Eternal God Emperor Chapter 954 - The Power Of Saint Spell

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Chapter 954: The Power of Saint Spell

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The deafening noise was heard from afar, followed by a strong blast of the wind which ripped the Divine Tornado Formation into shreds.

With a strong quake of the earth, seven snow mountains, which were fragile like seven sand mounds, fell down in a row to spread on the ground.

Zhang Ruochen walked out of the snowy wind and stood in midair, giving out forbidding power as a blood dragon wound around his body. His black eyes stared disdainfully at Mei Lanzhu and the four Banner Lords.

“How's it possible?” Banner Lord Qifeng found it hard to believe.


Attacked by the air wave, Banner Lord Qifeng was thrown backwards to crash into a snow mountain's icy cliff, smas.h.i.+ng it into pieces.

Banner Lord Qifeng was just a master in Battle Formation, so his body was rather weak. Suffering from such a crash, his head was hurt and body destroyed. He was soaked in blood and pa.s.sed out.

Mei Lanzhu appeared to be calm and didn't move. An invisible power resolved the attack of the air wave.

He glanced at Banner Lord Qifeng and sneered, “It's something that you can crack the Divine Tornado Formation.”

Zhang Ruochen stood as high as Mei Lanzhu, Qi of blood circulating on his body. He raised his voice, “Should you explain to me, Your Highness…why did you ambush me?”

“I don't have to explain myself to a dead person.”

A sneer was seen on Mei Lanzhu's face, as if he was laughing at Zhang Ruochen's ignorance.

Zhang Ruochen laughed too. “Your Highness is so confident that you can kill me?”

Mei Lanzhu looked at Zhao s.h.i.+qi, Banner Lord Mingkong and Banner Lord Yaodao, who stood behind him, and said, “Hehe! Gu Linfeng, you have some strength, having borrowed the power of the Blood G.o.d Venomous Worm. But, you have to face the reality. Do you think you can run away today?”


Behind Mei Lanzhu, Banner Lord Mingkong and Banner Lord Yaodao both released their saint souls simultaneously to create two Saint Soul Territories, each dozens of kilometers in diameter, absorbing the Spiritual Power between the heaven and the earth.

They both had reached the peak of the Sixth Level of Half-Saint.

With palms giving off the purple evil flames, Banner Lord Mingkong warned Zhang Ruochen for the last time. “Gu Linfeng, if you surrender now, maybe His Highness will give you an honorable death.”

Banner Lord Yaodao looked at Zhang Ruochen playfully, hanging up the corner of his mouth a little. He was like a unparalleled saint who was looking at an ant on the ground.

Zhang Ruochen shook his head slightly, and said, “Let's begin!”

With Mei Lanzhu, Banner Lord Mingkong and Banner Lord Yaodao feeling confused, Zhao s.h.i.+qi behind them gave a ruthless laugh. He waved his hands to throw the two whirlpools in his palms, which had been prepared by him in advance, to Banner Lord Mingkong and Banner Lord Yaodao.

It was a sixth-level Wind Spell, “Wind Cracking Universe Spell,” which could constantly transfer the power of the wind to the palms. Small whirlpools as they were, they could give out extremely destructive power.

Half-Saints of Spiritual Power like Zhao s.h.i.+qi could wipe out a city in a second, using the Wind Cracking Universe Spell to throw a small whirlpool.

Of course, on the premise that the city was out of the Protection Formation.


The whirlpools exploded immediately, turning into dense wind blades, which hit the two Banner Lords.

As they were standing very close to each other, before the two could take the defense, their bodies had been smashed into pieces.

Blood fog filled the s.p.a.ce.

“Zhao s.h.i.+qi, why??”

A sad and shrill scream was heard from a ball of white saint fog about the size of a human head once it flew out.

It was the saint soul of Banner Lord Mingkong.

Banner Lord Mingkong and Banner Lord Yaodao had such high cultivations and powerful saint souls that their consciousness wouldn't disperse shortly after their bodies were destroyed.

“You were already dead the minute you chose to fight against my young lord.”

Zhao s.h.i.+qi operated his spiritual power again and reached out his two dried-up hands to condense two giant palms, vanquis.h.i.+ng the saint souls of Banner Lord Mingkong and Banner Lord Yaodao.

Mei Lanzhu never expected things to happen so differently. He shouted with anger, “Zhao s.h.i.+qi, you must be a spy of Discipline King Haiming! Go to h.e.l.l!”

Zhao s.h.i.+qi used a magic art of speedy escape to run away, not saying anything.


A recurring wind caught him, rus.h.i.+ng down the frozen waterfall like a blurring shadow.

Mei Lanzhu reached out his arm. A more than five-meters-long lance shaped into a snake came out from the middle of his brows.

“Wanna run away?”

The dazzling golden brilliance given out by the snake-shaped lance lit up the s.p.a.ce of dozens of kilometers in diameter, melting all the snowflakes. The lance struck to its front.

A string of golden light as thick as a bowl came through the void to hit the escaping Zhao s.h.i.+qi.

“Fight with me.” Zhang Ruochen swayed to his side to appear at the spot in front of the golden light column. He twisted his wrist to give a palm strike.


The s.p.a.ce was shaken violently.

The golden light column crushed into particles of golden light, falling on the ground like a rain.

Mei Lanzhu saw that Zhang Ruochen had resolved his attack easily, feeling a little scared and worried. He bit his teeth. “You hid your cultivation?”

“That's right. I did.”

Zhang Ruochen put his left hand behind his back and raised the other hand. “I can easily vanquish you with only one hand. You don't deserve the fame of the Son of Deity.”

Zhang Ruochen said it deliberately to enrage Mei Lanzhu, in the case that he should use the Saint Decree to run away.

“Gu Linfeng, who do you think you are?!” Mei Lanzhu's handsome face was twisted with fury. With the Seven Saint Snake Lance in one hand, he created a handprint with the other hand to put it between his brows.

The closed vertical eye between Mei Lanzhu's brows opened a crack slowly, giving out a line of golden brilliance.

Even Zhang Ruochen was alerted at that moment.

There was like a divine beast from the far ancient times coming to awake, giving out shocking and terrible power.

Zhao s.h.i.+qi who had run away saw it and felt a little shocked as well. He reminded immediately, “My lord, be careful. There is a string of saint power granted by the Hierarch in Mei Lanzhu's Third Eye. Once he opens it, it would be a disaster.”

Zhang Ruochen frowned his brows, displaying his body moves at once.

In a blink, he had reached toward the face of Mei Lanzhu. With both hands pressing down, two more than thirty-meters-long blood dragons came out.

It wasn't easy for Mei Lanzhu to open his Third Eye.

Seeing the palm prints of Zhang Ruochen falling down on him, Mei Lanzhu bit his teeth tightly to give a straight thrust of his Seven Saint Snake Lance upwards. Seven giant golden pythons rushed out from the lance to crash with the blood dragons.


The seven giant golden pythons all broke into pieces, unable to resist Zhang Ruochen's palm power.

The two palms of Zhang Ruochen collided with the Seven Saint Snake Lance. The great explosion had forced Mei Lanzhu to the bottom of the ground.

Suffering from a full strike of Zhang Ruochen, Mei Lanzhu should have withstood with his strong body and survived.

With a boom, Mei Lanzhu flew out from the soil, giving out golden brilliance.

Especially his three eyes on the head had emitted a single light column to hundreds of kilometers away.

The extraordinary body of Mei Lanzhu was called the “Three-Eye Magical Body”. Figures who had such special bodies could compete with Supreme Saints in the ancient time.

If Mei Lanzhu could practice his Three-Eye Magical Body to the utmost, he would surely become one of the most influential ones among the saints.

“Gu Lingfeng, I will have you die pathetically without a burial ground!”

Mei Lanzhu shouted and transferred the power of his Third Eye between his brows to condense a golden blurring shadow hundreds of meters tall in midair.

The shadow gave out scaringly almighty power, like a giant who had separated the heaven and the earth standing in the middle.

It was a blurring shadow condensed by a string saint power of the Hierarch of the Blood G.o.d Sect.

Zhang Ruochen stoned his face, rus.h.i.+ng back for hundreds of kilometers. Meanwhile, he poured all his Holy Qi to his arms and hands.

“Isn't it too late for you to run away now?”

Mei Lanzhu gave a sneer, stabbing to his front with the Seven Saint Snake Lance in both hands.

The giant golden shadow blended with the Seven Saint Snake Lance, bursting out the power ten times that of Mei Lanzhu himself.

Soon, the Seven Saint Snake Lance reached Zhang Ruochen.

Six apertures in Zhang Ruochen's hands were opened at the same time to connect his body with the heaven and the earth, bursting out a power as strong as that of the golden shadow.

“Is that…is that a Saint Spell?”

Zhao s.h.i.+qi widened his eyes. It was unbelievable that Zhang Ruochen should have practiced a Saint Spell to its utmost.

And the power wave given out from Zhang Ruochen was even several times stronger than yesterday's, when Zhao s.h.i.+qi and Su Bai had ambushed him.

“Now this is his real power.”

Zhao s.h.i.+qi considered himself lucky for having made a wise decision to follow Zhang Ruochen. Otherwise, it was impossible for him to stand here now.

In midair, the palm power at the level of the Saint Spell collided with the string of the saint power of the Blood G.o.d Sect's Hierarch.

Both powers were annihilated at the same time.

Zhang Ruochen flew backwards for more than 100 meters, and fell onto the ground with a bang, leaving a giant pit which was dozens of meters deep.

“The burst of a Saint Spell is surely amazing. It can resist a string of the Hierarch's power.”

It was the first time that Zhang Ruochen had fully displayed the power of six apertures of the Seven-Apertures Blood Palm. Zhang Ruochen felt quite content.

In the other direction, Mei Lanzhu spouted blood, flying backwards to hit inside of the the snow mountain again.

It had never occurred to him that the person who had been weighed the least by him would have such great power.

Eternal God Emperor Chapter 954 - The Power Of Saint Spell

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