The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1306

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Chapter 1306 – Girl genius (4)

Because only a Grandmaster-ranked Apothecary could refine the Mind Pill, moreover, the drug ingredients were precious and the success rate was also fairly low.

The so-called Mind Pill, as the name implied, was precisely used to control a person's mind. This kind of control was not the simple kind of control like a puppet technique, rather, it let the one that ate it produce a favorable impression for the one that gave the medicine from the bottom of their hearts. For the rest of their life, they will view this person as their master and will single-mindedly and wholeheartedly be loyal, they would absolutely not betray! The sole consequence of betrayal was—— death!

The Mind Pill, who wouldn't want it? Who wouldn't want a loyal and devoted subordinate that would absolutely not betray them? But the problem was that the Mind Pill was difficult to find ah.

"This Mind Pill, where did it come from?" Su Luo slapped her head in puzzlement, how was it that she completely had no impression ah.

"Central palace, Treasure Storage Pavilion." The little stone spoke five keywords.

"Pfft! Actually was stolen from Central Palace's Treasure Storage Pavilion, I was saying, how was it I had no impression. At that time, it was too urgent, all the medicinal pills were swept into s.p.a.ce, up until now, I still haven't had the time to tidy up the pills. Didn't expect there was still such a good pill among them." The corner of Su Luo's mouth curved up happily, this time, the profits were huge.

Forget the ice element, this light element mage was one that one could only come across such things serendipitously.

"Don't be happy too early, I looked at all those pills, the most useful one is just this one." The little stone couldn't help but pour cold water on Su Luo.

"To have this one pill is already enough." Su Luo originally had only wanted to save this Third Princess once and then let her live or perish on her own, because she was too lazy to pay attention to the lives of others.

Because this Third Princess, after all, was Northern Mo's people. Northern Mo and Eastern Ling had been enemies for generations, how could she bring Northern Mo's princess with her as she traveled everywhere.

But now, Su Luo already viewed this Third Princess as her own people, naturally, she wouldn't let her suffer people's bullying again.

Su Luo thought for awhile, then put away the pill. If she hadn't guessed wrongly, this Third Princess would still be picked up to return to meet the emperor. If she prematurely exposed her potential, although she could slap Second Elder's face, but if Su Luo wanted to take away this Third Princess, then it would be difficult.

Sure enough, Su Luo didn't guess wrongly.

After that Second Elder gave vent to his anger, he very fiercely commanded: "Go, pick up that girl, she wants to die? It won't be that easy!"

The two imperial bodyguards hurriedly came over, lifted up the unconscious Third Princess and silently entered, taking her inside the palace hall.

Now, Su Luo already regarded this Third Princess as her own people, so without another word, she jumped up onto the roof of the palace, light as a feather. Her figure pressed tightly to the ceramic tiles of the roof, she stealthily lifted up a roof tile and raised her eyes to look inside.

The Third Princess was carried in and laid on the floor, still unconscious.

The person wearing a bright yellow dragon robe sat on the first seat at the east end of the head seat. At a glance, you could tell this was Northern Mo's emperor. One could see he had a neat square face, because of having a high status for many years, he had a powerful dignity that didn't come from anger.

However, facing that old man with a white beard on the head seat, his manner was deferential and humble.

On the head seat, this old man with eyebrows, beard and all were white as a crane. An elderly man with a childish face, he was about seventy years old, with eyes bright like a snow sword and a slightly puckered up aquiline nose. He was gazing at Second Elder on the side with displeasure.

Second Elder, at this moment, restrained his anger, narrating what happened today in the Clear Spirit Pond.

"Eldest, this afternoon, in the Clear Spirit Pond, Xuanyuan Rong, this loathsome girl, really absorbed three whole Snow Spirit Crystal Stones, this matter, I saw with my own eyes. It is absolutely not false!" Second Elder only lacked pointing to the sky and making a vow, "But, just now, I checked once through, Rong girl's body is still the same as before, simply doesn't have a trace of spirit aura!"

The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1306

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