The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1243

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Chapter 1243 – Entering the forbidden area again (6)

"Eh, this is millennium-old Ningpo Figwort ah, never expected that Central Palace had collected such a good thing." Su Luo opened a small box and took out a long, ta.s.seled ginseng.

"Eh, what's this? Chinese Wisteria Fruit?" Su Luo became more and more astonished.

"Flowerless Gra.s.s?"

"Seven-flavored Absolute Colored Flower?"

All of these were good stuff ah!

The smile on Su Luo's face grew increasingly bigger and bigger, wider and wider.

"Awoo, awoo——" The little divine dragon stood straight up, two tiny powerful claws slapping at the wall.

"Howl woo, howl woo——" The little Nine-tailed Spirit Fox stood side by side with the little divine dragon, her little tail raised up high, a pair of gla.s.s-colored eyes flas.h.i.+ng with rays of excitement.

Even the unperturbed temperament of the Variant Red Acacia Tree after its change, at this time, also swayed its golden leaves, expressing that it was very excited as well.

Su Luo was worried that they were so excited that they would give off sounds of movement. So, she set up some basic rules with them: "I can let you guys out, but you guys are not allowed to make any sounds of movements, you know that you guys must be extremely quiet, right?"

"Uh-huh!" The several little spirit pets nodded uniformly, with eyes s.h.i.+ning like stars.

Consequently, Su Luo waved her hand in a wide arc, and the three spirit spirit pets appeared in front of Su Luo all together.

"Take the initiative to move quietly, with fast speed and graceful posture!" Su Luo had an elevated imposing posture, "Eat as much as you can, what you can't eat, wrap it up to go. Now, let the operation begin!"

As soon as Su Luo gave the command, the three spirit pets scuttled in three different directions.

For the moment, this most mysterious treasure storage pavilion in the Central Palace, seemed to have been invaded by bandits and suffered a devastation.

Su Luo also didn't stop, she walked and roamed.

If she saw something suitable, she would stuff it into her mouth, what she couldn’t eat now, she tossed into her s.p.a.ce. Very quickly, the things in her s.p.a.ce piled up to the size of a small mountain.

"Eh, how is it that there's no trace of spirit energy on this weapon?" After strolling through the medicinal herbs shelf, when she walked to the weapons shelf, her eyes shone slightly.

According to logic, weapons that could be arranged in the treasure storage pavilion were all priceless treasures, containing extremely rich spirit energy. However, what really puzzled Su Luo was that there was a weapon that seemed dull and didn't s.h.i.+ne, no different than a regular long sword.

Su Luo picked up the weapon out of curiosity, and carefully examined it.

Her eyebrows puckered up slightly.

Although this sword was not as good as Cheng Ying Sword, but it was not much different, how could it not have a trace of spirit energy? In the end, how could this be?

Unable to see to the bottom of this, Su Luo also didn’t waste much effort on it. She had Nangong Liuyun, this super brain, present, so she only needed to go ask him and she would get the answer, why waste energy on it? Su Luo tossed the sword into her s.p.a.ce in pa.s.sing.

When she thought about it, coming over once wasn't easy, she should just carry off all these weapons, to avoid the possibility that when the time came, the Mo clan would attack them with these weapons.

This thought moved Su Luo's heart, and a whole row of more than ten ancient famous swords were taken into her s.p.a.ce.

Su Luo's group, inside the treasure storage pavilion, plundered without restraint, and the places they pa.s.sed were like the pa.s.sing of locusts, a single grain of dust was not left behind.

Very quickly, the collection of treasures in the treasure storage pavilion was wiped clean by Su Luo and the others, until only four empty walls remained.

After eating too much spirit medicine, Su Luo felt that her belly had bloated up, her whole body feeling painfully hot.

This was not surprising, every one of the spirit medicine here was a priceless treasure, just age alone was over a millennium old. Since Su Luo ate so many in one go, how could her body not feel painfully hot?

Sure enough, she was still too greedy, Su Luo sighed.

With no time to think some more, Su Luo sat on the ground cross-legged, and slowly spun the spirit energy in her abdomen to go into her blood, to absorb the medical effect perfectly.

The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1243

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