Eternal God Emperor Chapter 956 - A World In The Dark

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Chapter 956: A World in the Dark

Translator: Larbre Studio  Editor: Larbre Studio

At the edge of the Bottomless Abyss, the sky was only dozens of meters above their heads. Black clouds kept rolling, giving out a pressure for both human bodies and minds.

Different than before, Zhang Ruochen straightened up his back to give a sharp look. The dazzling golden light given out by the Seven Saint Snake Lance in his hand seemed to almost penetrate the black clouds above his head.

In other places, Zhang Ruochen couldn't defeat Banner King Wuliang even if he had used all his last resorts.

But in the Bottomless Abyss, he had a chance.

Banner King Wuliang appeared to be very calm. He laughed, “Right. You want to use the special Rules of the Heaven and the Earth in the Bottomless Abyss to defeat me here.”

“But don't you know that even if I only display ten percent of my full strength, I can still defeat you in your prime? Not to mention that you can only display ten percent of your strength as well.”

“Of course I know.”

Zhang Ruochen added, “But coming here I will have at least ten or twenty percent more of a possibility to defeat you.”


The Banner King just gave a husky laugh, not thinking Zhang Ruochen had any chance to win.

The Heavenly Devil Print flew above again, revolving in midair and giving out the Qi of piercing coldness. The ground was covered up with a thick layer of black ice, making a zoom noise.

The devil cloud wrapped up the Heavenly Devil Print, suppressing Zhang Ruochen in a savage form.

Zhang Ruochen shook his arms to activate the inscriptions inside the Seven Saint Snake Lance. Seven giant shadows of the pythons flew out.

The shadows of the pythons wound up the lance, stabbing the Heavenly Devil Print.

Sparks flew off in all directions.

A deafening sound wave was heard all over the heaven and the earth.

The Heavenly Devil Print didn't stop Zhang Ruochen, but was thrown back to fall off the Bottomless Abyss.

“How's it possible?”

Banner King Wuliang opened his eyes widely as he was shocked. He hit a strand of the black Holy Qi, trying to recover the Heavenly Devil Print.

Zhang Ruochen enjoyed the fight and took the chance to attack again. Colorful brilliance was given by his arms. He wielded the Seven Saint Snake Lance to chop the Holy Qi displayed by the Banner King Wuliang, cutting the connection between him and the Heavenly Devil Print.

The Heavenly Devil Print was only a Hundred-pattern Saint Weapon. After it lost the connection with its owner, it dropped to the Bottomless Abyss immediately, disappearing in the fog and clouds.

Banner King Wuliang trembled with anger. He shouted, “I will have your bones broken into dust!”

Zhang Ruochen put on a cold face. He made a decisive move to step ten meters forward, turning his Seven Saint Snake Lance to stab at the center of Banner King Wuliang's brow.

“Glacier h.e.l.l.”

Banner King Wuliang raised his hands. Two layers of black ice shaped in squares appeared on the ground, giving out dark brilliance. It froze the Seven Saint Snake Lance and stopped it from moving forward.

Then, Banner King Wuliang struck a palm.

The palm print hit to the belly of Zhang Ruochen under the Seven Saint Snake Lance.

Zhang Ruochen had to give up the Seven Saint Snake Lance. He clasped his hands to crack the six apertures in his hands, and hit the front with both palms.


The palm power of Banner King Wuliang should have been better than that of Zhang Ruochen to force him to retreat for 16 steps in a row.

The noise sounded on the ground, leaving 16 foot prints which were about 15 centimeters deep.

If Zhang Ruochen hadn't stabilized himself forcefully, he would have fallen down to the Bottomless Abyss with one more step.

Banner King Wuliang's body shook a little. He retreated two steps to resolve the power of the Seven-Apertures Blood Palm.

Even so, his hands hurt a bit. The speed of the operation of his Holy Qi slowed down a little as well.

He stared at Zhang Ruochen with surprise, who was standing at the edge of the Bottomless Abyss. “You must have the power to take one palm of my full strength. With your cultivation, you can't be so powerful, even if you display the Saint Spell…Could it be the power of your human body?”

Banner King Wuliang came to a realization then.

The human body of Gu Linfeng was surely terribly powerful. Suffering from the severe wounds before, he was still full of life and energy, ready to fight. Even a saint body couldn't do that.

Even so, Banner King Wuliang still had confidence in himself. He picked up the Seven Saint Dragon Lance sealed in the black ice, and clutched it in hand tightly. “You human body is surely strong, which has exceeded my expectations. But once you lose the Seven Saint Dragon Lance, what's the use of such a strong human body?”

Zhang Ruochen glanced at the Seven Saint Dragon Lance and said, “Without it, I will be more powerful in fights.”

“Really? But your proudest palm play was defeated by me,” laughed Banner King Wuliang.

But soon, his laugh froze on his face, and astonishment appeared in his eyes.

A black ancient sword flew to them out of nowhere. It floated above Zhang Ruochen's head, giving out thick Qi of sword to form a Sword Qi Domain.

“My palm technique has only reached the second cla.s.s, not fully connecting to the heavens. Maybe only my sword technique can be called as the first cla.s.s.”

The feeling of Zhang Ruochen changed again to become more intimidating and unformidable.

With a sword in hand, he was like the Sword Saint.

Having commanded the palm technique at the level of the Saint Spell and called his palm play of the second cla.s.s?

If the words were heard by other monks who had been practicing palm techniques, they would be ashamed.

“Bluffing. I'd like to see, how strong can your sword technique be?”

Banner King Wuliang held the Seven Saint Snake Lance tightly to operate the Holy Qi from his whole body. Sharp sounds were heard in the air, becoming a strong circling current.

Zhang Ruochen looked to the back of Banner King Wuliang. He pinched his two fingers into a sword sign to activate the Abyss Ancient Sword.

The Abyss Ancient Sword turned into a black flash to go around to Banner King Wuliang's back like a beautiful curve.


The sharp Qi of sword, which was hundreds of meters long, didn't land on the body of Banner King Wuliang, but chopped the ground behind him.

The blood red rock was chopped, leaving a hundreds-of-meter-long gully all the way down to the bottom of the ground.

The ground quaked violently. Ten thousand square meters of land were cut from the rock, falling down to the Bottomless Abyss.

“Gu Linfeng, are you crazy?”

The eyes of Banner King Wuliang were bloodshot. He pulled back the power prepared to attack Zhang Ruochen at once, trying to get back to the rock with both feet stepping hard on the ground.

Zhang Ruochen stood on the falling rock plate, appearing to be super calm and making another sword sign.

Above him, the Abyss Ancient Sword gave a large area of black brilliance. Even the sword spirit was called out to stand in the middle of the black brilliance.


As the Abyss Ancient Sword flew down, thousands of sword Qi were generated to attack the Banner King Wuliang.

Banner King Wuliang saw the sword rain falling from above, and he used the Seven Saint Snake Lance to stab. All sword Qi were crushed, turning into streams of black fog.

But the strike had stopped Banner King Wuliang from going up.

Zhang Ruochen used the Sword Defending Technique to control the Abyss Ancient Sword to keep attacking Banner King Wuliang, forcing him to fall down.

At last, Banner King Wuliang fell to the ground. He gave a fierce look. “Do you want me to die together with you?”

Zhang Ruochen reached out his hand to catch the returning Abyss Ancient Sword, shaking his head. “Didn't you say that beneath the Bottomless Abyss was the First Gradient? How does that suggest dying together?”

“Even if there is a First Gradient, you could never return to the ground with your cultivation.”

The murderous look was all over the face of Banner King Wuliang.

He kept pouring the Holy Qi into the Seven Saint Snake Lance, and stepped hard to the front with his right foot, crus.h.i.+ng the stone under his foot.

At the same time, the Seven Saint Snake Lance was thrown away. Dozens of rays of sharp brilliance shrouded Zhang Ruochen like raindrops.

“Loopholes appear one after another.”

Zhang Ruochen shook his head and stabbed to the front as well. Dozens of rays of sword light were also generated to resolve the attack of the Banner King Wuliang.

As the Abyss Ancient Sword collided with the Seven Saint Snake Lance, sparks were emitted.

The sword Qi climbed up the lance all the way to the arm of the Banner King Wuliang, tearing his sleeves to pieces to reveal his dried-up tawny hand.

Banner King Wuliang stepped back at once, and released his Holy Qi to form a black light curtain to block all the sword Qi.

“What happened? Why does Gu Linfeng grow stronger and stronger?”

Banner King Wuliang was frightened. If he didn't retreat quickly enough, his light arm should have been left with only one white bone.

At first, Banner King Wuliang had some advantages on the ground. But as they fell down, Gu Linfeng took over more advantages than him.

“The lower I fall, the more intense the restrictions placed by the Rules of the Heaven and the Earth on cultivation will become. And the advantage of the human body will be enlarged.”

Banner King Wuliang calculated to himself. Restricted by the Rules of the Heaven and the Earth, now that he could only display one thirtieth of the cultivation of his prime.

The Holy Qi inside him flowed slowly like lead or mercury.

“Can't wait up. Reaching the First Gradient, I can never defeat Gu Linfeng. His human body is too strong.”

Banner King Wuliang strode forward, wielding the Seven Saint Snake Lance to Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen didn't reserve anything. With a flash, he moved forward ten meters in midair to appear in front of the Banner King. The gorgeous sword light chopped him.

“Gold Morning Sun.”


The sword collided with the lance.

The power bursting from the sword forced the Banner King to fly backwards.

His five fingers were smashed, bleeding. Not only did the Seven Saint Snake Lance tremble, but so did his arm.

Zhang Ruochen looked down and stopped attacking.

A pair of golden dragon wings, which were more than 30 meters long, appeared on his back, like two golden clouds.

All of a sudden, his falling speed was slowed.

Banner King Wuliang looked down through the black clouds. Another ground could be seen hundreds of meters down there.

A vast black world showed up.

Eternal God Emperor Chapter 956 - A World In The Dark

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