The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 129-130

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Chapter 129 – To adapt to one’s taste (6)

“Truly hateful!” Apothecary Leng cursed loudly.

Steward Leng’s heart was overjoyed, however, before his smile could reach his eyes, he was thrown to the ground by Apothecary Leng, who then harshly scolded. “It must be you, you repulsive servant, who arrogantly and rudely slighted her! Humph! If that Miss disappears, see how I will fix you!”

Even though he had finished speaking, Apothecary Leng’s fury had not subsided, thus he kicked Steward Leng’s face with his foot. He immediately rushed out in his dirty and stained work clothes.

Steward Leng held his head that was dizzy and confused from being kicked. He was so depressed that he was about to go insane.

Up to now, he still wasn’t clear why such a small piece of paper would have such great charm. It actually made his master immediately run out, abandoning the medicinal pill which he had been working on for seventy-nine days, without a thought.

Since Steward Leng was able to keep his position for many years, he could not be a complete idiot. He crawled up and staggered along, chasing after Apothecary Leng’s silhouette to the manor’s gate.

Apothecary Leng dashed to the doorway, and saw a sea of people dressed in black in front of the gate. However, he didn’t know who among them was the miss that had written the Primeval Pill Recipe.

As for the dense ma.s.s of people in front of the gate who hadn’t ever met Apothecary Leng, they thus were unable to recognize that the dirty, unkempt old man in front of them was the one they had been crying and begging to meet.

Exactly at this time, Steward Leng also came out, taking large strides towards Su Luo. His expression had completely changed. He was no longer arrogant, rather, he now had a fawning manner.

He flatteringly smiled and stood in front of Su Luo, blocking her path. “This Miss, please wait. My master has personally come, look there….”

Su Luo serenely shot him a quick glance, and turned to the direction he was looking at.

“Rebirth of Flesh Pill Recipe…” Apothecary Leng’s face had an excited and moved expression as he opened his mouth to inquire.

Su Luo only smiled and handed him another piece of paper.

Su Luo had already divided the Rebirth of Flesh Pill Recipe into three parts, the first part had already been given to Apothecary Leng, now, she handed over the second part.

Su Luo calmly watched Apothecary Leng. She didn’t believe that this wouldn’t entice him.

Sure enough, as Su Luo had expected, Leng Yan, this person, was a pure medicine fanatic. He had characteristics similar to an artist. He didn’t care about his appearance, nor could he be bothered with trifles. His entire body and mind was engrossed in the occupation of refining medicine, because of this, he was willing to struggle for a lifetime. Everything else in his eyes were total ****.

“I want to invite Apothecary Leng to save a person, I don’t know if Apothecary Leng will come?” Su Lu faintly smiled when she saw Apothecary Leng burying his entire face in that piece of paper.

“What about the last part of the recipe….” Apothecary Leng had an excited expression that was hard to conceal.

“If you can cure the person, then naturally I will offer this recipe with both hands.” Su Luo smiled while watching him. “ However, if Apothecary Leng isn’t certain of your ability to cure him, then just pretend that I never said these words.”

Finished speaking, Su Luo turned and started to walk away.

“Fine! This old man will go with you to save the person!” Apothecary Leng was strung along by the two-thirds of that Primeval Pill Recipe until*********, his heart itched terribly. He was itching to get the complete recipe and to thoroughly study it for seven days and nights.

“Apothecary Leng is indeed a person who knows what’s what. Unlike some people, ha, ha.” Su Luo glared at Steward Leng with a smile that was not a smile.

Now, a distinct footprint could be seen on Steward Leng’s face, clearly indicating that he had been stepped on by someone.

Apothecary Leng coldly glared at Steward Leng: “Once I return, I’ll take care of you!” When he was done speaking, he took the initiative to climb up into the horse carriage. He incessantly urged Su Luo.“ Hurry, quickly get on. What are you waiting for?”

Obviously, Su Luo’s two-thirds of the Primeval Pill Recipe had succeeded in inciting his interest, to the point that he was pulling his ears and scratching his cheeks. He wished that he could promptly cure this sick person and get the complete pill recipe.

Nangong Liuyun, wait for me. I will definitely have someone cure you! Su Luo secretly clenched her hands into fists.

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Chapter 130 – Wearing iron shoes could break what you’re searching for (1)

On the horse carriage, Apothecary Leng continuously questioned Su Luo and tried to get more information about the Primeval Pill Recipe. But Su Luo was always evasive about that subject.

How could Apothecary Leng who spend years refining medicine be her opponent? His queries could only end in defeat.

The carriage’s speed was very fast.

After about an hour, they had returned to Nangong Liuyun’s manor.

When Ling Feng saw that Su Luo actually invited Apothecary Leng over, his eyes flashed with surprise; but he quickly recovered. He grabbed and then pulled Apothecary Leng over to where Nangong Liuyun was, anxiously saying. “Quickly, take a look at our Master!”

Apothecary Leng was just about to blow up in anger, but Su Luo merely shook that thin, yellow piece of paper. Afterwards his eyes began to s.h.i.+ne,and he instantly suppressed his darkening mood.

Holding their breath and attentively watching him take Nangong Liuyun’s pulse. After about half an hour, Apothecary Leng finally opened his eyes

From the very beginning, Su Luo was focused on the Apothecary’s face so as not to miss a single reaction or expression.

When she saw him opening his eyes, Su Luo stepped forward a few steps, “Apothecary Leng, how is it, is it serious?”

Apothecary Leng’s eyebrows knit together, from his face emerged a dignified expression, he waited a long time before glancing in Su Luo’s eyes. “His five visceras and six internal organs all s.h.i.+fted, the visceras are bleeding profusely, there are disorders throughout the whole body, and the meridians asphyxiated unable to be moved, wanting to go up but unable to come back down, wanting to go down yet not being able to. So you tell me, don’t you think it’s serious?”

To think it was this serious!

Su Luo’s facial expression remained the same, but in her heart was a hint of helplessness.

Apothecary Leng and Ling Feng’s words from before corroborated each other, seamlessly. Before, the words Ling Feng spoke were all true. Nangong Liuyun for her really had forcefully stopped the recuperating process, and even suppressed promotion to next rank, making an already serious set of injuries on his body even worse.

But on top of that, she had even given him such a harsh blow on his weak body, which made it worse and resulted in his current situation.

Su Luo clenched her fist tightly, while at the same time looking dignified and not blinking for an instant. She stared at Apothecary Leng, “Tell me, how can he be cured?”

Apothecary Leng thought for a long time before saying slowly. “Curing him will be difficult, very difficult.”

“Tell me!” Su Luo and Ling Feng said in unison.

Only, to make Apothecary Leng say it is very difficult, very difficult these words meant…. Su Luo and Ling Feng were both very nervous, exactly how difficult would it reach?

Apothecary Leng rubbed his smooth chin, pondering for a while, before responding. “We need crystal stones, a lot of green-ranked crystal stones. Of course, if it was higher than green-ranked it would be even better, within three days, can you guys do it?”

“Green-ranked crystal stone? Or higher ranked?”

Su Luo still had not fully processed those words, before Ling Feng shouted out loud in surprise.

“Yes, they must be at least green-ranked crystal rocks, otherwise it will be difficult to unblock the blood vessels; and if not then even cured, His Highness Prince Jin will remain at sixth-rank, even many years later, no matter how hard he tries his cultivation won’t advance an inch.” Apothecary Leng’s expression was frosty, stressing each syllable.

When he was feeling the person’s pulse, he found that his strength was at sixth-rank, and after a little thought, it was obvious. Such a young person in the entire empire that had entered the sixth-rank and was almost at the seventh-rank could only be His Highness Prince Jin.

After discovering this fact, no matter how calm Apothecary Leng appeared he could not help but be a little nervous. His Highness Prince Jin was the empire’s hope. If he doesn’t give treated then it ends there. If his treatment was leads to an incomplete recovery then there would be big trouble.

Ling Feng’s eyebrows knitted together, he anxiously paced around in the room, “Where can we find some green-ranked crystal stone? Also we even need a lot of it!”

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 129-130

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