The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 136

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Chapter 136 – To have come about with no effort (4)

No green-colored crystal stones had been cut out from the source stones. However, news had come from the Mercenary Union, and Ling Feng spend two hundred thousand gold coins to buy two pieces of green-colored crystal stones.

He looked at the merely five pieces of green-colored crystal stones in his hand, and he was angry enough to be driven mad. He impatiently paced around in the room.

He had spared no expense and used all the manpower and physical resources, and yet he had barely managed to obtain five pieces… Apothecary Leng had demanded fifty pieces! How could this be enough? It was not enough to even scratch the surface of what was required.

Su Luo saw Ling Feng’s appearance, which seemed as though he was about to fall apart. She squeezed her fist tightly, wanting to walk up to him, but finally had to stop her footsteps.

Pa.s.sing through the fragments of wasted stone on the ground, she deeply understood the value represented by these crystal stones. Even having a few pieces was comparable to having a mountain of gold and silver.

Yet, by what means could she take out the crystal stones smoothly without making herself look suspicious? This was a difficult problem.

Suddenly, a bulb lighted up in her head.

Hadn’t Ling Feng given an request at the Mercenary Union? Couldn’t she just drop off the crystal stones at the Mercenary Union? At that time, she would receive a huge amount of gold coins.

However, upon closer scrutiny, she could not do it.

Without even first considering the consequences of the Mercenary Union leaking her ident.i.ty, just thinking of those several tens of millions of gold coins, she had no way to transport it all away.

Although she had her s.p.a.ce, it also wasn’t omnipotent. Right now, it was already practically filled to the brim and would be unable to fit all those gold coins.

Then, how could she give these crystal stones to Ling Feng? Su Luo somewhat anxiously wondered around the courtyard, holding little Meng Meng in her arms.

Others were worried about not finding crystal stones, while she was worried about having too many crystal stones.

If others were to find out, they would be so infuriated to the point of spitting out blood.

Su Luo thought about it, and in the end, she still couldn’t find an absolutely safe plan. She might as well just straightforwardly throw it out there, since a broken jar wasn’t worth smas.h.i.+ng anyway. She stuffed the crystal stones into a cotton sack, handed it all over to Ling Feng, who was so worried that both of his eyes were red, and said, “here, take it.”

“What?” Ling Feng’s forehead knotted, with an annoyed look, he said said. “Why are you giving me a bag? The high and mighty Miss Su, I don’t have time to play with you right now!”

Saying this, Ling Feng tossed the bag back to her, his actions were rough and rude.

Frightening! He had issued a task to buy each green-colored crystal stone for one hundred thousand gold coins, and now, he actually threw the entire bag of stones out?

Su Luo was dumbfounded, she looked up, down, left and right at this dumba.s.s. She seriously asked. “ You really don’t want it?”

“Stop messing around! If you have time to go stroll around the Mercenary Union, maybe like a blind cat, you can also run into a dead mouse, and purchase a green-colored crystal stone.” Ling Feng impatiently waved his hand with a manner that told her move to the aside.

Ling Feng, ah, Ling Feng, how did your master raise such a blockhead like you? You don’t want the ones delivered to your door, but insist on taking huge amount of money from your pocket to buy it?

This miss really didn’t want to make a profit from your master His Highness’ money, but it honestly was that this child didn’t know how to appreciate my kindness. Su Luo secretly thought.

“Mercenary Union? Oh right, is the a.s.signment you issued for purchasing green-colored crystal stones still count? The a.s.signment for purchasing one green-colored crystal stone for one hundred thousand gold coins.” Su Luo again verified with him.

To not make use of convenient advantages was the action of a d.a.m.n idiot, Nangong Liuyun, you could only blame yourself for raising such an idiotic subordinate.

“Naturally, it absolutely counts! If you can hand over a green-colored crystal stone, then I will absolutely offer up the gold coins with both hands.” Ling Feng disdainfully swept Su Luo a glance. “Can you take out even one? If you can, then I, Ling Feng, will from now on work really hard as your slave!”

Since it was getting late and a single green-colored crystal stone still couldn’t be found, therefore, Ling Feng’s natural ice-cold temperament had now appeared to be very irritable.

Taking Ling Feng whose strength was of the sixth rank as a slave? What a great idea!

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 136

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