The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 138

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Chapter 138 – To have come about with no effort (6)

This was too much of a coincidence right? Adding in the five pieces that he had spent an enormous sum to buy, how did it come out to be exactly fifty green-colored crystal stones?

Just at this moment, Steward Xu hurriedly walked over. His face had a rarely seen smiling expression, and he excitedly said to Ling Feng. “Good news! Extremely good news! The Mercenary Union has pa.s.sed along some information saying that there is a client with quite a few green-colored crystal stones in his hands. However, he wants you to double the original price before selling.”

“Even this is good news?” Su Luo stroked little Meng Meng’s soft white fur, and laughed lightly.

“If it can save His Highness, then gold coins are not a problem!” Steward Xu had become beyond worried due to having found zero green-colored crystal stones even after cutting all afternoon. Now, he wished that he could exchange mountains of gold and silver for green-colored crystal stones.

A look of disgust flashed across Ling Feng’s eyes. “Before, they would not sell a single one, but now, they have even started to try to raise the price? Steward Xu, go and remove that announcement.”

“This…” Steward Xu became agitated.

“Be at ease, we have found the required number of green-colored crystal stones.” Su Luo said with a smile. As for where she had obtained them, Ling Feng didn’t dare to interrogate her. At most, they could just wait for Nangong Liuyun to wake up and explain it to him, and then let him deal with it.

Inside the room.

When Apothecary Leng saw that huge sack of crystal stones, he couldn’t stop being fearful for a long time. The moment he saw that crystal stone s.h.i.+ning with a deep blue radiance, his pair of eyes was almost sucked into the eye sockets. For a very long time, his pupils couldn’t come out.

The always cool-headed Apothecary Leng, the aloof and remote Apothecary Leng, like Ling Feng, also started to stammer. “ Is it, is it really a blue-colored crystal stone?”

In his life, he had only gotten to glance at it for a short time, since it was always in others’ hands!

He didn’t even have the qualifications to touch it!

For a moment, he felt moved, then excitement followed. He felt that this trip was truly worth it!

That blue-colored crystal stone radiated a rich, pure spirit air, that permeated throughout the room. It made him feel as if his spirit was had been cleansed.

Ah, a blue-coloured crystal stone…

How could this be possible? In spite of everything, they had really been able to collect so many crystal stones within the short period of one day. Moreover, it also contained a blue-colored crystal stone, which was extremely rare and coveted by people everywhere. This was truly inconceivable.

At this moment, Apothecary Leng had surmised that His Highness Prince Jin had an unimaginable amount of mysterious manpower and resources.

Su Luo saw that Apothecary Leng’s eyes were so mesmerized by the blue-colored crystal stone, so much so that they couldn’t leave it. She curiously asked. “ Apothecary Leng, can a blue-colored crystal stone replace green-colored crystal stones? There won’t be any problems, right?”

“There are problems, of course there are problems!” His train of thought was interrupted. If it was switched to the normal Apothecary Leng, he would have started yelling at her a lot earlier. Right now, he wouldn’t even dare to breathe loudly, afraid of profaning that pure, blue-colored crystal stone.

“What kind of problem?” Su Luo and Ling Feng both became anxious.

“Of course there are problems! Putting such a good piece of blue-colored crystal stone in, at that time, the resulting refined medicinal pill will have double the effectiveness!” Apothecary Leng chuckled while stroking his few strands of his goatee. He was laughing, and was very pleased with himself. “Throughout this old man’s entire life, I have never received such great material. This time, I will be able to refine a pill that will be unrivaled.”

This old guy’s talk really made people’s heart jump in alarm.

But at the same time, both Su Luo and Ling Feng let out a breath of relief.

It looked like, Nangong Liuyun could be saved right?

“Then, why aren’t you leaving to quickly refine it now?” Su Luo urged without delay. The earlier Nangong Liuyun could be saved, the quicker her feeling of guilt would be eliminated.

“Good, good, good, this old man will go now, will go now!” Apothecary Leng’s mood could not be described by only the one word for ‘good’.

The pill refined from this process, aside from helping His Highness Prince Jin, it also had great benefits to himself.

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 138

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