The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1322

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Chapter 1322 – Frantic along the whole way (7)

General Zhao's whole body was covered in armor, on his head was a helmet that had been wiped until it shone. A stately face was serious and powerful, without having to be angry, giving off a domineering, formidable and powerful feeling.

At this moment, he sat on the imperial tutor-style chair in a tent. Beneath him neatly sat eight deputy generals.

"Great Commander, today, we won an overwhelming victory, beheading close to fifty thousand enemy troops. Really is worthy of celebration ah." A deputy general said, grinning from ear to ear.

"Those cowards from Eastern Ling, are simply too weak. Each and every one of them is like a weakling, one sword falling would resolve one of them." Another deputy general said complacently.

Great Commander Zhao's formidable face showed a trace of smiling expression, proudly nodding his head: "This was all thanks to the eight experts that arrived last night. If it was not for them charging around violently in the opposing army, thoroughly scattering the opposing army's order, we wouldn't have won so quickly."

"Fifty thousand ah, a full fifty thousand bodies ah. We had fought with Eastern Ling for so long and never once beheaded this many of the enemy."

"We merely lost a thousand people, that river of blood on the gra.s.sland, the flowing blood were all from Eastern Ling's soldiers ah. Hahaha——"

"This time's huge victory, presumably, His Majesty and First Elder are sure to heavily reward us. At that time, the position of Great General that protects the nation is an object in Great Commander's pocket oh." Another deputy general praised.

Great Commander Zhao's face was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with a complacent smile. He clearly was enjoying these words of praise.

With great difficulty, he resisted the arc from forming at the corner of his mouth, and gave a light cough. He stiffened his face to say a sentence indifferently: "To speak of this matter is still premature. If we could really seize Eastern Ling…"

At that time, why stop at a Great General that protected the country. Maybe the entire Eastern Ling would be under his administration. This local tyrant was an easier position to sit on than a Great General that protected the country. Great Commander Zhao's heart was very pleased with himself.

Compared to Northern Mo's jubilation, Eastern Ling's side was full of sorrow and bleakness.

One battle, fifty thousand soldiers died tragically, this was still the first time it happened in Eastern Ling's history.

Mu Zifeng laid on the bed, complexion dismal as white paper. From the bloodstains at the corner of his mouth, you could tell, not long ago, he had just vomited out blood.

"Great General, it's very important to take care of your body."

"That's right ah, Great General, victory or defeat is commonplace in military operations…."

Mu Zifeng dispiritedly waved his hand, weakly sighing: "Northern Mo, this time, came with rus.h.i.+ng momentum… also had a ninth-ranked expert partic.i.p.ate in this battle…Eastern Ling is in danger ah."

"Great General!"

The two deputy general's eyes were full of a bleak expression.

Mu Zifeng dismally smiled, an unswerving determination flas.h.i.+ng through his eyes: "But a man must guard his home and defend the country. This work is heaven's law and unalterable. Even if we are no match for them, we will still fight to the death until the end. Must protect Eastern Ling's doorway well!"

"But…just as you, the Great General, have said, the opponent has a ninth-ranked expert engaged in this war. This match of battle hasn't even started and we have lost ah." Deputy General A anxiously said.

"That's right, Great General, what should we do now? The hearts of the soldiers under us in the army are in chaos, afraid accidents will happen ah." Deputy General B's expression was also not very good.

Mu Zifeng looked at the black paint-like color of the night outside, and a helpless expression appeared in his eyes: "Faced with a ninth-ranked expert, us common soldiers can only wait to be ma.s.sacred."

"Could it be that we don't have our own-ninth ranked expert ah?" Deputy General A indignantly asked.

"We have, our Eastern Ling also has them." It seemed as if Mu Zifeng thought of something, violently coughed several times, then slowly said, "Only, those several people in order to pursue their way, they had already disappeared in time, n.o.body knows in the end where they went to."

The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1322

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