The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1262

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Chapter 1262 – A matter of life or death (6)

After Little Stone took over Su Luo's body, a formidable spirit attack went into the blood, unceasingly flowing into Elder Ancestor Mo's throat with rolling sounds.

Elder Ancestor Mo, at first, was completed immersed in the tasty blood, liking it till it was hard to free himself, disregarding everything in the surroundings. Until the little stone, through the blood, quickly transmitted his spirit into Old Man Mo's mind.

Old Man Mo's mind was already eroded by the black spots, thus, it made his temperament change greatly, becoming deranged. Now, this mind power of the little stone was even stronger!

Suddenly, Old Man Mo's movement stopped.

He looked up, gazing at Su Luo with a 'failing to understand' expression, his gaze carrying a trace of doubt.

He was very puzzled, just now, that blood that was tasty, how did it suddenly change flavor?

Before he could voice his question, suddenly, he felt those black spots that he had originally did his utmost to suppress down, very quickly start to reemerge. Moreover, it started to spread rapidly at a speed visible to the naked eye.

So painful!

To what extent did this kind of pain reach?

Even a super strong expert like Elder Ancestor Mo's whole body shuddered from the pain. Unable to stop himself, his hand held his head and he fell down in place, rolling back and forth in pain.

Bean-sized drops of sweat continuously flowed out endlessly, soaking the entire floor!

The First Elder and Palace Master Mo were completely stunned.

They completely didn't expect, that that matter could unexpectedly have such a huge reversal!

Just now, Elder Ancestor Mo was standing at an advantage, in the blink of an eye, he was holding his head, rolling on the ground! This reversal was too big, okay?

Both of them had their mouths wide open, moved a bit, but couldn't say anything……

Su Luo looked at those two people with an ice-cold gaze, she raised the tip of her brow and the corner of her mouth turned into a taunting smile.

What Little Stone said was right, want to suck her blood, then see if you have the ability to swallow it!

Now see, being s.n.a.t.c.hed back by Central Palace and had her blood sucked by Old Man Mo. It wasn't as if there hadn't been a bit of benefit, at least, after this matter was spread out, if people were to know that even Old Man Mo couldn't bear it after drinking her blood, then one might ask, in the future, who would still dare to suck her blood? Want to court death?

Of course, these were all Su Luo's inner thoughts, on the surface, our Su Luo still pretended to be pitiful and innocent.

"Oh my, didn't I say so! My blood is poisonous, it still hasn't been removed completely! You guys look, now problems occurred, right?" Su Luo spread out both hands, pus.h.i.+ng out all the problems.

Just now, she was crying and shouting that her blood was poisonous. It was First Elder and Palace Master Mo that didn't believe her, not only didn't they prevent it, instead, they were even glad to see it happen. This consequence was something they brought on themselves.

First Elder glared at Su Luo!

"Loathsome girl, shut up!" First Elder was itching to slap Su Luo and send her flying!

But now, the most important thing was to save Elder Ancestor Mo. This person was Central Palace's backbone ah, he must not collapse ah.

"Big Brother! Big Brother, how are you feeling?" First Elder quickly dashed up, pulling at Old Man Mo with nervousness across his whole face.

But, at this moment, Old Man Mo's mind was hurting to the point that it seemed it would burst, where would he have the time to answer him?

Palace Master Mo forcefully propped up his beaten body, limping to walk closer, also with deep concern across his whole face: "Dad, what happened to you? Is it serious?"

Old Man Mo rolled around in pain, and ignored them.

Palace Master Mo held out his hand, wanting to help Elder Ancestor Mo up. No matter what, he must help him lie down on a bed first. Palace Master Mo's thought was very good, but implementing it was simply impossible.

Just when Palace Master Mo reached out to help Elder Ancestor Mo up, Elder Ancestor Mo was just in a jittery state, on the brink of collapse.

Seeing the two hands non-stop dragging him, moving him, the originally already incomparably irritable Old Man Mo immediately became furious!

The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1262

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