The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1230

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Chapter 1230 – Big operation of excavating the tree (2)

Divine Spirit Fruits!

Su Luo's eyes shone like stars, the corner of her mouth hooking up slightly into a satisfied and dazzling smile.

These were absolutely the six Divine Spirit Fruits that were about to ripen, because not only did they look the same as the one Mo Yunfeng gave her from before, moreover, the pure energy they emitted were also exactly the same.

Su Luo's eyes glanced everywhere and didn't find any shadow of a person. Consequently, she approached, walking quietly on tiptoe.

Slowly approaching……

Just when Su Luo was about three meters away from this Divine Spirit Tree, suddenly, Su Luo's body was directly ejected out.

It was also fortunate that Su Luo had moved forward slowly and didn't rush up flying, so the force of the rebound she suffered wasn't strong. She only stumbled somewhat from the rebound.

Su Luo covered her somewhat red and swollen forehead that was b.u.mped, gloomily glaring at this transparent protective screen before her eyes.

Like she said, the Divine Spirit Tree, this kind of treasure that was coveted by all the powerful aristocratic families, how could they not a.s.sign people to protect it. So, it turned out that a restriction was set up here, adding a layer of transparent protective screen.

Su Luo extended a finger to poke at this protective screen and discovered that it contained a huge spirit force, far from something she could break. She was unresigned as she walked a whole circle around this Divine Spirit Tree and discovered that this Divine Spirit Tree was protected all around by this transparent protective screen. There wasn't even a crack she could drill in.

"What's to be done?" Su Luo somewhat gloomily scratched the back of her head. She had originally calculated well, the result was now, suddenly, there was this extra transparent protective screen, throwing her detailed plan in complete disarray.

She remembered that Nangong Liuyun could remove these restrictions, but she completely didn't understand it ah…… Could it be that tonight, just like this, she would return in low spirits following her failure?

Just when Su Luo was at her wits' end, an arrogant and lovable voice sounded in Su Luo's mind.

"Hahaha, you have no methods right? Beg I, this little grandpa. If you beg me, I'll help you oh." In Su Luo's mind came an immensely proud laughter from that magical little stone.

"Grandpa Little Stone, I beg you, quickly help me ok." Su Luo, who lacked all integrity, straightforwardly opened her mouth to beg him.

The small stone didn't expect Su Luo to actually not be this persistent, and he gloomily snorted: "You can't just persevere a bit more?" That way, his aid would seem to be very hard to come by right?

"Then I'll persevere some more?" Su Luo, readily following good advice, was about to comply with this conduct.

The small stone was immediately choked off, and he speechlessly said: "Enough, enough, persevere what f*ck on, making it seem as if I, this elder, was begging you."

At an angle the small stone couldn't see, a trace of a crafty smile flashed though Su Luo's eyes.

The fiery-colored little stone very quickly appeared in Su Luo's palm, "How do I use it?"

The small stone unhappily glared: "At that time, how you used me to electrocute that old witch Yan Xia, following the same pattern will do."

"Oh oh oh." Su Luo immediately understood.

If it was really like what the little stone said, then it would really be simple.

Su Luo gripped the edge of the little stone, the remaining more than half of the stone, she touched it to the transparent protective screen.

Just when the small stone and the transparent protective screen touched, suddenly, a white light flashed by!

Seeing everything that happened before her eyes, Su Luo's entire person was stupefied, afterwards, she continued to maintain that astonished expression.

Around the little stone, the spirit energy in the transparent protective screen was absorbed by the little stone in a steady stream. Just like…… The small stone sucked in a breath and that spirit energy was like air, automatically running into its mouth, so simple and natural.

The transparent protective screen before her eyes quickly revealed a very small, thin crack.

Afterwards, this thin crack, with a speed that was visible to the naked eye, quickly got bigger and bigger……From the size of a small stone, to the size of a soccer ball, then, it continued to get bigger……

The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1230

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