The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 119-120

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Chapter 119 – Infuriated to the point of discarding all rational thoughts (5)

To comply with him, to obey him, it seemed to have already become intuitive. An instinct, so natural that it seemed have been carved into one’s flesh and blood.

To resist His Highness Prince Jin required a great deal of courage.

Ling Feng bit his lip. Furious, he closed his mouth and stood aside.

Since ancient times, beautiful women have been the source of numerous calamities! The ancients were right in this regard, they didn’t deceive me! Lin Feng’s eyes were bloodshot, and both of his hands were clenched into fists. With his eyes as cold as ice, he heartlessly stared at Su Luo.

Nangong Liuyun stuffed the dagger into Su Luo’s hand, his laugh which was like a soft cloud and a gentle wind in the clear sky, it was also flirtatious and threatening. His finger pointed at his own chest, and he softly coaxed her: “Come, stab here, stabbing here will let you vent your anger. Be obedient.”

His facial expression was unperturbed and lacked any emotion. His hands unyieldingly detained Su Luo’s hand, not allowing any room for resistance.

Su Luo was both scared and angry, and involuntarily cried out. “Nangong Liuyun, enough! Seriously enough! Quickly stay your hands!”

Nangong Liuyun, with a deathly tight grip, held her hand. The corner of his mouth rose as he laughed in a flirtatious and enticing manner, tranquil and intoxicating like the cherry blossoms in March. He wouldn’t let her refuse, gripping the wrist of her hand that held the dagger, the blade tip was directed towards his own heart.

“You know, when I, Nangong Liuyun, do things, there has never been a person who would dare utter half a sentence of criticism, and I have also never cared about other people’s opinions. However, you, Su Luo, are an exception.” Nangong gripped her hand securely, his eyes gave off an ice-cold aura, “You can retaliate. Come. Come, vent your anger.”

Nangong Liuyun’s pitch-black eyes stared at her, looking deep into her eyes. He took her hands, with the dagger blade tip aimed towards his own heart, and positioned it at the most fatal point.

No matter how high your martial skill was, the heart was always the the most fatal location. With one knife stab at it, even the most powerful martial arts expert will die.

He tightly clutched her hand. His demeanor was calm, his expression blank, drawing nearer bit by bit. He was very overbearing, forcing her to kill him.

Su Luo repeatedly shook her head, and she did everything to pry away her hands from his hold. She was mouthing I’m sorry, I’m sorry that I treated you badly, I’m sorry… Su Luo’s heart repeated these ‘I’m sorry’s’ ten thousand times, but she was unable to speak a single word.

However, Nangong Liuyun turned a deaf ear, and just laughed indifferently. His smile was like the fireworks in March, gorgeous yet lonely.

The depths of his eyes were clearly laughing, but his pupils outwardly showed incomparable indifference.

He caressed Su Luo’s face, calling her name. “I, Nangong Liuyun, have never been sincere towards anyone, except for you…”

After barely finished speaking, his eyes flashed with a ruthless light. He strongly pressed down on her hands and thrust towards his own chest!

Tears suddenly rushed out of Su Luo’s eyes with a -sob- sound.

This person was really a demon!

Being ruthless to others was one thing, but he was actually also so heartless to himself!

At the last moment, Su Luo used all her strength to make the thrusting dagger slant sideways. It stabbed towards an indentation on his shoulder where his collarbone was, barely avoiding the fatal location of his heart.

She watched him collapse and saw he was close to being suffocated. It seemed as if he didn’t even have the strength to keep his eyelids open, yet he was still using his deep and intense eyes to unblinkingly stare at her while smiling.

Su Luo tightly clenched her fist; in a flash, she understood.

Nangong Liuyun was using his life to scheme against her, little by little pressing harder, constantly trapping her!

He was taking a gamble!

He was betting that at the last crucial moment, she would force him to avoid the fatal point. He was betting that she, Su Luo, could not bear to see him die. He was betting that she, Su Luo, actually had a thread of affection toward him!

He was this kind of man. His heart was scheming, sophistically shrewd, and calculative. He also had formidable power as well as endless capital. The type of man that he was, even if he gave a certain woman an opportunity, she would never be able to escape.

He said that she was an exception.

Could it be that even after so many years, she was the only one who had been given this choice?

In Su Luo’s mind, suddenly lightly floated the image of that simple and neat beautiful woman who could overturn a country.

Could it be that he never gave the Jade Lake’s Fairy a chance?

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Chapter 120 – Infuriated to the point of discarding all rational thoughts (6)

“Apparently you still have not vented all the anger in your heart girl.” Nangong Liuyun looked at her while smiling. He saw her expression continued to change, and his eyes were gentle, flirtatious and compelling. “Is it still not enough? Then do you want to try again? Will you stab it in from here? Or there? Or maybe here?”

“Nangong Liuyun, stop acting crazy! Hurry up and release my hand! Do you hear me!” Su Luo stared at him with a complicated look. If he was not so weak and pale, she would have definitely slapped him like how she did before.

Why was he using his own life to pressure her?!

If it was possible, she really wanted to turn around and leave. To abandon this man who dettached any value from his own life. Let him fend for himself, self-destruct through madness and then perish.

But she couldn’t, because she had saddled herself with the guilt of causing him to go into Recoil of Madness in the first place.

“Do you forgive me now?” Nangong Liuyun was panting. His handsome countenance was sweating profusely, but he still looked at her seriously.

“I…….” Su Luo glared at him coldly. Her eyes swept across the b.l.o.o.d.y dagger, the blood color emitted a strange cold light under the sun. Su Luo’s heart throbbed in an unexpected coincidence, she roared at him. “Forgive! I forgive you!”

She knew, if she dared to say “I never blamed you” those words, next time, if it wasn’t him strangling her, then it would be her forcefully strangling him.

Because those two sentences, the meaning contained within was not the same. “I never blamed you,” meant, “I never cared about you in the first place,” which is why she wouldn’t blamed him.

This man, in regards to reading people’s intent through language, was likely to nitpick her answer down to the tiniest details.

“Then….that’s….good…” A trace of satisfaction flashed through Nangong Liuyun’s waning but smiling expression. It seem as if he was forcefully enduring everything until this moment. He finally relaxed and afterwards immediately collapsed to the ground.

“Nangong Liuyun!” Su Luo hastily caught and held on to him while frantically shouting out loud.

Cold sweat covered Nangong Liuyun’s face who had collapsed into her embrace. His lips were purple and black. His entire body appeared to have been immersed in icy water and was covered in a layer of sweat. Su Luo was clearly able to sense he had already lost consciousness. However his body still repeatedly s.h.i.+vered from head to toe and remained unable to suppress the repeated trembles.

Just now, even though he was in this condition he had still stubbornly propped himself up to compel her to kill him!

Su Luo was not afraid to meet a fiercely cruel person. However a person who could be so fiercely cruel to such an extent, even on themselves was a person worth dreading!

“It’s all because of you! If it was not for you, his highness would never end up this way!” When Ling Feng saw Nangong Liuyun faint, he ran to his side without delay. While scrambling to s.n.a.t.c.h Nangong Liuyun’s body from her he was also raised his head and loudly bellowed at Su Luo.

Su Luo’s blood and qi was boiling from being yelled by him, a mouthful of blood almost bursted out.

She clenched her teeth and was finally able to swallow the sweet and metallic taste. Coldly responded to Ling Feng. “What’s the point of yelling at me now! The most important thing is to think of a way to save him! I’m not familiar with this ! Now it all depends on you!”

Ling Feng’s pair of eyes were crimson and bloodshot, similar to a trapped ferocious beast. He threw a deadly glare at Su Luo. Hugging Nangong Liuyun’s body, he got on the Dragon Scaled Horse. He sat on top of the carriage, raised his horsewhip and was just about to leave.

He thought about it, still in the end his patience he shouted towards Su Luo. “Time is running out. Quickly, get in the carriage!”

If he considered only his original desires, he would naturally want to abandon Su Luo. The further he left her the better. However Ling Feng was not a fool. He had realized deep-down that Su Luo had a special status within Nangong Liuyun’s heart. That area was a place that even the Jade Lake’s fairy had never touched before.

If his highness was to wake up and not see Su Luo, this evildoer, what terrible things would happen if he went out, once again, to find her!

For the time being, Su Luo completely disregarded Ling Feng’s nasty att.i.tude. She was only worried about Nangong Liuyun. If he met any misfortune because of her, she would blame herself and be mournful for the rest of her life.

Therefore, without another word Su Luo jumped into the carriage and said to Ling Feng. “Quickly, lets go!”

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 119-120

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