The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1221

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Chapter 1221 – Divine spirit fruit (2)

"Directly get it?" Mo Yunfeng recalled those pair of penetrating eyes of Nangong Liuyun's, recalled that weird smile Su Luo had, and his heart felt very apprehensive.

"Directly get it! Arrived at Central Palace, how can we let them flip over the heavens?" Mo Zixu said as a matter of course.

"But Father……Those four people's backgrounds aren't small, what if they join hands?" Mo Yunfeng was uncertain.

Don't even need to mention Nangong Liuyun's ident.i.ty as a person from Eastern Ling's royal family, just his ident.i.ty as direct disciple of the Master of Purgatory City would shock people. Zi Yan and Beichen Ying's ident.i.ties also were very high. As for that Su Luo, she was actually Grandmaster Rong Yun's direct and last accepted disciple.

The corner of Mo Zixu's mouth coldly raised up: "You still dare say it! If you used some tricks, now, why should it be this difficult?"

"Venerable Father……" Mo Yunfeng felt he was extremely innocent, didn't he bring back these people, why was he still wrong ah.

"Say you are stupid and you still don't admit to it." Mo Zixu unhappily glared at him, "If, on the road, you had pretended to be an to stealthily seize Su Luo and not so openly asked them to come, who would have known that Su Luo was seized by Central Palace? So, how could those people come to Central Palace to ask for her?"

After hearing Mo Zixu's words, Mo Yunfeng suddenly saw the light. That's right oh, why didn't he think of this problem? At that time, when he saw the other side agree to come to Central Palace, then, he had no other thoughts.

"But now, the matter has come to this point……" Mo Yunfeng helplessly sighed.

Mo Zixu glanced at Mo Yunfeng. This son's cultivation talent was indeed really high, but his cultivation of martial arts made him somewhat foolish. His mind wasn't very nimble, he appeared somewhat stupid.

"Since matters have already come to this point, then we don't need to deal with those people right away." Mo Zixu coldly smiled, "First, must confirm Su Luo's blood, if her blood is really that useful, those few people……"

Mo Zixu's hint was very clear.

"This son understands, this son will immediately go find Su Luo for some of her blood." Mo Yunfeng hurriedly left.

A side courtyard.

Nangong Liuyun seized every opportunity to cultivate, while Su Luo and Beichen Ying's several people were so idle to the point that they almost became moldy.

Just at this moment, Mo Yunfeng came.

"Good morning, ladies ah." Mo Yunfeng smilingly greeted. Two very strong imperial bodyguards followed behind him, with muscular, tall and st.u.r.dy physique, their strength seemed to be very good.

When Su Luo saw Mo Yunfeng, her eyes shone slightly. Deliberately avoided them for two days, this Second Young Master Mo finally appeared.

"Second Young Master Mo is finally free and has the time to pay attention to us? I thought once Second Young Master Mo became busy, would forget about us." Su Luo had her arms crossed, the corner of her mouth bent up slightly, calculating rays of light flas.h.i.+ng through her eyes.

"How could I? Isn't it because I just came back that I was busy? Are you guys accustomed to living here?" Mo Yunfeng didn't know how to start to ask for blood, and so, he began randomly talk about this and that.

Su Luo looked at him with a ghost of a smile: "What a pity, it is so deserted here, not even a person can be seen. Even more, you didn't allow us to freely enter or exit, so, we didn't see a bit of that beautiful scenery Second Young Master Mo talked about."

Beichen Ying coldly snorted and asked with hostility: "Second Young Master Mo, is this how you treat your guests?"

Mo Yunfeng felt somewhat weak in his heart. These several people's backgrounds were very big. Each and every one of them was the treasure in the palm of their family's hand, if he was really to follow what Father had said to kill them silently……He really didn't dare.

"Second Young Master Mo, this twinkling in your eyes, it can't be because you have some bad ideas right?" Zi Yan coldly smiled and cast him a glance.

The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1221

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