Eternal God Emperor Chapter 955 - The Enemy Behind

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Chapter 955: The Enemy Behind

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Zhang Ruochen didn't give Mei Lanzhu a second chance. He used his fastest move to rush into the mountain. With his finger as his sword, he pointed at the center of Mei Lanzhu's brow.


Mei Lanzhu shouted. He threw the Seven Saint Snake Lance out with his right hand to stab the heart of Zhang Ruochen, trying to kill him before he died.

But his strength was too far from Zhang Ruochen's.

At the time that the sword wave had gone through Mei Lanzhu's lower abdomen, the Seven Saint Snake Lance was still one meter away from Zhang Ruochen's heart.

When top talents fought each other, only a narrow difference of 3.3 centimeters would determine their fates, not to mention one meter.

The body of Mei Lanzhu was set in the mud. His eyes still opened widely, but his Third Eye between his brows was covered by a b.l.o.o.d.y hole the size of a cup. Blood kept pouring out from it.

His blood was boiling hot, containing a strong power which could have melted the earth.

As a young king, he should have a glorious future to become a Supreme Saint, commanding the Blood G.o.d Sect and all saints in Evil Ways.

However, Mei Lanzhu was vanquished today. He had accomplished nothing in this world where numerous talents fought for supremacy.

Zhang Ruochen picked up the Seven Saint Snake Lance, observing its complicated patterns while holding it in his hand.


Seven strong battle spirits came out from the lance, which kept trembling to burst out an extraordinarily strong power which ran away from Zhang Ruochen's hand.

"It should be a Thousand-pattern Saint Weapon. Looks like seven saint souls of the Saint Pythons have been sealed in it. Someone has refined the seven saint souls into the battle spirit of the lance."

Burning flames appeared on Zhang Ruochen's hands to completely refine the Qi of Mei Lanzhu left inside the Seven Saint Snake Lance.

"Be quiet. It isn't hard for me to kill you all."

Zhang Ruochen pa.s.sed his strong will to the battle spirits with his spiritual power.

Zhang Ruochen's threat did work. Soon, the Seven Saint Snake Lance stopped trembling.

Then, Zhang Ruochen collected some invaluable treasures from Mei Lanzhu, including pills, secret books and saint rocks.

"Eh! This is…"

Zhang Ruochen found a special box, which was only as big as a fist. Frozen cold power was given out by it.

There was a layer of seal on the surface of the box.

Zhang Ruochen transferred some power to it. But a rebouncing power bursted out from the surface of the box, generating thunder and lightning.

The thunder and lightning went on from his fingers to his arms.

"What a seal! It couldn't have been Mei Lanzhu who placed it. I can't crack it with my current spiritual power. I wonder…what is in the box?"

Zhang Ruochen thought about cracking the seal on the surface of the box with the Ancient Abyss Sword.

But, he worried that the thing inside the box would be destroyed. So he gave up the thought.

Putting away the box, Zhang Ruochen picked up the Seven Saint Snake Lance and the corpse of Mei Lanzhu to jump out of the earth, returning to the ground.


Zhang Ruochen threw Mei Lanzhu's corpse to Zhao s.h.i.+qi, and said, "You handle this. Don't let the elders of the Blood G.o.d Sect find anything skeptical. Otherwise, we'll be in big trouble."

Zhao s.h.i.+qi had refined the pa.s.sed-out Banner Lord Qifeng into ashes. Then, he glanced at the corpse of Mei Lanzhu, and smiled, "Be a.s.sured, my lord. I will tell the elders that Mei Lanzhu was killed by a blood monster. We have nothing to do with it."


Zhang Ruochen nodded…

All of a sudden, Zhang Ruochen detected a slight wave of Holy Qi, pa.s.sing from the top of the snow mountain behind him.

"Who's there?"

He changed his face and turned back immediately to throw the Seven Saint Snake Lance out.

A wind power condensed by Holy Qi at the tip of the lance changed into a light shuttle. It flew to the top of the snow mountain, with the terrible penetrating power.

Strands of evil black Qi condensed into a shadow of an old man in black robes at the mountaintop.


The power of the Seven Saint Snake Lance was completely devoured by an invisible power when it was still about 2 meters away from the old man in black robes.

"Haha! Discipline King Haiming should have such a powerful disciple's son to have killed the Son of Deity of the Blood G.o.d Sect. I will look at him differently."

A hoa.r.s.e laugh was sounded in the black robes.

"Unbelievable!" Zhang Ruochen was shocked.

Then, he operated all his Holy Qi and moved his legs slightly. He put on a grave face. "Why do I feel you are somewhat familiar?"

"Yes? Your feeling is correct."

On the mountaintop, the old man in black robes took off his hood which had covered his face. The evil black fog soon dispersed to show his real face.

"Banner King Wuliang."

Zhao s.h.i.+qi's face lost color. He couldn't help but to step back.

The old man in black robes who was standing at the top of the snow mountain was the lord of the Sixth Base of the Nether Heavenly Palace, Banner King Wuliang.

Although he was the weakest one of the six lords of the bases, the cultivation of Banner King Wuliang had reached the peak of the Eighth Level of the Half-Saint.

And his exercise was the Heavenly Devil h.e.l.l Map of the Heavenly Devil Stone Inscription, which was one of the Six Extraordinary Books in Kunlun's Field. So his battle power was strong enough to fight enemies above his state.

Banner King Wuliang used to fight with an elder of the Blood G.o.d Sect at the Ninth Level of the Half Saint, and edged him out.

A figure at his level was too powerful for him and Zhang Ruochen to defend themselves against. Naturally, Zhao s.h.i.+qi felt very scared.

Zhang Ruochen was not panicked at all. He said, "My lord, you must have been around for a long time. Why did you stand by and watch me kill the Son of Deity?"

Banner King Wuliang laughed. "Mei Lanzhu can be killed by you, showing that he was too weak to be the Son of Deity of the Blood G.o.d Sect. Why should I help him?"

"Is that all?"

Zhang Ruochen spoke steadily. "The reason why Mei Lanzhu wanted to kill me was Her Highness, the Saintess. Your reason should be the Yuling Blood Broadsword. Am I right?"


Banner King Wuliang spoke frankly.

Zhang Ruochen said again, "Once I killed Mei Lanzhu, you would get not only the Yuling Blood Broadsword, but also the Seven Saint Snake Lance, a Thousand-pattern Saint Weapon. That's the reason why you didn't help Mei Lanzhu. Am I right?"

Banner King Wuliang laughed. "Gu Linfeng, haha, Gu Linfeng. Even I have underestimated you. I thought you were just a small potato who only had l.u.s.t for women. I didn't know that you were so clever. It's a shame that you should run into me, for you are surely going to die today."

Both hands of Banner King Wuliang reached out from his sleeves, turning into two black hands of the devil, which were more than hundreds of meters long, to hit Zhang Ruochen and Zhao s.h.i.+qi respectively.

"Spatial Twist."

Zhang Ruochen released his s.p.a.ce Domain immediately to operate the spatial power to twist the s.p.a.ce 100 meters around, resolving the attack of the Banner King Wuliang.

"I'll stop him. Zhao s.h.i.+qi, you go now," said Zhang Ruochen.

Zhao s.h.i.+qi glanced at Zhang Ruochen, a little touched.

Zhang Ruochen should have him go first in such a dangerous situation. Mei Lanzhu would never do the same.

Zhang Ruochen was hundreds of times better than Mei Lanzhu from this angle.

"My lord, let's run in two directions. Powerful though the Banner King Wuliang may be, he can only kill one of us."

"I have a way out. Zhao Wuliang can't kill me by himself. Stop talking. You go first."

"Okay. Take care."

Zhao s.h.i.+qi acted with decisiveness. He stopped talking and took out a Saint Decree. He activated the saint power to change into a flash, rus.h.i.+ng to the horizon.

Zhang Ruochen used the spatial power to resolve the attack of Banner King Wuliang, which gave a shock to him.

After Banner King Wuliang came back to his senses, Zhao s.h.i.+qi had activated the Saint Decree to fly away.

"s.h.i.+t! Who are you?"

Banner King Wuliang didn't go after Zhao s.h.i.+qi, but gave out devil lights with his eyes, trying to figure out Zhang Ruochen's true self with his Heavenly Devil Pupils.

"You have to beat me first to find out who I am."

Zhang Ruochen didn't run away at once. On the contrary, he seemed to be prepared to fight Banner King Wuliang.

After all, what truly mattered for Banner King Wuliang was the Yuling Blood Broadsword and the Seven Saint Snake Lance. He wouldn't pa.s.s word to the Nether Heavenly Palace as long as he had a chance to rob them. He wanted to kill Zhang Ruochen secretly and take all the treasure by himself.

If Zhang Ruochen used the Saint Decree to run away, then Banner King Wuliang wouldn't have the chance to take the two saint weapons. He would definitely inform the Nether Heavenly Palace to report everything to the Palace Ruler.

By then, Zhang Ruochen wouldn't be able to get out from the Blood G.o.d Sect, nor could he go to the Bottomless Abyss.

"Haha! You would dare to challenge me. Fine. As you wish."

Banner King Wuliang laughed in his heart. He condensed a cloud of black Qi of devil with his hands, giving out an icy cold Qi of power.

"Heavenly Devil Seal."

A quaint iron seal flew out of the Qi of devil.

The iron seal grew larger and larger. It attacked Zhang Ruochen like a hill of iron and steel.


Once encountered, Zhang Ruochen was. .h.i.t and thrown back by the Heavenly Devil Seal. He spit blood embarra.s.sedly, looking like he was severely wounded.

Then Zhang Ruochen jumped from the ground to display the Luan Phoenix Deity Print Speed. He changed into a ball of firelight, flying to the Bottomless Abyss.

"Want to run away?"

Banner King Wuliang sneered, thinking that since he had severely wounded Zhang Ruochen, Zhang Ruochen couldn't run away from him. So he followed up immediately.

Zhang Ruochen kept fighting with Banner King Wuliang while escaping all the way of 400 kilometers to the edge of the Bottomless Abyss.

Banner King Wuliang hovered about ten meters above the ground, looking at Zhang Ruochen who was covered with blood like a black ghost. He laughed, "The Bottomless Abyss is right behind you. Now, where do you want to go?"

He added immediately, "Actually, if you used the Saint Decree given by Discipline King Haiming earlier, maybe I couldn't stop you. But you were so arrogant that you wanted to challenge me. You wanted to kill me for good? Uh-uh, but you were too weak to change the situation. You helped me win. What a shame! Shame!"

Zhang Ruochen dusted off his clothes, and wiped off the blood at the corner of his lips. He laughed, "Why do you think I was running away? Couldn't I have led you here on purpose?"

Eternal God Emperor Chapter 955 - The Enemy Behind

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