The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1252

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Chapter 1252 – Recoil of Madness (6)

The moment when the two experts hastily arrived at the palace where Old Man Mo was in seclusion, the two people immediately drew in a cold breath violently, almost fainting.

At this time, the palace was on the verge of collapse. Tiles and bricks were falling down continuously. With the way it was tottering, it seemed that, at any moment, it would cave in.

An even more shocking sight was those guards placed around the palace protecting it. At this moment, they were all tilted to the east or fell down to the west, lying on the ground. Every one of the seven apertures (1) on their heads were bleeding, continuously letting out moans of pain——

The Elder Ancestor's furious roar just now actually brought about such a great and formidable force!

The First Elder and Palace Master Mo exchanged a glance, a shocked expression flas.h.i.+ng through their eyes. Elder Ancestor's cultivation now had sharply increased, don't know whether this would be a fortune or misfortune for Central Palace.

"Let's not mention other things. The most important thing is to verify whether something happened to Elder Ancestor or not!" Before Palace Master Mo had finished speaking, his figure had already become a ray of light, shooting into the palace hall.

The First Elder also very quickly retrieved his gaze, then followed tightly after Palace Master Mo.

"Who?! Just who was it?! This daddy orders you to come out! Come out!"

Furious yells rang out from inside the palace hall.

"Father!" Palace Master Mo quickly stepped forward, wanting to approach Old Man Mo. However, before he even got within ten meters of him, Old Man Mo directly roared towards him.

The pitiful Palace Master Mo couldn't stop in time and was shaken dizzy from Old Man Mo's roar. His qi and blood rolled over in his body, collided with the roar and sent him flying backwards, he stopped only when he hit against a wall.

"Father!" Palace Master Mo looked incredulously at the old man before his eyes, whose disheveled hair made him look like a madman. His eyes were full of disbelief.

Old Man Mo seemed as if he didn't recognize Palace Master Mo and growled angrily, "Was it you? Was it you who exchanged this daddy's purple-colored crystal stones? Was it you?!"

The more Old Man Mo spoke, the angrier he got. He charged over with great strides and a fierce expression, angrily lifting Palace Master Mo up with one hand.

The originally tall, st.u.r.dy, and imposing expert of the generation was, at this moment, lifted up by Old Man Mo like he was carrying a chicken, extremely easily.

"Father, Father. It's me! I'm Zixu ah!" Palace Master Mo was being clutched so hard that he nearly stopped breathing.

This Old Man Mo was truly ruthless, directly clutching a person's neck and lifting them up.

First Elder also realized that something was wrong about this situation and hurried forward several steps, calling out anxiously, "Elder Brother! Quickly let go. That's your son ah! Your most precious eldest son! Open your eyes and look clearly ah!"

First Elder's voice contained the greatest amount of heaven and earth spirit energy that he could unleash. Now, this bellow rushed towards Old Man Mo like a Buddhist truth, and seemed to have sobered up Old Man Mo.

Old Man Mo's mind had a split second of clear-headedness.

He shook his head and looked at the pitiful scene before his eyes. For a moment, he was in a daze, completely unable to understand what had happened.

"Father?" Palace Master Mo covered his neck, which had been clutched to the point of breaking, and called out hesitantly.

"Uh?" Old Man Mo covered his somewhat aching head. He then casually glanced back. This glance, however, made the veins on his forehead pop out.

"Zixu! Who hurt you like this?! Quickly tell Father! I'll go help you get revenge!" Old Man Mo was suddenly furious. Only he could hit his precious son. If someone else dared to hit him, they would die!

Palace Master Mo raised his eyebrows speechlessly, silently turning away. If a father hit his son, it was right and unalterable. This grudge was impossible to avenge in this lifetime.

First Elder hurriedly sai:, "Elder Brother, could it be that you have no impression of what just happened?"

"What just happened?" Old Man Mo's face was full of puzzlement.

1) seven apertures: They are 1 mouth, 2 nostrils (but 1 nose), 2 eyes and 2 ears so a total of seven.

The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1252

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