The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1312

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Chapter 1312 – Ancestor Mo comes in person (4)

First Elder's cold eyes swept over that pile of rubble and coldly snorted: "The main hall merely suffered some damage, that's all, what does it matter? Compared to the city of crime, this pales in insignificance."

"The city of crime?" Emperor Ming clearly wanted to be excused to return and change into a clean dragon robe, but hearing First Elder mention this matter, he couldn't help but be slightly stunned, "What happened to the city of crime?"

First Elder flew down from mid-air, standing on the steps with his hands clasped behind his back, he cast a glance at Emperor Ming from up high and looking down, then indifferently said: "The city of crime is far from here, your information still hasn't transmitted over, naturally don't know."

"Requesting First Elder to inform me." Emperor Ming cautiously sized up First Elder, as if trying to find some clue on his face.

At this moment, First Elder stroked his snow-white beard and heartily laughed: "The city of crime was destroyed."

A short six words, immediately stunned Emperor Ming.

The city of crime was destroyed? A difficult problem that perplexed Northern Mo for so many years, was just so easily solved like this? Emperor Ming had a feeling of placing himself in an ocean of cotton, very giddy and dizzy.

"This, how is this possible? What happened in the end ah?" Emperor Ming's pair of eyes were bewildered, in the bewilderment also appeared a trace of excitement that he was unable to suppress.

First Elder enigmatically stroke his goat beard, raised his eyes to gaze into the distance. His gaze was deep and remote: "Regarding this matter, it's all thanks to that old friend of mine I haven't seen in many years. Old Man Mo really knows the code of brotherhood ah, actually doing us such a huge favor."

"It was Central Palace that made the move?" Emperor Ming's eyes twinkled like stars in the night sky.

Although people spoke of ten big powers on the continent, but Central Palace's strength was a lot stronger than Xuanyuan the royal family. Therefore, they had always disdained Xuanyuan family, this time, they actually spontaneously and voluntarily did Xuanyuan family such a big favor? No matter how much Emperor Ming thought, he didn't believe it.

But First Elder was still br.i.m.m.i.n.g with smiles: "Yes, it was indeed Central palace that made the move, moreover, Old Man Mo personally did it. Hahaha, didn't expect Old Man Mo still had such a hot-blooded unbridled side like this, really, really extremely interesting ah."

Emperor Mo became increasingly bewildered. Ancestor Mo? That Ancestor Mo who was rumored to be careful in his words and smiles, with a frigid manner, having already reached the peak of the saint rank? But why would he, that venerable old man, do Xuanyuan family such a huge favor?

"Don't stay looking dazed, that older brother of mine is sometimes like this, good at understanding others and willing to help others." First Elder smiled, incomparably carefree.

"So it's like that!" Emperor Ming's mood immediately became very good, he simultaneously returned to his senses: "Without the city of crime, there will be no worries of future consequences, we can even more, fully confront Eastern Ling with all our strength. This good news is really worthy of celebrating ah!"

At this moment, Su Luo, who was buried under the rubble, started to secretly regret.

City of crime, wasn't it that Luo Yang City they had pa.s.sed through before? She didn't expect that Xuanyuan family had always wanted to eradicate that city of crime but couldn't. Yet, from a freak combination of factors, the entire city was completely destroyed by Old Man Mo, this could be considered indirectly helping Northern Mo with a huge favor, even allowing them to confront Eastern Ling with all their strength.

Alas, she was thoroughly out of luck. Su Luo slapped her head and gloomily sighed.

First Elder's gleeful laughter came to her ears, and the sound of Emperor Ming's excited speech, made the bottom of Su Luo's heart feel even more as if it was heavily hit with a fist.

Just when Su Luo was sighing and feeling full of remorse——

Suddenly, an exceptionally huge aura enveloped overhead of Northern Mo's imperial palace. Even Su Luo, hiding under the rubbles and protected by Nothingness of s.p.a.ce, had a feeling of hair-raising panic.

Old Man Mo! An alarmed signal came from the bottom of Su Luo's heart.

The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1312

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