The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1314

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Chapter 1314 – Ancestor Mo comes in person (6)

Under the pile of rubble, Su Luo's pair of round eyes unblinkingly observed the events outside through a tiny crack.

"Good, very good lift, best to toss that bragging old man flying!" Su Luo waved her wrist, cheering for Ancestor Mo secretly in her heart.

Both sides were her enemies, but now, these two enemies were striving against each other, this was the kind of scene Su Luo liked to see.

Don't knows if it was because Su Luo's luck returned, but she guessed half of it right.

Ancestor Mo darted looks of hate, fingers like pillars supporting heaven, lifted up First Elder and wouldn't let go. In a coa.r.s.e tone with rough breathing, he snarled: "Hand her over!"

First Elder nearly spit out blood from being depressed. But his strength was inferior and he couldn't struggle free, he could only smile in accompaniment: "Older Brother Mo, what is this?" This Older Brother Mo seemed a bit abnormal….

Ancestor Mo glared at him coldly, seeing that First Elder not only didn't answer him and instead even questioned him, Ancestor Mo immediately became angry due to his irascible temper. He didn't even think and immediately following, threw First Elder flying!

Su Luo saw this and secretly grumbled inwardly!

Because the direction Ancestor Mo threw First Elder just so happened to be straight towards where she was. This gave Su Luo the misconception that Ancestor Mo had already known about her hiding spot!

However, the most important thing right now was to withstand the waves from this attack ah. If First Elder really hit over here, if she didn’t dodge, then she would be smashed into a meat patty by the pressure. If she dodged, she would definitely make a sound, then her traces would be discovered….

Just when Su Luo muttered about this, risk being discovered by Ancestor Mo, she still was about to use teleport——

Suddenly, First Elder's body, who was just about to hit her, turned over rapidly. He stepped on tiptoes on the pile of rubble, changed his figure's position, and then stood firmly on the ground.

Normally, right now, Su Luo would heave a sigh of relief, but for the pitiful Su Luo, it was still a tragedy.

Because when First Elder stepped on tiptoes on the debris to use its strength to rebound up, the tip of his toes just so happened to directly step on our Su Luo's forehead.

Su Luo was originally squatting, but being stepped on by First Elder like this, immediately fell flat on her back in a mess.

Fortunately, the debris fell one after another, deeply burying Su Luo, the sound Su Luo made when falling was also covered up. Coupled with First Elder's attention being completely on Ancestor Mo, therefore, Su Luo once again luckily escaped this calamity.

Now, Ancestor Mo had tossed aside First Elder, and picked up Second Elder in pa.s.sing. He repeated his expression, actions and tone, to burst out roaring: "Hand her over!"

Being roared at by an expert at the peak of saint rank from such a close distance just now, Second Elder, who had considered himself a strong expert, his blood churned immediately from this roar, blood flowing from the seven apertures on his face. His complexion was pale as paper, body seemingly boneless, as if it was about to collapse dejectedly at any time.

"I'll kill you guys if you don't say!!!" Ancestor Mo lifted Second Elder up with both hands, prepared to throw Second Elder at any time and smash him to death.

It could be said, this action for Ancestor Mo, was really a well-practiced one. On the way here, in order to interrogate out Su Luo's hiding place, Ancestor Mo had used this method and already smashed lot of people to death like this.

At this moment, Second Elder almost cried from being depressed.

Both of his ears started buzzing from being jolted, he simply couldn't hear what Ancestor Mo was saying. However, due to survival instinct, he could feel his life suffered a serious threat.

As a result, this Second Elder who had the arrogant posture from the older generation in front of the Third Princess, immediately howled loudly, crying for help from First Elder: "Older Brother! Save me ah! Quickly come to save me ah! Isn’t Ancestor Mo your good brother ah? Quickly ask his Elder to stop!!!"

The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1314

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