saint Xuanji would not tell such a c.r.a.ppy lie."

"You knew him?" Zhang Ruochen changed his face.

s.h.i.+ Ren nodded, "Sword Saint Xuanji was an old friend of my people. If you got the Taotian Sword and inherited his fortune, you will understand my words in the future. Let's go, I'll take you to a place."

s.h.i.+ Ren waved his sleeve, put away eight rune scrolls, then walked ahead.

Zhang Ruochen stared at s.h.i.+ Ren, looking pensive.

Besides the strong power pressing on monks, some scary ghost formations were also seen in Ghost G.o.d Valley.

The Stone Forest they had entered before was a puzzle formation. Any monk under Half-Saint level would die there once they had rushed in.

The more they went to the depths of Ghost G.o.d Valley, the heavier the pressure over their heads became. Even with their strong bodies, Zhang Ruochen and s.h.i.+ Ren would have to operate Holy Qi to defend from that pressing power.

Bones were thickly piled up on the ground, including human bones and savage beast bones. No one knew the number of living creatures that had died in Ghost G.o.d Valley.

s.h.i.+ Ren was quite familiar with the surroundings. He guided Zhang Ruochen through this area to the edge of a black cliff. Zhang Ruochen looked down, and saw nothing but bottomless darkness and churning ghost fog.

Zhang Ruochen squatted, touched the stone of cliff softly with his finger, and said in surprise, "What a strong Sword Intent! This cliff must have been created by a supreme figure with one blade. Perhaps…this was the ancient battlefield where the Thousand-bone Empress fought the G.o.d?"

s.h.i.+ Ren scrutinized the surroundings with great caution, and said, "That's what I thought, since the unseen pressure has reached its highest point here. Only battlegrounds of G.o.ds would leave such a pressure for people after 100,000 years. The power now pressing us might be the remaining Invincible Might from 100,000 years ago. The closer to a G.o.d corpse, the stronger the Invincible Might will be."

"Have you gone down before?" asked Zhang Ruochen.


s.h.i.+ Ren shook his head, and said frankly, "The pressure affected me seriously even though I just approached the edge of it. Once I jumped off the cliff, I would probably never come back, as my cultivation is really limited."

"Surely we should be more careful." Zhang Ruochen called out to Han Xue, Blackie, Wood Spirit Xi and Demon Rat. They all appeared at the edge of the cliff.

Blackie put his hands behind his back, and studied the edge of the cliff with its eyes rolling. After a while, it said in confidence, "Here surely remains the power of a G.o.d. We should wait no longer and go down now. The G.o.d corpse must be at the foot of the cliff."

Zhang Ruochen appeared to be more cautious. He didn't make his decision directly, but looked at Han Xue, and asked, "How about it?"

He was responsible for all their lives and couldn't make any mistakes.

Han Xue communicated with sword spirit, holding the Void Sword. Then she nodded to Zhang Ruochen. "The direction guided by the sword spirit is the same. It's under the cliff."

s.h.i.+ Ren had retreated and put on a defensive look when Wood Spirit Xi and demon rat came out.

Although he trusted Zhang Ruochen, he didn't have faith in those Demonic Way Monks of the Moon Wors.h.i.+p Demonic Sect.

Suddenly, s.h.i.+ Ren gave a look behind him and said, "Zhang Ruochen, the warriors of the Immortal Vampires are coming this way."

Zhang Ruochen turned around and stared in that direction.

Six Half-Saints of the Immortal Vampires came like six blood clouds, with Feng Han in the front. They appeared at the side of the cliff in just a minute.

Immortal Vampires had been badly hurt during these days in Ghost G.o.d Valley. Only six out of a dozen Half-Saints survived, the others either went missing or died in misery.

Feng Han gave a ruthless look when he saw Zhang Ruochen. "My junior brother apprentice, I didn't expect you to arrive here before me."

"Much as one wants to, one cannot avoid one's enemy."

Zhang Ruochen had no good feelings for Feng Han. He took out the Abyss Ancient Sword and held it in his right hand. With sword Qi spreading to the surroundings, he was ready for the final fight with Feng Han.

At the same time, Blackie, Han Xue, Wood Spiri Xi, demon rat and s.h.i.+ Ren were all ready to fight.

Half-Saint Shuntian stepped out from behind Feng Han and laughed coldly. "You juniors dare to pick the fight with Sixth Royal Prince? Don't you believe I can kill you all by myself?"

A strong strand of Blood Evil Qi surged out of Half-Saint Shuntian's mouth, and rushed to the cliff like a running river.

Each sound was like thunder, making every person's ears hurt.

According to Zhang Ruochen's thoughts, the cultivation of Half-Saint Shuntian had reached Fifth Level Half-Saint. Even all of them fighting together couldn't defeat him.

He was the most powerful one of Feng Han's company, and even earned a name among all Immortal Vampires.

At the minute that the power of Half-Saint Shuntian burst out, Zhang Ruochen noticed that small cracks appeared in the s.p.a.ce by the cliff.

"The war in the ancient times should have broken this s.p.a.ce into pieces. And although it has been recovering during the past 100,000 years, it is still too fragile to withhold strong power."

The power of deity could break s.p.a.ce.

As it was, s.p.a.ce here became very fragile.

If comparing the s.p.a.ce outside to iron, here it was just a piece of paper. Only a Half-Saint battle could smash it into pieces.

Even the breaths of monks above Fourth Level Half-Saint could crack the s.p.a.ce.

Zhang Ruochen had come up with a strategy to deal with it. He showed fear deliberately, and shouted, "Retreat! We can't fight him."

Feng Han saw the scared face of Zhang Ruochen, and his gloomy feeling, which had lasted the past several days, ended. He laughed slightly. "My junior brother apprentice, do you know the taste of despair now? Maybe you should jump off the cliff first and explore the way for us."

Another Half-Saint from the Immortal Vampires also sneered at him, and said, "Surely you are not going to win and must all die today."

"Zhang Ruochen, if you jump off the cliff and explore the dangers for us Immortal Vampires, we will look after the rest of your party on your behalf, especially those two beauties over there."

The rest of the Half-Saints from the Immortal Vampires laughed together. Their eyes looked at Wood Spirit Xi and Han Xue with sneering and lascivious evilness.

Wood Spirit Xi looked back at them with hatred. She wanted so badly to attack them and dig out their eyeb.a.l.l.s.

But the cultivation of Half-Saint Shuntian was too strong. Mere Power Qi given out by him had caused her internal damage. The veins of her body were seemingly about to explode.

Half-Saint Shuntian moved forward step by step with great strength, and forced Zhang Ruochen and the others to retreat to the edge of the cliff.

But no one, except Zhang Ruochen, had noticed that there were more and more cracks in the s.p.a.ce of the cliff edge.

Wood Spirit Xi stepped back to Zhang Ruochen's side. Her beautiful eyes looked at him with love. "Let's jump together. Even if we die, dying together with you would be no regret for me."

While she spoke, her slender and soft hands folded with Zhang Ruochen's palms, and her eyes looked determined.

"It's not that easy for you to die together."

Half-Saint Shuntian smirked and jumped up. His arm reached to the front. Five bright rays of thunder and lightning were given out by him. And his five fingers were about to catch Wood Spirit Xi.


Smashed by Half-Saint Shuntian's power, the s.p.a.ce of the cliff's edge was finally broken. Dozens of giant cracks started to appear.

And a strong swallowing power was generated from the inside of the cracks. Dozens of whirlpools were created to pull all materials and energy into them.

Eternal God Emperor Chapter 827 - Half-Saint Shuntian

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